Ok so, I'm just putting this out there and crossing my fingers that the characterisations of the UK tour cast 2006-2008 won't completely throw people! Here's a sort of...full on blurb:

Since before anyone can remember, Jellicles have been telling stories of Mistoffelees. His story has been told so many times that there are many endings to it, and not all of them are happy. Even the wisest Jellicles are unsure of just where the young magician disappeared to, all those years ago and just what he did before he left.

With the Jellicle Ball looming and Macavity out for revenge, what will the tribe make of a new power on the rise? Can they learn to test their own beliefs and trust what they previously thought un-trustable in order to unlock the secrets the very first Jellicles worked so hard to bury?

The fate of the tribe is hanging in the balance, and even Mistoffelees can't save them alone. Will anyone be able to save him from Macavity's clutches and find a moment amongst all the lights which is truly, their time to shine? It's time for the tribe to learn a few lessons; lessons of legend, trust, magic and above all of the strongest friendship the Junkyard has ever known.

Hope you enjoy it! Reviews are love but the fact you've gotten this far is compliment enough! hehe

Prologue: Secrets

Where is the best place to hide a secret? Well that, is a secret in itself. It's something even Macavity does not know. The first Jellicles knew the best place of all. But they buried that knowledge in legend and removed the only reminder that their secret had ever been there.

Some hide their secrets behind another name, some behind a bigger personality but no secret can stay hidden forever and some cover is about to be blown.

How can any grudge last this many years, how can no cat remember the truth behind the one name they all know? They're secrets that have been hidden for years and the Jellicles are about to stumble on them.

But what about that other secret? The one behind that big personality. What does it take to stop a misunderstanding so great? Perhaps all it takes is a moment, away from all the spotlights, for his real time to shine.