Luna-Alchemist-hi this is really a joint story so I owe credit to vampire-nightmare now she can't kill me


LA-One of my characters we'll call her pussy for now

pussy-change it!

LA-why I like it besides I'm the all powerful authoress er half authoress

Pussy- what if I do this (grabs a knife and advances)

LA- I can do this (magical anvle falls from sky onto Pussy)


LA-now that she's gone I'll have another one do the disclaimer hmm...Inuyasha get your butt out here

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LA-what? oh that no it makes you obediant now sit


la-ENJOY!! okay no more chocolate

Chapter 1- Blood

Inuyasha's shadow moved swiftly through the forest thinking no one had noticed his disappearance from camp. He looked to the sky seeing Kikyo's soul eaters flying above. He knew she was near. Unknown to him Kagome was watching him from the shadows of a tree, her heart tearing up as normal at the thought of him and Kikyo together. She walked on wondering why she was going. Why she was torturing herself with these thoughts? Inuyasha stopped in a clearing where Kikyo was lounging in a tree. She got down and walked to him.

"Kikyo" Inuyasha whispered. She leaned down and kissed him. Kagome felt a dagger go through her already fragile heart. She turned away tears burning her eyes. Tears she wouldn't let anyone see. Bottling up her emotions as ever, she walked back to camp.

"Hey guys" she whispered to get everyone's attention "I'm going for a walk K"

"That's fine Kagome, don't go too far" Sango said knowing her friend was hurting, Kagome nodded and walked off.

"Wait lady Kagome has left her arrows" Miroku said getting up but found himself restrained by Sango's hand, she shook her head silently and he sat down without another word.

Kagome walk through the woods deep in thought. Why couldn't he love her? Why was it always her? She sighed and let the tears run silently down her face. He hurt her time and time again, yet she still loved him. The unrequited love stung her heart and seeing them together was like rubbing salt into an already deep wound. Kagome was so wrapped up in her musings she didn't know that she had gone further than expected, she was about to turn round when something on the ground caught her eye. She crouched down and touched the ground tracing, it was scorched and as she traced it she noticed it was in a big circled, with lines swirling and curling. She stood up to get a better view when something crashed into her shoulder ripping into the soft flesh. Kagome cried out in pain and fell to the ground

"Give me the jewel shards" the voice came from behind her and she spun around to see a hawk demon hovering above her.

"Stay back, I will have the jewel shards" Kagome spun back around towards the new voice which came from a dog demon. She gasped as she became more aware of the pain coursing through her shoulder, she looked at the gash and saw the blood dripping onto the scorched ground, and it seemed to suck it up as soon as it touched the ground. But her attention was soon drawn back to the two demons in front of her. Where was Inuyasha why wasn't he protecting her like he promised, oh yeah, she thought bitterly, he's with Kikyo. Well she wasn't going down without a fight. She painfully got to her feet and faced the demons.

"It seems this one has some fight in her, let's kill her together and watch her squirm" the bird demon suggested.

"Yes and we can see who will get the jewel shards after" the dog demon agreed. They pounced and Kagome took a stance for self defence. But when the demons came into the circle she had been admiring they screamed a red light filling her vision forcing her to put up her arms. The red light seemed to engulf her and her vision became blurred. Her last thoughts before she pasted out where why does it always happen when he's not here.

LA-He did it again oh well wait to see what happens (grabs chainsaw)OR ELSE MWA HA HA HA HA HA

Pussy-who gave her the sugar?

Inuyasha-(backs away)

Pussy-sorry for the insane authoress now if you'll excuse me(beats Inuyasha to death before turning to LA and doing the same) that was fun