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This is my first Yaoi. I wrote this forever ago when I was watching fruits basket for the first time. I think it's in the English version of the anime, or in a crappy subtitle that Yuki tells Haru "I'm cutting you off" in one of the episodes.

That just evoked all kinds of dirty thoughts in my head, so I wrote this. I just went through and did some editing, I hope you enjoy!

I don't care if they are out of characters, this is just smut for fun.

Starlight twinkled through the branches of the Sohma woods down on a solitary figure that sauntered down the dusty path, hands in pockets. The moon shone bright on the gleaming white, spiky hair and numerous adornments of silver jewelry. Haru hummed softly to himself, kicking a pebble in front of him with his thick, black combat boots.

All around him crickets chirruped and fireflies danced. There was also the far off croaking of the frogs in the marsh. It really was a beautiful night, but Haru didn't particularly care. He took a small trail that split off from the main path and jogged downwards. The trees opened up, revealing a modest two-story house nestled in a clearing.

The house was dark and silent, just another shadow amongst many. Haru strolled to the porch and peeked through. All of the screen doors were shut tightly. Opening one of those would make noise. Something he didn't feel like risking at the moment. Haru walked around the house, eyes cast upward and hopeful.

He couldn't help but smirk when he saw the window he had been searching for. It lay open and exposed, white curtains drifted outward on the breeze as though beaconing to him. Haru knew there was a ladder in the back. He grabbed it and carefully leaned it against the house, wary in case it made any noise on contact.

With the ladder stabilized, Haru hoisted himself up the rungs with animal grace. He crouched in the open window and surveyed the room. It was the same as it had always been. The walls were plain and bare; the only furniture in the place was a writing desk and wardrobe. In the center of the floor was a futon with the hunched shape of a figure on top.

Haru grinned to himself and carefully placed his feet down on the wood floor. After cautiously removing his boots, he crept over to the slumbering form. Haru didn't believe he could have asked for a more perfect setup. Yuki lay with his face mashed into his pillow and his knees tucked under his chest. The position left his backside sticking innocently in the air, completely vulnerable and oblivious. Haru chuckled and pulled a tube of lube out of his pocket.

"That proves it. This was meant to be," he whispered to himself placing the lube on the floor and removing his gloves. He peeled out of his pants as silently as he could and bent over Yuki's unsuspecting figure. His hands slid feather light up to Yuki's hips. Haru stretched the elastic of his pajamas and boxers carefully, easing them over Yuki's luscious little rump leaving him bare between waist and mid-thigh.

Yuki shifted slightly in his sleep making Haru pause in his attention. Yuki's face turned and buried itself back into the pillow, then he was still save for the steady rise and fall of his breathing. Haru grinned and positioned himself carefully behind Yuki. Taking up the lube, he carefully squoze a generous dollop onto his fingers. He rubbed it along his dripping erection, letting in a small hiss of pleasure.

Once satisfied with his coating, he took another dollop and dabbed it lightly around the point of entrance, carefully delving his finger into the tight opening. Muscles clenched around his finger making him throb with desire lower down. Yuki's face tensed into a frown. He mumbled something and began to stir.

Realizing he didn't have much more time left, Haru grabbed Yuki's hips and slammed himself into him without further preparation. Yuki's body convulsed and stiffened and his face shot upwards. Haru could only see part of his face but could tell that Yuki was trying and failing to scream. Haru wanted to scream himself. He had never felt anything like the delicious tightness of Yuki's unstretched ass. Yuki's scream began to come out in broken, high-pitched squeaks as his body shuddered with the brutal intrusion.

"Good morning." Haru breathed against Yuki's back. Yuki began to squirm, trying desperately to knock Haru off balance, but all he was managing was driving the other boy deeper.

"Haru!...you..f-fu-fucking b-bastard!" Yuki panted, the initial blinding sting finally subsiding into a mere searing pain.

"Well, I try." Haru said, kissing the back of Yuki's neck. Yuki let out a strangled cry of protest and wriggled furiously, trying to roll out of Haru's clutches. Haru groaned and pressed his face against Yuki's back.

"You shouldn't do that, darlin'. I want this to last a little while," Haru groaned.

"Get the fuck off me!" Yuki cried.

"One thing at a time, mousey," Haru mumbled, snaking a hand between Yuki's legs. Yuki froze when Haru's large, rough hand wrapped around his most private self, giving him a little encouraging squeeze. Despite his best intentions, Yuki began to harden.

"That's better." Haru whispered, stroking Yuki's quivering penis with his thumb. "Now just hold still, it's the ox's turn to ride the mouse." He gave Yuki's cock a sudden rough squeeze causing the older boy to squeak and buck. Haru whispered endearments into Yuki's rumpled shirt as he carefully pulled himself almost completely out.

"I said I was cutting you off today and I meant it!" Yuki panted indignantly.

"Is that right?" Haru purred and plowed himself back in with a powerful thrust that shoved Yuki's face hard into the pillow. Haru's penis scraped along a deliscious spot deep down that drove all memories of pain away. Yuki let out a small cry, arching his back.

"If you had really meant it, then you would have gotten me off by now." Haru said, pulling out once more.

"You bastard!" Yuki growled. While one hand held his cock, another reached down and clutched around his balls, giving him a familiar squeeze, causing Yuki to moan and wriggle.

"You've already called me that once tonight. Can't you be a little more creative?" Haru said with a grunt, thrusting himself once more to the root. Yuki's head shot back and a scream ripped from his throat. Haru bit sharply onto Yuki's shoulder to stifle his own cries as he waited for the wave of pleasure to subside. Once again he pulled himself almost completely out.

"Now now, we don't want to be waking up the whole house, do we?" Haru panted, giving Yuki's balls an extra brutal squeeze. Yuki whimpered, burying his face into his pillow as Haru plowed in again.

"This….this is the…the last time. After this…no more," Yuki panted, his hips betrayed him and began thrusting and bucking into Haru's hands. Haru grinned and rewarded him by stroking and squeezing the impossibly hard organ.

"That's what you always say," Haru sneered, slowly pumping himself in and out, losing himself in the feeling of Yuki's tightness surrounding him, "And yet we always find ourselves here, humping each others brains out."

"Ungh…I mean it. This…is the last time," Yuki said, his voice a hoarse gasp.

"We'll just see about that," Haru groaned, thrusting harder and faster. Their bodies jerked and swayed together in a primal dance. Their grunts and cries mingled with the hushed song of the crickets below the window.

Yuki climaxed first, just as Haru slammed himself into his prostate for what felt like the thousandth time that night. His release caused his muscles to contract impossibly tight around Haru's penis, making him explode involuntarily. Haru let out a sharp yell as he rammed himself as hard and fast as he could into Yuki's ass, not wanting the waves of pleasure to end. But end it did. Gasping, Haru pulled himself free and collapsed next to Yuki. They both lay, panting, their faces inches apart. Yuki was the first one to speak.

"You suck," he said, glaring at his distant cousin.

"Yeah, I can do that too," Haru said, shoving Yuki onto his back and licking his lips in anticipation.

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