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"Mom, I'm going for a hike!" I called, as I pulled on my big brown hiking boots and laced them up.

"Ok, but be careful, and make sure to take plenty of water, and a snack in case you get hungry, and-" my mother tittered.

"I know mom, don't worry, I'll be back for dinner," I told her, glancing at her frowning face as she watched me from the kitchen.

"You better be," she scolded, her graying curls bouncing with disapproval. I was always jealous of her hair, hers was always curly unlike mine, which was pin-straight and unable to be styled any other way (trust me, I've tried). I was glad however that I had her eyes. They were a rich, warm, chocolate brown, with a hint of caramel, and they bore into me now, trying to keep me within the boundaries of the yard.

"I will mom, stop worrying, I'm seventeen," I told her with a reassuring smile. She returned it, but shook her head nonetheless.

"I know honey, but you're my youngest, I can't help but want to protect you."

"I know mom, but as I said, I'll be back before dinner," I repeated, standing up and grabbing my backpack.

"Ok, see you later," she sighed, finally giving in as she turned around to work on whatever she was making. So I took this opportunity and hurried out the door before she could persuade me to stay.

The day was sunny and warm, a typical summer's day in California. I walked brusquely towards the forest that loomed ahead of me across my neatly paved driveway. As usual, I turned my head to the right to get a glimpse at the glistening ocean. Maybe I'd come back early for a swim, I could never resist.

Yet right now, I had an objective, so I shook my head and focused on the forest.

I knew it fairly well. My older brothers used to take me with them on hikes and leave me there to find my own way back. So naturally, my survival skills began to kick in and thankfully, I eventually found home.

Today felt different however, the forest didn't seem so familiar today, like something happened in the eighteen hours I hadn't been in it.

I wasn't a fearful person by nature, so I swallowed down my uneasiness and ducked into the dense trees.

As soon as I did, the sounds of the churning ocean were almost immediately cut off. Only to be replaced by the sounds of the forest.

I stood still and listened for a minute, hearing the songbirds composing their melody of tweets and squawks. The rustle of the leaves on the forest floor as a squirrel scuttled across it. Nothing in the way of sound seemed to be different, but the air felt thicker, denser, like a thick wooly blanket was laid over the scene.

I took a few steps, adding the crunch of branches and underbrush below my feet to the other sounds. Nothing changed, the birds still sang, and the squirrel still scurried, faster than before, but scurrying nonetheless.

'What are you afraid of, you idiot?' My mind asked me, I shrugged my shoulders. 'Then get moving!' It ordered, I obeyed, beginning to walk swiftly through the trees. 'That's right, there's nothing to be afraid of,' I told myself. 'It's just me and all the little critters.'

I held onto that thought as I crunched my way loudly through the forest, disturbing the peaceful rhythm it once was.

I walked quite a ways, probably less than halfway in, but it was still farther than my usual treks. So I decided to take a rest and eat the sandwich my mom made me pack.

I quickly found a fallen tree that my brothers and I used to play on, sat on it, pulling my backpack off my shoulders, and set it on the mossy ground.

I then looked down at my watch and saw that it was nearly noon. No wonder I was hungry, I'd been walking for nearly four hours. I sighed, un-zipping my backpack to retrieve my sandwich and a bottle of water.

Then a loud crunch made me look up abruptly. I spun my head all around, but I saw nothing except the trees. My eyes narrowed, but I looked back down at my backpack. Crunch. I looked up once again, still nothing, back to my backpack. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. This time I kept my eyes up, peering all around me. The sound was definitely not from a squirrel this time, but something bigger, much bigger.

I twisted my head in every direction, but still saw nothing, I began to get annoyed. Maybe it was one of my friends playing a bad trick on me; they knew I was always in the woods.

"You guys, if you're trying to scare me it isn't working. So make it easier on yourselves and come on out," I called. There was no response, just silence. I clenched my teeth together and stood up.

"Are you a scaredy cat or what?" I asked loudly, hoping it would lure them from their hiding place. It was not response, but a crunching began off to my left. I whipped my head around to look in that direction.

What I saw made my breath catch in my throat and my eyes to grow wide.

There in front of me, about ten feet away, stood a huge wolf. No, not huge, that was much too small a size to describe this massive creature. Yes, massive was the word, definitely massive.

It towered above my by at least three to four feet. Its shoulders were as wide as nearly four of me stood in a row. The haunches were big and obviously full of muscle as the russet-colored fur quivered over it.

When I finally remembered how to breathe my mind shifted into third gear. 'What is this thing? Why is it here? Where did it come from? Why is it so huge?'

I internally slapped myself for my idiocy. I could answer those questions later, but right now, I needed to get out of here! I tried moving my feet, but I was so frozen in shock and horror that I had no control over my body.

'Now what was I going to do?' I tried to think logically, but how could you be logical when faced with something that looks as if it could be right out of a horror film?!

I pushed that thought away and tried anyway. To me it seemed I only had three options, die, try to move and run home, or reach my phone and call 911.

I definitely was not going to settle for number one, but number two seemed impossible. So that left me with number three.

I began to focus on moving my fingers, and to my great relief, they moved.

The creature was too enthralled with my face to realize what my hands were doing as I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone. I pulled it out swiftly, dialed the number and held it to my ear.

The creature noticed that, and what happened next took only a split second to play out.

It crouched immediately into an attack stance and lurched towards me. I gasped, but too soon, it hit me with the force of a cannon, sending my phone crashing into a tree as it smashed to pieces. I was then slammed flat into the ground and stars broke my vision as a pounding throb began in the back of my head. I groaned, my eyes shut tight in agony. I kept them closed, waiting for my death that seemed eminent… but nothing happened.

I slowly opened my eyes a crack, wondering if I'd already died, but death shouldn't be this painful.

What I saw made me gasp in surprise.

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