The King's settling of scores




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I do it because the King tells me to.


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Needed something a bit lighter.

So I'm offering you this…

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If not…

Oh well

Chapter 1.

Sarah Williams was not like other girls, she'd understood that long before she encountered a certain Fae King. Although when it came right down to it, she didn't want to be like the other girls. On the contrary, while other girls were getting moon-eyed over some young stud or jock, Sarah was still dressing in costumes and running about the park playing out the roles of heroines from Fairy Tales and novels. At first it was only the dog Merlin who took part in her elaborate games of fantasy. Now she even included little Toby, dressing him up and bringing him to the park as well. What a sight they made, a girl with eyes of emerald green, skin like cream, lips kissed with honeyed promises and hair like spun chocolate dressed in a long fairytale gown, a huge shaggy Old English Sheep dog and a baby dressed in make believe armor in a stroller all headed to the glade in the park. The glade was still Sarah's favorite place to play, and Toby loved the Swans. Merlin, now showing his age just seemed content to be a part of it all.

At sixteen, a year after the night she'd battled for the return of her wished away baby brother, Sarah had changed very little indeed. She still had eyes like green emeralds that had gone to liquid lava. Her skin was still flawless, and creamy. Her hair was still long, thick and the color of dark chocolate. Her lips still held honeyed promises. Anyone looking at her would think she was just a normal teenager. She dressed like the rest of the kids at school, she listened to the same music, she took the same classes and reacted the same way when assigned homework. However it was what most people didn't see at first glance that set Sarah Williams apart and made her a bit of a loner. Sarah had always been different, and it was more than just the fact that her mother was an actress. She was like a person out of step with time and her surroundings. She had never been a joiner, and didn't have many friends. When her mother had left the girl had pulled into a world of books and dreams, where the broken promises of adults in the 'real' world could not reach her. It was safe in her dreamy world and full of adventure as she played out all the fantasies a girl could ask for. The only thing was that she was alone in her dream world, with the exception of Toby and Merlin. Most of the girls she'd know even slightly were no longer interested in dress up, or make believe. Most of her school mates were interested in more grown up games, forbidden games. What few friends she had were putting distance between themselves and the girl who they felt was out of it.

Having turned sixteen just before the new school year, she felt a bit worn down when Karen her stepmother started asking about school the first week after it commenced. She got off easy that first week, because actually it was just three days to start with. But on Friday night when she got home, Karen had demanded, not asked but actually demanded to know what clubs Sarah intended to go out for this year. On the spot and feeling a noose tightening about her slender throat, she blurted out Service Club and Drama as they were the first things she could think of. Karen, satisfied walked off with a comment about needing to know what dues were due and if Sarah needed money for a club jacket or sweater. Sarah frowned; she was stuck good and solid. Like it or not she was going to have to apply for acceptance into the clubs or Karen would make her life a living hell. It wasn't that Karen was trying to make her life a hell, Sarah knew that now. Karen in an effort to improve relations, she had started asking Sarah to invite young folks her age over for a get together. Sarah had asked two long time classmates over on one occasion only…it had been a disaster, one that Sarah would not soon forget. The two girls she'd invited over didn't want to play board games, they wanted to discuss boys, Sarah felt like a stranger in her own home, and was determined not to let that happen again. If Karen needed her to join a club, she'd join a club, anything to keep up appearances. So long as she didn't have to invite someone over and feel like she was being forced into something she was not comfortable with.

Monday morning came and she got the information on the two clubs to take to study hall to fill out. Sitting in the back of the study hall she could see every one who walked in. The hall filled up with the usual kids and they took their usual seats. Nothing was assigned in this study hall you sat where you wanted, or where you were expected to. Geeks and nerds were at the far right front, going over notes for science or computer courses. Behind them at the right rear were the guys from the shop classes discussing efficient engines. Socialites were in the center and going over what activities they could join to be seen, mostly the girls as the guys didn't want to be seen as so climbing. At the left and rear of the room were the jocks tossing a foot ball about a circle as they discussed the big game coming up. In the front and left were the cool guys, and where Sarah sat in the back, just in front of the monitor's desk were the kids who either had not joined a group as yet, or had no idea what group to join.

Sarah brushed the hair back behind her ear, and watched the clock. One minute before the bell her eyes moved off the clock to the group of six boys who entered the study hall in a pack. They were mostly seniors, one or two were juniors, and they were following a boy Sarah had not seen before. She had to admit though this guy was cool. He dressed sharper than most of the guys, his clothes looked like part of him, but that he was still in control. His slim slacks were dark, as was the shirt he'd chosen for this day; instead of regular shoes or tennis shoes he wore a low cut black leather Cuban heeled boot. His pale gold hair had been cut on the long side, but was swept back and up. It was not a mullet, nor was it a seagull it was uniquely his own. He walked as if he owned the world and everyone else was lucky to be on the same planet and being slender he looked taller than he was. His lean sinewy frame was not so thin that he looked weak; rather it was the fact that he looked trim and well toned. 'Cut', came to Sarah's mind, before it went a bit darker and thought 'ripped.' He and his five followers entered the room and six chairs were emptied for them. Sarah had heard there was a new group of 'Bad Boys' she was sure this was them. She recognized a couple of the boys, but not this new leader. Watching him take his seat she could see why he was in command. The young man moved with confidence, and authority, directing and commanding without once having to raise his voice. Sarah found the corner of her mouth curving up into a half smile as she watched him direct the members of his personal 'court'. It amused her that she was still thinking in terms that were out of place in the mundane world, and school.

Sarah looked from the activity in front back down to the applications she was supposed to fill out. Service club was where everyone went who needed an excuse to get out of the house. Meetings were once a week and kept short, and everyone and anyone could join. It was the place most of the fall through the cracks kids went just to have something to put in the year book. It was not the place she wanted to be, and she set the application aside. Drama was the one that would be harder to get accepted into; however that was the one place she thought she might fit in. Filling out that form first she noticed a head reading over her shoulder and turned to see who was in her space.

"Hi, you're Sarah Williams, aren't you?" the girl asked with a broad smile. "I'm Liz Scott…" she pointed to the application. "I see you're interested in joining the Drama Club." Her voice was breathy and soft and overall extremely pleasant.

"Yes, I am." Sarah admitted seeing no way out of this conversation.

"Of course you are, after all you are the daughter of Linda Williams, aren't you." The other girl was blonde and blue eyed and looked like a walking Barbie doll. "I'm in the Drama club and it helps to have someone sponsor you. Would you like me to be your sponsor?"

The offer was out of the blue and almost too good to be true. Sarah had heard it took a sponsor to get accepted. "Why would you do that?" alarms went off like flames in her brain. She was expecting to hear some song and dance about her Mother, the famous Linda Williams, having been a member of the Drama Club and how fitting it would be for Sarah to join. What she heard surprised her.

"Passing on a favor done for me last year when I was a junior," the blond said taking a seat beside Sarah. "I get you in, next year you do something nice for someone else." Liz was a bit overly animated for early morning, but she seemed to be on a natural high.

"Sounds chancy," Sarah said thinking out loud. "What if I don't pass it on?"

"You'll pass it on," Liz said with confidence. "We all do… can't seem to get around it. And besides, it does not mean you have to pass it on by getting someone into the Drama Club… maybe it will be your acting as mentor to a freshman or something. Let me have that application," she took Sarah's application and signed the bottom of the form with her own pen and asked for a piece of paper. Five minutes later she passed both the signed application and the letter back to Sarah. "There's your letter of recommendation." She stood up and winked at Sarah as if they were old friends. "See you at the kick off meeting tonight, Sarah." Liz then sauntered up to the front of the class where the cool kids sat and took a seat with her clique.

Sarah stared at the pages, if she wanted in; here it was handed to her on a sliver platter with no strings attached and no reference to her mother. Tucking the papers into her folder she forgot all about the service club form. Laughter from the front of the class room drew her attention and she stared at the six guys who had turned their seats to face each other and were talking a bit louder than the rest of the classroom. The leader was laughing lightly at something one of the other boys had said, it was a wonderful sound, but it made Sarah nervous. She had not meant to stare, but while she was doing so he looked up. His eyes sweeping over the back of the room and for just an instant he connected with her. Sarah felt the warm flush of color flood her cheeks as she looked down. She didn't look up again until the passing bell sounded. Gathering her books she moved to the closest door, the one he was seated near. She nervously clutched her books and waited her turn to exit. She wondered why it was he and his group had not been the first ones out the door, if they had she would not be feeling quite so nervous. He looked up just as she passed, he didn't smile but his eyes looked almost pleased. She felt the color rise again and she could swear she heard him growl in the back of his throat. To her utter embarrassment she heard herself squeak lightly.

"Don't bother," she heard one of his buddies say as she was getting near the door. "That's the Ice Princess, Sarah Williams." Sarah knew the voice belonged to Todd Green, a boy she'd grown up with and could not stand. Feeling as if the world was crashing in on her, she wondered if she could just this once wish someone away and not feel guilty about it.

She could hear him shift in the seat and look at her. "She doesn't look like ice to me," she heard a British accent state confidently. "Maybe you Yanks just don't know how to fire a volcano." He watched with a haughty smirk as she sped away. "Run Rabbit run," he said to himself.

Sarah nearly dropped her books, but gripped them tightly as she made her escape out the door and rushed down the hall to her next class. She paused at the door to catch her breath before she entered. Taking a seat in the back of the room she wondered if this could be the year she was going to blossom as her mother predicted. Linda had told her not to worry about being a social late bloomer, as she herself was one. The class was History, and while it put many of the other students to sleep, it fired Sarah up. She was partnered up as a study partner by the instructor with a girl she'd seen in other classes over the years, Becky Reynolds. Becky was a flaming red head, with a wild temperament but a good soul. Sarah knew Becky lived not to far from her and asked if she took the cross-town bus, figuring she'd have someone to ride with and converse with after school.

"Cross-town? Hell, daddy got me a Volkswagen for my sweet sixteen back in May." Becky said smartly. "Hey, I'll drive you home… maybe we can start our own car pool. What do you say; we can meet in the parking lot…"

Sarah hesitated, "I'm not going straight home today; I'm trying out for the Drama Club."

"Me too," Becky said in a gush of excitement. "OH it would be sooooo cool if we got accepted together! Did you find someone to sponsor you?" Her hazel eyes began to sparkle as she spoke. "I hear the Drama Club is one of the Club's sponsoring the big mixer this Friday… You're going aren't you?"

"I usually sit my kid brother on Fridays…but I'll see what my parents say." Sarah said covering her self for either response at home. After all Karen had said she wanted her to date and to get out more. Well she couldn't do that if she was at home with Toby. "You say the Drama Club is one of the sponsors of the mixer?"

Becky heard the passing bell and said quickly. "Meet me at the Drama Club meeting, I save you a seat if I get there first, and you do the same… I'll drive you home after." They exited the room together, but Becky paused as a group of boys walked past them. "Ohhhhhhh, the Bad Boys are so cool; God how I love hot boys, be nice if they looked at a Junior once in a while." Becky was drooling openly.

Sarah blushed, as she nodded in agreement, not trusting her voice. She watched as the tall lean blond led the group toward the stairs. Something familiar struck a cord in her as he turned to speak to one of the boys; he had paused with his feet on two different stairs. He looked…regal, imposing, haughty and smug and when he laughed she cringed as fear swept over her. Sarah shook herself and reminded her self this was not the Underground…this was Above. There was really no similarity, she told herself. There was no reason for her to be afraid of a seventeen or eighteen year old boy. She forced the feeling away and ran off to her next class.

The day's classes ended and Sarah rushed to the room where the Drama Club was meeting. Liz was one of the greeters and looked pleased that Sarah made the meeting. Becky was saving a seat for her, and she joined her in the back of the little theater. They listened to the speeches by the out going officers of the club and awaited the list of who had made it. When both Becky and Sarah's names were read the girls breathed a sigh.

Becky tucked her arm into Sarah's as they paraded down the hall to the exit that led to the student parking lot. Not all of the students headed out the door were as happy with the outcome of the announcements as they were. Some students looked forlorn, and were stopping to pick up applications to the service club. "We're in like Flynn;" boasted the madcap redhead happily. "Getting accepted into the Drama Club is like being given a key to some exclusive night club in New York. There's not an event or function we won't be invited to!"

Sarah had expected the lot to be empty but was surprised to find a good many of the clubs had meetings after school and the lot was only half empty. Cars were scattered here and there, some with students loitering about them, talking to other students who'd been in club meetings, or waiting for someone to get out of a meeting. She could see the little red bug that Becky was heading for she could also see the dark green rag top little sporty 1975 Triumph TR6, parked beside it. Becky began to drool before they were even near it.

"Would you look at that, that's a classic;" Becky said excitedly as she moved swiftly toward the sleek English car, Becky was literally drooling.

"I don't know much about cars," Sarah ventured to say as she followed her class mate toward the green machine; she had to admit the car was hot. From the dark forest green paint to the black leather interior, it said hot with a capital H.

"I do," Becky announced. "I've got three older brothers and I sort of picked it up from them." She moved to the front and nodded curtly. "International pates, bet it belongs to that dreamboat hottie who is leading the Bad Boys. Damn but he's got balls, I hear his family is here on extended business, importers or some such thing. Jenny Michaels told me the old Winston estate is being leased by some English family. Oh what I wouldn't give to see this run…"

"Oh?" Sarah felt uncomfortable, but could not make an issue of it as she didn't want Becky to see how uncomfortable she was; "The Winston estate?" Sarah knew the place, there wasn't a kid in town who didn't know that Tudor styled house behind the tall brick wall at the edge of town. Everyone knew its sorted history as well. It had belonged to one of the founding families. It had been everything from a private home to a speakeasy during probation, and even was a bed and breakfast for a time. Then it had just sat empty, and it was said to be haunted.

To get Sarah's attention again, Becky snapped her fingers in the other girls face. "This Sarah is a limited addition, 1975 Triumph it's called a TR6, and it's got attitude." Becky said with a bit of a swagger as she moved about the sleek little car.

"Your friend is right," a voice said behind them, turning they saw the owner and his friends advancing he was lighting a cigarette oblivious to the school rules of no smoking on school grounds. "It does have attitude, just like its driver." The leader of the pack smiled at Becky, "I see you know your cars." He addressed Becky blowing out a long release of the smoke he'd just dragged into his mouth and lungs.

"I know what I like," Becky said boldly, standing her ground, appearing not even slightly intimidated by the imposing figure or his friends.

"Nice," Tom Bradley purred at her. "How do you feel about older model mustangs?"

Becky froze, her smart assed veneer dropped, and the girl went into fan mode. "What year?" she asked moving toward the other member of the cool group; "How many horses?" The girl began to rapid fire questions to the handsome dark haired boy who was eyeing her like she was a candied apple.

Sarah would have liked to have moved away but found herself surrounded by the entire group as they pressed closer to watch sparks fly from Tom to Becky. She was aware that the owner of the triumph was standing right up against her, blushing she tried to move discreetly away. A voice sounded like a buzz in her ear. "Do I need track shoes, rabbit?"

Sarah looked at him, blinking rapidly. "Excuse me?"

"Do I need track shoes?" He repeated with mischief in his eyes that were the color of the deepest end of the ocean. "I mean if you're going to run like a scared rabbit every time you see me…"

"I'm not running," she denied hugging her books even tighter. There was suddenly a glint of fire in the emerald eyes. "Who says I'm running?"

"No?" he teased gently. "My mistake…" He leaned slightly, placing a hand on either side of her, forming a cage with his body and his car. He smiled at her coyly and said. "Well, you're not running now." He watched her blush deepen. "I'm Jerry King, and you are?"

"Sarah Williams," she introduced herself nervously absolutely aware of how close he was standing and the heat that poured off his slender frame. She was also aware of the spicy scent that clung to the air near him. Something in that spicy fragrance filled her senses and set off little shocking alarms and prickles all through her body. As her blood began to race, she noticed a feeling of her temperature rising.

"So is Sarah a bad little girl?" his voice was suggestive and gravelly, and when she blushed he continued. "You're very late getting out of prison there." He inclined his head toward the school. His voice was hopeful; "So did you do something deliciously naughty?"

"No, we just joined the Drama Club," Sarah whispered, afraid it would not be cool enough for this roguish male. The closeness of his frame to hers was beginning to set off disturbing little reactions.

Instead of being turned off he appeared to be majorly turned on. "Drama Club is cool… I like to play." He teased. "Of course I play a bit rougher than most…"

Sarah looked up at the eyes gazing with serious intent into hers. "I'm sure you do," her voice quivered just slightly.

"We'll have to play something out together sometime," Jerry King moved closer, making it impossible for her to move. "Do you the like wheels?"

"It's very nice," she replied as she was backed up further against the car, she looked over her shoulder at the car. But his reaction brought her face back to his, and she drew in her breath sharply when she noticed how close he was.

"Nice," his voice mocked her but not meanly, more playfully. "Baby this ride is not nice, it's baaaddddddd. Just like its owner." He could see she was wishing she had a really stinging retort she looked up at him unflinchingly. "This rod is hot and ready," her bravado fell totally apart when he brushed his cheek to hers as he growled softly at her ear, even as his skin grazed hers he could feel the temperature rise. "Want to go for a ride?"

Before Sarah could answer Becky's voice broke in. "Good God, look at the time, Sarah I got to get home, I told them I was staying after for the meetings and would be right home after." Becky turned to Tom, "You're coming to the mixer?" When he nodded, she called to him as she moved to her car. "Look for me there."

Sarah wondered if Jerry were going to let her move or not when he suddenly stepped sideways and leaned his hip on the car, watching the girl move skittishly to the passenger's side of the VW, and got in as fast as she could and locked her door. "See you round… Sarah." He said suggestively watching her color rise and bloom as the girl hugged her school books and hunkered down.

As they pulled away two more girls moved toward the group of guys. One of the girls was headed straight for Jerry King, the expression on her face showed she was fit to be tied. Marcy Daniels moved toward Jerry clearly upset that he'd been paying such close attention to the Williams girl, a girl she considered a bit of a freak. "You know, you're going to freeze that dick of your on that little ice princess," she warned coarsely.

"Freeze it, burn it, it's all the same," he quipped getting into his car before turning a cold stare in her direction. "What I do with my dick is my business, not yours."

"Why waste time on her?" Marcy said with a look of disgust, trying to keep from screaming and making a fool of her-self; "I'm more than willing to give you what ever you need or want."

"I don't recall asking, but I do recall refusing your…offers." Jerry said coldly. "Besides, David has designs on you…for what ever reason... and I've told you, you're not my type." He gunned the engine, spun the tires and pulled out of the lot.

Marcy watched him pull away. "Well I have designs too," she looked at David Merck getting into one of the other cars. Now that Jerry King had exited, the rest of his followers were also following suit. David was one of the first to walk away but he looked over at Marcy, looking like he wanted to say something to the girl giving him an icy gaze. "And they don't include him!" She looked over her shoulder at her companion. "I always get what I want, and I want Jerry King."