One Pair Epilogue

By: Amanda, aka, Rosie

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They apparated into the car, resulting in the couple sprawled in the back seat, legs stretched at odd angles, but otherwise unhurt.

"One of these days," Harry said with a slight smile, "I'll take you in the car."

Hermione laughed at him. Grabbing both their wands and the car keys, they apparated for gas and breakfast.

They arrived at Hermione's flat around noon and she made a quick lunch. Then she decided she wanted a shower and change into clean clothes. Harry decided he wanted to follow Hermione into the shower.

They both had a very long shower full of teasing and kissing, caressing and soaping. The caressing and kissing, of course, led to Hermione pinned between Harry and the wall, her legs wrapped tight around his waist as he thrust into her until they both came gasping the other's name.

When the shower was over, Harry, ever the gentleman, helped Hermione towel off.

"Move in with me," he said. With the towel wrapped around her bum, the ends in his hands, he pulled her flush to him. "Please?"

Hermione smiled up at him, gave him a sweet, chaste kiss, and answered. "I have to break up with Bernard first."

Oh, right, him. "Sounds like a yes, then," Harry responded.

"Only because you used the magic word," she told him smiling, her arms draping around his neck and pulling him for a kiss. It was a tender kiss that nonetheless got Harry's blood flowing. His arms pulled her close to him and the towel fell as his hands roamed her body.

Feeling Harry's half erection, Hermione pulled back. "Merlin, Harry! Are you always like this?"

"Like what?" he asked innocently.

"Like this?" She grabbed is now fully erect length.

He grinned; he loved her hands on him. "It's all you, baby," he winked.

Hermione rolled her eyes, smiling and walked naked into her bedroom. Harry was admiring the view when he realized she was pulling out clothes to get dressed.

"Hey, what about me?" He followed her into the room to give the best Sad-Harry, Big-Green-Eyes, Come-On-Have-Some-Sympathy-A-Dark-Lord-Wanted-Me-Dead look.

She glanced at him in the mirror. "You made it through your teenage years, I'm sure you learned something that will help you now," she replied with a grin.

"Why settle for that," he retorted encircling her in his arms from behind, "when I can have you?" Harry began kissing her neck. Hermione bent her head under his attentions and gave a soft, little moan in her throat. But she could always hold her composure well, always. There was really only one way to truly know what she is feeling.

One hand slid up to cup and fondle her breast and the other drifted down her stomach, along her waist, her hip to her core. His fingers slid along her lips and felt her fluids, felt how wet she was for him.

"Hmm… Seems I'm not the only one who wants release," Harry murmured against her skin.

Hermione gasped as he slid a finger deep inside her then rubbed her clit.

She turned in his arms quickly, her arms wrapping around his necks, kissing him fiercely and pressing herself into Harry. "This is the last time until I break up with Bernard," she whispered in a voice, backing him up. His knees hit the bed and he fell back onto it with a little help from Hermione in the form of a push.

Hermione crawled up Harry's body looking quite wanton and damn near feral. She straddled his hips and sunk on him. Hermione sighed, Harry groaned.

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Placing her hands on his chest for support, Hermione began lifting and lowering herself on Harry's length. Her rhythm began slowly, then increased. Harry relaxed and enjoyed the show, his fingers dancing lightly on her thighs.

Her climax was quick and she gasped hard, breathing his name. Harry flipped her over and began driving steadily and firmly into her. He nuzzled her neck and grinned as Hermione squeaked with every thrust.

He would never tire of being with Hermione this way. He would never tire of being with Hermione in any way, but this intimacy they shared made him feel special in a way he never had.

"I love you," Harry groaned in her ear as she came again, pulling him over with her.

He lay with his head on her chest, cushioned by her breast, listening to her heartbeat return to normal. She was so soft and comfortable, he could fall asleep. Harry just about had fallen asleep when Hermione rolled him off her, kissing his nose when he frowned.

He sprawled on his back, naked on the bed, while he watched her dress. It was rather arousing to watch her put clothes on, almost as much as her taking them off. Or taking them off her himself.

"What are you grinning about?" Hermione asked, bringing Harry out of his imagination. She was dressed and brushing her hair now.

Naked hair brushing would be very nice…

"'Cause you're sexy," he told her.

Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled at him. "I'll be back in an hour or two. Stay out of trouble, please, Harry?" she teased.

"Trouble finds me," he insisted, trying to look utterly innocent.

She winked and apparated away.

Harry continued lying on the bed. It smelled like Hermione; he buried his nose in the pillows and breathed deeply. What was he going to do for an hour without Hermione?

Merlin, Potter, you didn't spend every waking moment with her before.

Realizing he was sounding close to pathetic, Harry apparated to his house, still naked, and changed into clean clothes. Thankfully he lived alone and didn't surprise anyone by being clad in only his skin. He felt strangely…free walking around naked. Free and relaxed. He may live like this at home forever.

Harry concluded that, because Hermione loved him and would deny him virtually nothing, she would agree to move into his house. It was a house, it was bigger, and could be more easily expanded larger if need be. And it had a yard, a big yard, where their kids could someday play. If they have kids. No, when, Harry thought to himself. I want to be with Hermione forever and be the mother of my children.

Based off these points, Harry concluded further, he could start moving. After a moment to ponder and a few flicks of his wand, Harry doubled the size his walk-in closet. He thought out his plan more and decided to take a risk and surprise Hermione.

And risk it was, if Hermione didn't like it. If she got mad, Harry would be lucky if he could still call himself a man when she was done.

But she won't get mad. Not at me.

I hope.

Hermione returned to her apartment an hour and a half after she had first left. She felt bad about Bernard; he was a very nice, very sweet man, but he was no Harry. He took it quite well, said he'd always known her heart belonged to another and kissed her forehead.

"We're better friends, anyway," he'd told her with a smile. "You're just so bossy."

Moving into Harry's house wouldn't be such a bad idea, she thought. House, more like an estate, with that huge yard. It is beautiful.

The first thing Hermione saw when she apparated in was Harry, standing in the middle of the room, grinning like a fool and holding a handful of roses. Not the hybrid ones with layers and layers of petals, but simple, wild roses, with just four delicate petals each. She smiled; he would know what flowers were her favorite. How he knew was beyond her.

Hermione disliked that roses were such a traditional, typical gift, but she loved those simple roses still. This is why so few knew they were her favorite.

Then she realized she only saw Harry. In an empty room. With none of her belongings.

"Harry," she said slowly.

"Surprise." He was still grinning like a fool, though now looking slightly hesitant.

"Surprise," she repeated.

Harry stepped to her and kissed her cheek. "Your favorite," he said softly, handing her the bundle of flowers. "I have something to show you, too."

"I bet you do," she answered. "Be forewarned, I'm holding my temper in case this isn't such a nice surprise."

Hermione thought she saw Harry gulp. He was cute when he was flustered.

"Hang onto me," he said, wrapping his own arms around her waist and holding her close to him.

They disappeared in a swirl of color and reappeared at Harry's house. But it wasn't just Harry's house anymore, not like she remembered it.

There was a muggle picture of Hermione and her parents in Paris years ago on the fireplace mantel. There was her huge armchair and throw blanket she loved to curl up in and read just beside the fireplace. Her bookshelf stood against one wall, filled with all her knickknacks and books. But with some of Harry's, too. Framed pictures and paintings she had bought or printed speckled the wall. Her glass of potpourri sat on top of Harry's television set.

"Oh, Harry," she breathed, turning on the spot to take in all of the living room.

"There's more," he said taking her hand and leading her to his den.

Harry's house was huge in itself, but Harry had to have expanded it in the den. The room originally would not have been able to hold Harry's desk, and now Hermione's desk, and another bookcase with all her reference books and her sofa. More of her belongs had been scattered in here, as well. Her diplomas and certifications were on these walls instead of ornamental framings. Even her award from her first grade spelling bee. All her awards, ones she had never framed, Harry had mounted them and proudly displayed them. All of them.

Tears started to form. She laughed a little at herself for how sentimental she was being.

Harry showed her the entire house. Everywhere he had combined her belongs with his. Even his guest bathroom he merged her sea themed accessories with his warm mahogany accents. And everywhere their belongings united perfectly.

Here or there was something Hermione would change or donate to the goodwill when they had two, but that was later. Now was for Harry, for thanking Harry, for showing Harry how thoughtful he had been, how proud she was of him, how happy he had made her.

"Harry," Hermione said softly wrapping her arms around his waist and holding him close, "it's lovely. Absolutely perfect."

"Good surprise then," he asked, returning her hug.

"The best surprise," she assured him.

"I saved the best for last," Harry smiled. He led her down the upstairs hall to the master bedroom. "Our bedroom."

The gentleness he used with "our" combined with the dozens of dozens of bouquets of flowers around the room with their mingled belonging was almost too much. There were flowers everywhere, roses and tulips and daffodils and lilies and bouquets of the small little desert wildflowers Hermione had fallen in love with on her various travels. Hundreds of them. And they were all so beautiful.

"Harry, it's beautiful."

He had made his room theirs. The television from her old bedroom was on a small cabinet holding several of her favorite books, a combination of some of Harry's sheets and some of Hermione's made up the bed with the antique chest of drawers she had found at a swap meet and restored sitting at the foot with her favorite childhood blankie draped over it.

So many little things Harry had done…

Hermione wandered into the master bathroom. It was huge. Gigantic even. A Jacuzzi tub the size of the ones found in the prefect's bath at Hogwarts stood in one corner surrounded by the candles from her own bathroom and the current romance novel she was reading on a little stand by the tub. Hermione felt slightly embarrassed that Harry had discovered her secret love for romance novels. She doubted she would have the same need for them now, however. She smiled shamelessly at the thought.

Next to the Jacuzzi tub was a massive open shower with several shower heads and complete with a wide bench as part of the wall. Her shampoo and conditioner had taken place beside Harry's in a little niche in the wall. Towels from both their homes were on wall racks across from the shower and tub. There were two sinks in the counter beside the shower, one with all her toiletries organized neatly around it, the other with Harry's scattered in his way. A door to the right of the sink left to the toilet. Might even be a "His" and "Hers" toilet in there with everything else Harry had magically altered in his house.

"Harry, when did you do all this?" Hermione asked amazed and touched. He just grinned, looking quite delighted with himself.

"Here, look," Harry told her, practically pulling her to the closet. He was nearly giddy now that he was sure she wouldn't be upset.

Harry had expanded his walk in closet. It was nearly the size of the master bathroom now. The two side walls were closet space with oak organizers for Harry and Hermione's clothes. The back wall had an antique vanity set standing in the middle that was either restored to perfection or plucked out of the 19th century. To either side of the vanity set were more closet organizers especially for shoes, scarves, Hermione's purses, and Harry's ties. There was a giant dresser in the middle for more clothes. Opening a drawer, Hermione saw it was for play clothes, then another for her play clothes. She smiled and her heart swelled at Harry remembering something from her childhood she might have mentioned twice.

Hermione walked over to the vanity set. It was in superb condition, glowing with the shine of high polish and smelled of lemon furniture polish. The jewelry box she had inherited from her grandmother was placed to the right of the mirror, beside the little music box her father had given her.

She stood looking down at it, memories of her childhood, of her parents and grandparents flooding her mind and Harry wrapped his arms around her waist. He held her close to him, his strong arms making her feel so safe and loved.

"I take it you like it," he said softly.

"I love it, Harry." Her voice was full of emotion and a single tear slid down her cheek. She turned in his arms and hugged him fiercely. "How did you do all this?"

"Magic," he grinned.

"Smart ass," she muttered.

He kissed her forehead with a small laugh. "Ready for dinner?"

"You made dinner, too?" Hermione exclaimed. Nobody could be that good.

"No, I had it delivered." Harry took her hand and led her out of the room. "I may be a wizard, but I'm not Superman. Now, if you still had your Time Turner…" he trailed off with a smile as she rolled her eyes. Harry was such a dork. It was one of the many reasons she loved him.

Dinner was simple but elegant, with some take out Italian food by candlelight. They talked like they always had, about anything and everything. They laughed and joked and teased as before when they were friends. But now there was kissing and caressing, flirtatious glances and sexual innuendos.

Hermione marveled inwardly at the smooth transition they had made from just friends to friends and lovers. If she and Ron had ever tried this, it would have been awkward. Ron would have blundered the whole thing up, and being with Ron like she had been with Harry just seemed…strange.

Hermione would have pondered it more, but Harry had just brushed her thigh with his fingertips. The contact made her legs break out in goose bumps. Through her pants no less! She felt that now familiar desire for him building in her center. Honestly, she was turning into some sort of sex addict. Hermione would probably be feeling quite tender at the moment if she hadn't taken a potion to relieve pains (specifically for there) along with her "morning after" potion.

She blamed Harry. It was entirely his fault for always looking so sexy and adorable and being completely insatiable and causing such burning desires in her.

"Let's take a bath," Hermione said suddenly.

All. Harry's. Fault.

But why not reap the rewards? She thought devilishly.

Harry grinned. He looked the picture of a little boy at Christmas with all the presents under the tree, minus the baby fat.

And so they found themselves relaxing in the huge tub full of hot water, with candles the only light in the room. Hermione leaned her back against Harry's broad chest and sighed contently. His arms were around her, fingers tickling her sides. He was trying to make her squirm, the naughty boy.

Harry pressed his lips to her neck. "I've been in love with you for such a long time," he murmured.

Hermione sighed and leaned into him more. "Since the whole hubbub after I defeated Voldemort," he continued. "Everyone wanted to see Harry Potter, the Boy Who Conquered. Everyone. Nobody wanted me, except you and Ron."

"You had more than one choice, then." She smiled.

"Ron is not nearly as attractive as you," he retorted, his hand moving to cup her breast.

"Since looking for the horcruxes," she told him, enjoying the contact of his hand. "Maybe even earlier. I saw how you were taking everything on yourself, and how much you needed someone to lean on, to depend on, to comfort you. I wanted to be that person. I wanted to be the only woman to see you vulnerable and to help you. To love you." She turned to face him. "Now I am," she whispered.

He kissed her and the tender passion curled her toes. "You are," he said hoarsely, kissing her check and then forehead. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder, and gave a small content sigh. His hand was still on her breast and began massaging gently.

A quiet moan escaped Hermione as her body began to react to Harry and she felt his body react to her. It was like sitting on a bludgers bat.

We should move to the bed now, Hermione thought, pressing into Harry as his hands began caressing other sensitive spots of her body.

As though reading her mind, Harry effortlessly stood into a standing position, Hermione cradled in his arms.

"That was so hot, Harry," she told him. He winked as he stepped carefully out of the water and left the bathroom.

They were both dry when Harry laid her in the middle of the massive bed. "You and your wandless magic," she muttered, pulling him down to her by his shoulders so he hovered on elbows and knees above her.

"I didn't want to get the sheets wet," he pretended to pout between kisses. His hand moved down her side and followed the arch of her hip to her center. His fingers tickled the insides of her thighs before touching her there. "My, you are wet," he mumbles against her lips. "I'll have to remember my immense physical strength arouses you so."

Hermione laughed as Harry's lips moved to suckle at her neck. Her laughter turned to a gasp when his fingers slid inside her, stroking her in a way that made her legs turn to jelly. His thumb touched her clit and her hips bucked against him.

Hermione wanted him inside her, wanted him to stretch and fill her the only way he could. She reached for his firm length; it felt so big in her hand. She marveled for a moment how velvety soft the skin was, how smooth and hard it was against her palm. She loved it.

She loved the small groans Harry made against her neck while she fondled his member. Until Harry, she had never realized how amazing a man's penis really was. It was fun just to hold. Hermione had a new toy.

Hermione positioned Harry, his fingers now gone, at her entrance. He eyes bore into hers as he entered her slowly. The intensity of his gaze made the breath catch in her throat. The feeling of his thick length slowly stretching her made her eyes flutter shut.

When he was fully engulfed inside her, Harry kissed her and whispered "I love you" in her ear. Hermione loved the feel of Harry filling her. She felt so complete with him buried inside her. It convinced her they were made for each other.

Harry gave small little tender kisses on her cheek, jaw, and neck while they relished being together. Their bodies wanted, needed, the movement of lovemaking, and soon, Harry rested his head on Hermione's, his eyes still boring into hers. He pulled out and slid his length back in, repeating the motion is a slow, steady, savoring pace. Hermione gasped loudly with each thrust as Harry hit that special spot inside that would drive her to ecstasy.

Their bodies moved in time with each other, Hermione's hips rising to meet Harry's thrusts. Still, Harry kept his eyes trained on hers, saying with his eyes, with each push into her, that he loved her.

With Harry's steadying driving force of his penis and the intensity of his gaze, Hermione soon reached her first climax. She broke eye contact with Harry, her eyes closing as her body arched into him. "Oh, Harry!" she gasped loudly, harshly, to the room. Harry's movements continued in the slow and steady pace, riding out her orgasm, drawing her orgasm out.

"Hug me," Harry told Hermione when her gasping died down. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and Harry rolled over onto his back.

"Impressive, Potter," she said with a smile, sitting up and sinking down further onto his length. She began to move her hips against him to settle in better.

"I…try," Harry muttered. Hermione wondered how what she was doing felt to him. She knew it was the sliding motion along the penis that essentially brought a man to climax, but did these shifting sideways motions still feel pleasurable to him? They surely felt good to her.

Hermione was sinking further into pondering when Harry gave a small thrust up that brought her out of her reflections. "You were getting that pensive look that has nothing to do with sex," he answered when she looked at him. "Only you, Hermione Granger, would find something worth studying or pondering while actually having sex."

"Oh, and you want me to focus entirely on having sex?" she teased.

"No," he grinned, lacing his fingers with hers. "I want you to focus entirely on having sex with me." He grinned further.

Hermione leaned down and brushed her lips against Harry's. "As you wish," she whispered against his lips. She knew he would recognize the words from one of her favorite movies, The Princess Bride, and understand their meaning.

Her hands pressed Harry's into the mattress as Hermione began to rise and fall on his stiff member. Hermione could ride Harry all day like this, and she was sure he would let her.

She kept her rhythm slow, like Harry had, to savor the sentimentality of the night. Her breasts brushed against Harry's chest and soon his hands left hers to caress and massage her chest and back. His hands rubbed firmly along her spine, massaging out all kinks and aches she didn't realize she had. Her back arched as his ministrations bringing her breast in line with his face. Harry took the opportunity to take a nipple in his mouth and suckle. One hand fondled the other breast while she continued to ride him.

Merlin did it feel good! Harry's hands caressing her back and chest, his tongue dancing on her breast and nipple, his long, hard penis sliding in and out of her… It was almost sensory overload. She didn't know how much longer she would last before climaxing again.

As if reading her thoughts, or her body, or something, one of Harry's hands slid down her body to where they were joined and touched her clit. His thumb pressed gently and circled over the sensitive nubbin of nerves. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Or rather, the caress that caused Hermione's orgasm. She bit her lower lip and groaned as she bucked against Harry, who continued caressing with his hands and tongue.

Harry began thrusting up into Hermione, his pace slow but steadily increasing. Hermione lay flat against Harry's body, their arms holding each other, rubbing each other, as Harry began to drive more quickly. The feeling was incredible; Hermione's head was spinning. She bit down on Harry's shoulder to keep from shrieking in his ear.

There would be a huge bruise on Harry's shoulder in the morning, Hermione knew, but at the moment she didn't care. Harry's relentless pounding drove her to another orgasm and the explosion of ecstasy throughout her body brought a scream to her lips even as she bit down on Harry. Hermione felt this climax pull Harry over the edge with her. She felt her walls clench down on him, felt his member swell further, felt him call her name, felt him spill himself inside her, felt the pleasure of it all, felt the love between the two of them.

They untangled themselves and somehow slid under the strange combination of sheets, comforters, and pillows. Hermione rested her head on Harry's chest, his arm draped around her, as their heartbeats returned to normal. Her eyes fell shut and the rhythm of Harry's heart lulled her to sleep. Her last thought was this was a wonderful way to spend their first night together in their home.

They made love often in those first few months, as if they were trying to make up for lost time. It was aided by the fact that Harry had practically become a nudist when at home. Hermione was surprised he didn't apparate in from the Auror Department naked.

Soon, Harry proposed and the two had a small, private ceremony in the backyard of their estate. Just family and close friends, though all the Weasleys made up more than half the guest list themselves.

It was simple wedding, but elegant, and Harry gave Hermione everything she could have possibly wanted with it. The reception was an event she would never forget, with all the dancing and laughing, teasing and joking. After the reception, Harry and Hermione apparated to the Bahamas for their honeymoon and to consummate their marriage.

Hermione stopped taking her birth control potion that morning and ten months later, they were blessed with a little baby girl, Kathryn Lily, big blue eyes from Hermione's mum and black hair from Harry looking just like Hermione's baby pictures. Harry knew she would be just as smart as Hermione. Hermione knew she would just as much a troublemaker as Harry was.

Harry, determined to be an involved, loving father and turn all his children into Quidditch stars, had little Katie out on broomstick as soon as she could sit up on her own. He was with her of course, but that didn't ease Hermione's nerves or temper. It was that night Harry and Hermione found out how incredible make-up sex can be.

Three years later brought Benjamin Albus James to their life, looking exactly like Harry with baby fat. Harry, Ron, Fred and George couldn't have been more excited to have a little male Potter to teach all their devious tricks to.

When little Benji was heading off to the day school for kindergarten and Katie was starting the 3rd grade, the Potter family was surprised with twins. Andrea Rose and Jonathan Sirius both with Hermione's brown eyes, Jonathan inherited his father's untidy, jet black hair and Andrea Hermione's bushy brown locks.

Far too soon, the twins began their wizardry education at Hogwarts with Katie and Benji (making six Gryffindors in the family), and Harry and Hermione felt the minor empty nest syndrome. The feeling soon passed when they realized they could return to old habit of love making anywhere in the house. Harry resumed wearing nothing at home. Hermione couldn't help but chuckle when he would strut naked into a room and try to entice her. Usually, he was successful.

Harry and Hermione didn't have much to do as parents with guiding and educating anymore, it seemed. They were there for the congratulations and reassurance and for the boo-boos when their brood was home for the summer. Their children were all smart, with good heads on their shoulders, and used them for the most part. There was the occasion owl from Hogwarts reporting some incident of rule breaking or another. Hermione would send an owl to reprimand the child, as would Harry. Harry's letters, however, always seemed more on the side of congratulations for the prank.

All the children lucked out with getting Hermione's brains and Harry's athleticism. All were awarded prefects badges for their year and earned places on the Quiddtich team. Benjamin was named Quidditch Captain his seventh year and Andrea in her sixth year. Katie and Jonathan were named Head Girl and Head Boy in their final years of school. All were praised on their intelligence, maturity, good humor, leadership abilities and how well they got along with students and faculty alike, as well as the creativity and cleverness of their pranks. Harry and Hermione could not have been more proud of their children.

Their children grew up, went on to secondary school and into respected professions. Katie became a Healer, one of the most respected and talented in St. Mungo's, occasionally working alongside her mother in the Research Department. Benji played chaser for Puddlemere United, playing under Oliver Wood for several seasons, while taking some Healer classes to become an athletic trainer of sorts for professional Quidditch teams. Jonathan followed his father's footsteps into Auror Training and quickly jumped to the top of all his classes, graduating early and with honors. Andrea took writing classes at a muggle university and became a successful author in both the muggle and wizarding worlds, writing children's books, young adult novels and fantasy for all ages.

Though they lived at home while attending classes after graduating from Hogwarts, one by one Harry and Hermione's children grew up and moved out into their own flats or houses. One by one they dated, met their significant other and got married. All the children opted to have their wedding ceremony and reception on the Potter Estate, for tradition, more than anything.

Looking back on their life, Harry and Hermione could agree their wedding the best night of their lives. Except, of course, for that night in the cabin in the woods all those years ago.


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