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"Edward, stop that!" I shouted, he was terrible about constantly reading my thoughts. It didn't so much annoy me when it was something important but I hated being rushed for inconsequential matters such as school.

"Alice, why did you make it sound so important then?"

"I didn't!"

Edward strutted out of the door and I looked at Jasper for a little help. I found a calming sense wash over me and I no longer had the desire to be angry, I should have known really, Jasper hated me to be frustrated.

I followed Edward outside, he had already pulled his silver Volvo in front of the house. I walked towards the car and got in the back, sliding into the middle so that Jasper could sit beside me, and Rosalie could have her window seat.

"Sorry Alice" Edward mumbled from the drivers seat.

'Don't worry about it,' I thought for him to hear.

Edward had a gift, he could see into peoples minds and pluck thoughts right out of them. It was very useful, especially when it came down to our secret getting out. Most of the time humans shied away from us, but there would always be a thought in the back of their mind that something was different with us. This is when Edward's extrasensory gift helped the most.

Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper climbed into the car and Edward hit the gas, we were on the highway before we could blink. With Edward driving we could make it to school in less that five minutes. The excitement of the town was infectious to me, they were all so excited about the arrival of Isabella Swan, the police chiefs daughter arriving, that most had planned their days around catching a glimpse of her. Forks was so small it was bound to be a major event, we had only been here for two years but I was so used to the faces I was practically bored.

We pulled into the parking spot and climbed out, I had some classes with Edward, we were both Juniors, but Jasper, Rose and Emmett were acting seniors and had a completely different schedule than mine. I sighed and headed for my first class, That was the first time I saw Isabella Swan, she was a regular looking girl, pretty, but regular. She was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and her long brown hair was left free. She was wearing her large rain coat and big boots. I felt sorry for her, people were already staring and she looked completely uncomfortable.

Watching her made me appreciate my family a lot more than I normally did, well except Jasper, I always appreciated my husband, even if we had to be discreet whilst in school. It was all so much more difficult for him, and I loved that he was making more of an effort for me. That's why I loved him so very much, he was always so thoughtful, he hated seeing me unhappy. He as always been like a reflection of my soul, not that I was sure I had one, but I knew, somehow, he would always be the right one for me.

I didn't really mind going to school, it gave me a break in the hours that so often melted together. An eternity was a long time, especially seeing as I didn't, or should I say couldn't sleep. That was one of the down sides of immortality, one I was willing to except because I couldn't remember my human life so I couldn't miss something I couldn't remember.

The morning moved by quickly and I was sat at lunch with my family when Isabella Swan caused another wave of excitement through the cafeteria. Jasper was still as a statue trying not to react to the emotions filling the room.

"What's all the commotion about?" asked Rosalie sounding bored "She looks rather plain to me!"

I rolled my eyes, Rose was my sister and I loved her, but she could be so vain.

"You should hear the thoughts running through this room!" Edward sighed and he played with his food. "Plain isn't exactly the consensus when referring to Isabella Swan!"

"She's just something new to look at!" Rose said rolling her eyes.

"So what's she thinking Edward?" I asked watching Jasper, who still wasn't moving.

Edward was silent, I was beginning to think he hadn't heard me.

'Edward what is she thinking?' I asked again, slightly louder in my head.

"She's wondering who we are!" he answered too quietly. "Jessica Stanley is filling her in with all the details, trying to make it scandalous."

"I've never liked that Stanley girl!" Rosalie added sighing.

"Rose, you never had to share a class with the simple minded girl!" I said quietly.

"Simple minded is an understatement!" Edward sighed.

I looked down at the uneaten food in front of me and sighed. I picked up my tray and got up. "I'll see you after school!"

I headed to the trash cans and dumped my tray into it, placing the tray in the designated area and headed out of the cafeteria. For a monday it was unusually dull.

I was sat in Spanish for five minutes when things started to go terribly wrong, Edward was making decisions and they were changing sporadically, he was guiding Isabella out of class, no he was attacking the... no he was leading Isabella into the forest after class and NO!

I raised my hand and asked to be excused. I headed out of class and paced the halls, my mind was so filled with Edward's decisions I couldn't recall what class Jasper had. I headed to the biology class, if he made the decision to lead Isabella out of the class I would stop him, he would ruin everything Carlisle has built for us. If he was going to be this stupid, I had to stop him.

He changed his mind a thousand times as I stood outside of the class, this was a good thing, it meant he hadn't completely made up his mind what to do. By the time the bell rang I was almost intent on bursting into the class and dragging him out. His thirst was unusually strong, I could almost feel it as his decisions changed, he was the first out of the door.

"Edward!" I hissed and he followed me around the corner.

"What Alice?"

"What are you doing? I know what your planning, I've been seeing every avenue your mind has gone down, are you losing your mind?"

"Alice, you don't understand I have to go!"

"What do you mean?" I hissed, but I immediately knew, I saw it. He was leaving for Denali now, he was heading to Alaska.

"What's going on Edward?" I pressed again.

"Isabella Swan!" he growled.

"What about her?"

"The girl is the Devil, all I can think about is drinking from her, her smell it's... I can't do this Alice!"

"Don't be stupid Edward, you can't stay away from her?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Change classes Edward, move your schedule around, just avoid her and get on with your life!"

"You make it sound easy Alice, I wish you could understand!"

"Can you just try it my way before you make a hasty decision, you know what this would do to Esme. All I'm asking you to do is think!"

Edward sighed and leaned against the wall, his hands over his eyes, which were blacker than usual. This was worrying, Edward was good at the lifestyle we had chosen and this outburst was highly unusual, for him.

"Look rearrange your classes and we'll go hunting tonight. This will be easy Edward, just stay away from her. If you need help, I'm here, so is Jasper, and Rose, and Emmett!"

"Your not getting it Alice!"

"Then explain it to me!"

"I can't!"

"Let's go sit in the car, you can calm down and you'll see I'm right!"


Edward and I headed towards the parking lot and jumped in the Volvo, Edward seemed to be relaxing so I reached under the stereo and pulled out my favorite CD and put it in the player. We sat in silence and listened. I knew Edward well, he was the person I was closest to next to Jasper, he was like my true brother. As we sat in silence and listened to the music playing, the dull ring of the bell went off at the school. Edward sat up and sighed running his hands through his hair in frustration.

"I'm going to see if I can change classes!"

"Ok I'll be here!"

Edward disappeared towards the school office and I leant my head back listening to the music. I felt the doors on the car open as the rest of our family joined me. I sat silently and waited for Edward. Jasper kissed me neck in greeting and I smiled at him.

That's when things went badly again, Edward was Killing Ms. Cope in the office and then Bella!

"Oh no!"

"Alice?" Jasper had a worried tone to his voice, I knew he could feel my despair.

Edward changed his decision and he was once again heading towards Denali. I closed my eyes and shook my head, I had absolutely no idea how to explain this to my family who were all staring at me in wonder.

Edward was in the car and we were leaving before anyone could say a thing. I looked at him. His face was hard and set in the decision I knew he had already made.

"You need to say goodbye to Carlisle face-to-face!" I whispered.

Edward nodded and stopped the car at the end of the three mile driveway.

"What the hell's going on?" demanded Rosalie from the back seat.

"Alice!" Edward pleaded. I nodded I knew what he wanted me to do, I knew how hard this was for him.

"I'll explain on the way to the house!" I said sighing and pushing the door open. As the others got out of the car I turned to Edward and smiled weakly. "Call me when you get there Okay!"

Edward nodded not looking at me. I stepped out of the car and watched the Volvo disappear.