"Naruto, this...this is my wish of a lifetime. Please...please bring Sasuke back..."

"It's okay. I'll bring back Sasuke for sure! That's my promise of a lifetime!"

A figure stood in front of the sound village. He wore a long coat what covered his whole body including half of his face. Cold blue eyes studied the village carefully before he smirked.

"I owe Konohagakure nothing after this," The blonde snarled as he jumped over the gate with a single leap. "Besides, this might entertain me for a few minutes."

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" A guard shouted as he ran towards the blonde. With a bored sigh, Naruto threw a kunai so fast that the guard didn't even see it until it was lodged between his eyes.

"You would think that they would have better guards." Naruto muttered as he stepped over the dead body.

:Kit let me destroy this village! Once the Snake Sennin and the bastard Uchiha see me they will come to us on their own.:

"Okay Kyuubi-sensei." Naruto did the proper hand seals and groaned in slight pain as red chakra came pouring out in great amounts from the seal. More and more chakra came out, taking the form of a giant form. Soon stood a exact replica of the Kyuubi. Naruto looked up proudly as the Kyuubi roared in all it's glory.

:Come on Kit, get on!: The kyuubi growled as it keeled down. Needing no further urging, Naruto climbed up on to Kyuubi's head and stared dispassionately at the panicking people as Kyuubi stood to full height.

With a roar loud enough to shake the ground, Kyuubi ran through the village, destroying buildings with it's powerful nine tails and killing people with it's powerful jaws.

The smell of fresh blood made Naruto wrinkle his nose. He was used to the smell of blood but it didn't mean he liked it although it seemed to make the great fox even happier.

:The Uchiha is coming.: Naruto looked up and saw a huge purple snake coming their way with three figures on it's head.

"Kyuubi-Sensei do you mind going to that clearing that we passed earlier? It will be easier to fight there."

:No problem Kit.: Kyuubi roared as it ran from the village towards the mentioned clearing. Naruto looked behind him, smirking when he saw the big snake following in a rapid speed.

Kyuubi said with glee, knowing how long Naruto had wanted to do this. Naruto smirked in reply as they stopped and faced the incoming snake.

The snake hissed as it stopped in front in front of the Kyuubi, the occupants on it's head clearly shocked.

"Dobe?" Sasuke said obviously surprised.

"Uchiha, Orochimaru, Kabuto." Naruto said boredly.

"Hello Naru-kun, I didn't think I would see you in suck a manner. Don't you think it's rude to just randomly destroy a village?"

"I hardly would call it random. Look, can we just start the fight?" Naruto said impatiently. He didn't come to chat around.

"Gladly. Manda get the fox!" Manda hissed as it lunged at Kyuubi. Kyuubi jumped up in the air and bit down on Manda's neck. Manda hissed and it wrapped it's long body around the fox's body tightly. Naruto jumped back quickly as Sasuke jumped onto Kyuubi's head.

"Chou Oodama Rasengan! Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere!" Naruto gathered all of his chakra into his hands and created a rasengan twice as big as himself. Taken by surprise, Sasuke was unable to to dodge it and was hit head on. If it weren't for the fact that Naruto had held back the last minute, he would have died but as is he was just knocked out.

"Weak." Naruto muttered as he realized he barely had any chakra left, only enough left for at least one big jutsu. He looked up at the struggling Kyuubi who was having some trouble breathing with the snake wrapped around it so tightly.

"Bunshin Bakuha! Shadow Clone Explosion!" Two clones appeared and immediately ran on top of Manda and stood near it's eyes. "Now!" Naruto shouted and the clones exploded, making the snake shriek in pain. Kyuubi let the snake go, watching as it writhed on the ground, forcing Orochimaru and Kabuto off it's head.

:Kit you have chakra for at least one more jutsu so make it count!:

"Yes Kyuubi-Sensei. Doton No Jutsu! Earth Release Technique!" Naruto used the last of his chakra to bury Manda, who instantly disappeared in a cloud of smoke, Orochimaru and Kabuto. He knew it wouldn't kill them, but it would give Naruto and Kyuubi to leave since they got what they came for.

He walked over to Sasuke, taking out anti-chakra rope and quickly tied the young Uchiha.

"Kyuubi-Sensei let's go and drop of Sasuke."

Kyuubi ran off as quick as it would go towards Konohagakure, while Naruto laid on on it's head, exhausted. Two of the three justu's he had used up a lot of his chakra. Any normal person wouldn't have been able to do it but then again, when had Naruto ever been normal?

'Fucking Uchiha.' Naruto thought as he glared at the still and bloody body. 'At least he won't be giving me any more problems after this.'

:I see Konoha.: Naruto looked up, surprised at the fox's speed.

'That's great thank you Kyuubi-Sensei but don't let them see you! The last thing we need is another village attacking you.'

Kyuubi ran on a little more before it stopped near the Hokage mountain. Naruto picked up Sasuke and disappeared, reappearing in Konoha.

Not wasting a single second, Naruto ran through the village, staying in the shadows. He only stopped when he reached the house he knew Sakura lived in. He quietly sneaked in and placed Sasuke on a pink couch. Suddenly, the light turned on.

'Shit.' Naruto thought a he spun around and faced a shocked Sakura.

"N-Na-Naruto?" Sakura stammered and Naruto gave her a slight glare.

"I owe you nothing anymore Haruno. Goodbye." Naruto disappeared before the girl could say or do anything.

:I heard you swear. Did something happen?:

'Nothing. Haruno saw me but I left before anything could happen.' Kyuubi nodded in understanding as it helped Naruto onto it's head.

: You shouldn't have used so much chakra.: Kyuubi commented.

'I wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible.' Naruto thought as he wrapped himself with Kyuubi's red hair. He heard Kyuubi huff as it ran off. Naruto drifted in and out of sleep, the movement off Kyuubi's steps rocking him to sleep.

: He's here.: Naruto heard Kyuubi say and felt it stop running.

'Okay. Can you go back in my seal?' Naruto asked as Kyuubi helped him down.

:No problem kit.:

Naruto leaned against a tree and gritted his teeth as he felt great amounts of chakra return to him. Sometimes he wondered which was worse, the chakra go in or our of him.

It only took a few minutes for the Kyuubi to fully return into Naruto's seal. He closed his eyes and smiled when he felt the familiar chakra he had grown to know. He felt a gentle hand stroke his cheek and opened his eyes. He found himself staring into red worried eyes.

"Itachi-san." Naruto breathed out.

"I'm gathering that the mission went well?" Itachi asked as he gathered Naruto into his arms.

"Yeah, you're younger brother is in Konoha and now I have nothing weighing me down to Konoha." Naruto confirmed as he gripped Itachi's shirt.

"I will never understand your need to keep promises." Itachi muttered and Naruto gave him a weak grin.

"Maybe someday you will." Itachi grunted and watched as Naruto closed his eyes. A few minutes later Naruto was in a deep sleep. Itachi looked at Naruto's hand that had a grey ring on his finger and chuckled.

"Maybe someday I will."

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