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In a few days Naruto was summoned by Hokage.

-Yuurei, I have a mission for you. Do you accept?

-Rank and status?

-It is a SS-class assassination mission.-Naruto raised an elegant golden eyebrow at this.


-Your mission is to kill Uchiha-traitor-here Hokage maid a pause (Inner Naru: Noooooo, I can't kill Ita-kuncries chibi tearsif he dies I'll have to stay a virgin forever…Hmmm, wait a minute. Ita-kun usually called a murderer not a traitor. Uchiha-traitor is Sasuke-temes title. Does that mean I can kill him without getting punished? Yay!makes a happy dance)-More precisely Uchiha…Madara, leader of the Akatsuki.

-I accept. Any other information I should know?-Tsunade nodded seriously before clasping her hands together.

-Listen, and listen well, brat. I'm not going to repeat myself.-seeing him nod she sighed before continuing-The thing that no one knows about Akatsuki is that they divided into two groups: one consists of Madara and those who joint willingly, while the other are those who were framed and forced to join. The second group stays with Akatsuki for few reasons: 1.they are considered missin-nins in home-villages and have hunter-nins on their tales and 2. Madara placed a seal on them preventing them from living or killing him.

-So, if I kill Madara they won't be a threat anymore?

-Even better. Once Madara is dead they are free to go wherever they want or return to their home-village, by the time your mission is over their status of missing-nins will be nullified. Besides, they are the ones who've been giving us information about their organization moves and plans. They also promised Jiraya that they will help you by keeping the other members busy while you deal with the leader.

-I see. And the names of our allies are..?

-Hoshigaki Kisame, Iwa no Deidara, Akasuna no Sasori and Uchiha Itachi.

-Uchiha Itachi?-he asked sharply.

-Yes, brat, Itachi and no need to look at me like that. It was confirmed that he was framed by Madara, besides he couldn't kill them, at that time he and his team were on the mission. I know what Uchiha-brat saw, but you can't expect an 8 year old to be good in detecting even Chunin level genjutsu not to mention higher level ones.

-Fine. What about others members?

-Madara, Pein, Zetsu, Hidan and Kakuzu are your enemies, though our allies promised to take care of the other four so you would get strait to Madara without interference.

-Is that all?

-No, when the fight is over if you all will be at one piece inform the other four about their change of status and that they are welcomed to join any village they like or lead a civilian life.

-You mean they are helping us without even knowing about it?-asked a surprised kitsune.

-Yeap, they are working on us totally for free.-cheerfully replied Tsunade.

-If that is all I'll be leaving, Hokage-sama. I need to get ready for the mission.

-Naruto-she said seriously-be careful. You always seem to attract trouble.

-Don't worry, baa-chan, I am a big boy; I can take care of myself. Besides you should worry about yourself too. After all, you'll be the one to tell Sasuke that his brother is innocent and that I'm the one sent to kill the one responsible for the massacre.-he snickered hearing her groan.

-Don't remind me about it. And I'm NOT OLD.

-Keep saying that yourself, baa-chan.-he said ducking from her punch-But I tell you what, a part of me is glad that I won't have to deal with teme when he hears the news,-he smirked mischievously-but the other part is disappointed that I won't get to see his face when he hears them.

Tsunade laughed.

-Don't worry, brat, when you return I'll personally tell you the details.

-I'll take you up on this offer. Ja ne, baa-chan.

-BRAT. How many times do I have to tell you not to call me old?

Naruto only laughed before leaving her office to go and get ready for his new mission.

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