Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Rookie nine-18,team Gai-19,Itachi-23.Sasuke came back at the age of 16.He was supervised for a year and got a cold shoulder from the whole rookie nine/team Gai, except Sakura-bitch. During that year he desperately tried to get Naruto's friendship back and after succeeding he made the next move asking him to go out with him.

Naruto walked home with a bounce in his step. Today was a wonderful day. He finished an A-class solo mission not just successfully, but even a day earlier than planed! The weather was wonderful and he just finished buying groceries for a romantic dinner he planned to cook for his boyfriend. Yes, you read correctly Uzumaki Naruto can cook. And not just cook, all his friends admitted that his cooking is probably the most delicious food they have ever ate.

He walked through Uchiha district, thinking how lucky he was to have such a wonderful (cough yeah right cough) boyfriend as Sasuke. They were dating for a year already and now it's been two weeks since Sasuke proposed to him and they became engaged.

Naruto planned to make today's day special. He would cook the best dinner he could for Sasuke and after the food he would give him what he wanted for so long. That's right, though they've been dating for a year they still haven't had sex. The problem was not that Naruto didn't want it, but it's just he was afraid to trust Sasuke completely again, he was afraid to get hurt and betrayed. But today was special, he dimmed his boyfriend trustworthy enough to be ready to give him his virginity.

He entered the house, went to kitchen and started making dinner. After that, he decided to prepare himself (not in that meaning, you pervs) He went to take a good long bath, knowing from baa-chan that Sasuke won't be home for atleast few hours.

After the bath he went to the wardrobe to find something to wear. Deciding that wearing to much clothes is pointless, he stopped his choice on yukata and a pair of boxers. After getting dressed he looked at himself in the mirror.

'Your beautiful, kit.'

'Thanks, Kyuu.'

And he really was. He was wearing white silken yukata that reached just above his knees with orange obi. His messy golden locks fraimed his face perfectly. His long golden eyelashes could make any girl jealous. He possessed feminine features and his pouty lips almost begged to be ravished. Yukata was hugging his curvesious body, showing off his slender, perfectly-shaped, tan legs and his long, swanlike neck. All in all he looked totally delicious, good enough to eat. Waiting for his boyfriend kitsune decided to take a nap.

So, what you think: Good? Bad? Oh, and guys I need your opinion should I let Sasuke to have sex with Naru-chan before he finds out he's a cheating bastard or he doesn't deserve it? Personaly I think only Tachi-kun is allowed to do naughty things with him. Hmm? Reviews please