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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thu… thump. Thu… thump. Thu… thump.

The steady stream of metal against metal sang sweetly through little Jojo's ears as he continued to pound away into his new pet project.

Thu… thump. Thu… thump. Thu… thump.

The ever-present scowl only grew larger as he found a small kink in the odd machine. Brown eyes narrowed as Jojo grabbed the two feet of circular glass and propped it in its proper place, right in front of the multicolor who-bulb. Nodding in satisfaction, Jojo pushed the wheeled contraption away from him to get a better look.

Most of the bottom just looked like metal bunched and nailed together to form a box, but the top showed a number of different colored switches, all of which Jojo knew by heart and what they did. In the very center was the two feet of circular, blurry glass. On top was a rather queer looking antenna since it didn't stick of straight, but turned into a circle from the middle before being pointed at the right. Or the left, depending on which side you were standing on.

Of course, the inside was much more complicated than the outside, and had taken Jojo months to find the proper parts. It wasn't as easy at used to be for Jojo when he took garbage out of the various trash cans and dumps. Before, people would just ignore him, but now, no matter where he went, eyes were sure to follow.

An annoyed looked passed by Jojo's face as he thought about the Who's of Whoville. So what if he was the one to finally open his mouth after years and years of silence just to destroy the outer layer of solar system so they could be heard? That still gave them no right to stare at him as if was some super hero or something.

And now, Jojo thought angrily, complete strangers actually had the audacity to demand that he say something for them.

Brushing aside his anger, Jojo stroked his machine carefully as he thought about all the various 'junk' he had collected. Oh well, another Who's trash is another Who's treasure. Stopping with his stroking, Jojo took one last look at his invention before opening the door of his factory to push out his machine.

Solar energy was always the best type of energy to use, no matter how strong electricity could be. Silencing the grunt that was about to escape his lips, Jojo pushed the machine out into the large, grassy area in front of his musical lair. Propping it up firmly against several stones, Jojo allowed the solar disks to fill up on energy, knowing he would have enough since it was only the middle of the afternoon with plenty of sun.

When a sufficient amount of time had passed, Jojo allowed a small smile to appear on his face as pressed a few random buttons. It had been a while since he had smiled. About nine months ago when he had helped save Whoville against this Sour Kangaroo that Horton the elephant had talked about.

Even with his biggest secret revealed, Jojo's father still hadn't realized his oldest, but smallest, child did not want to become mayor. Upon this discovery, Jojo had refused to open his mouth, just like all those years. In all honesty, he had probably only spoken a total of thirty minutes that entire day.

Jojo felt his hand form a fist as he thought about his oblivious father before taking a few calming breaths. This wasn't the time to think of such things. Today was the day Jojo found out if his machine worked.

Rearranging the antenna, Jojo allowed another small smile to appear as his machine lit up, the glass lighting up with a fierce purple before changing into different colors.

This machine, Jojo thought with excitement, would allow him to see into Horton's world, and into a new world he might long to exist in.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In a lone bedroom in Number four, Private Drive, fifteen year old Harry Potter sat on the floor with his back against the wall, various pieces of parchment and ink surrounding him as he worked on his summer's homework assignments.

Scratching down a few unreadable sentences on the parchment for his potions essay, Harry wondered why he hadn't gotten the hang of writing with a quill after four years. Maybe he should take the time to practice instead of staring blankly at his cracked walls?

…yea right.

Harry smiled at the stupid thought, even as he stared at his ineligible words. He would just end up redoing it later with Hermione. Not that it would matter since Snape was sure to give him a zero no matter what.

Deigning his potions essay one last look, Harry closed his text book with a little more forced than necessary and got up, cracking his back as he stretched. Yawning and scratching his belly, Harry hopped down the stairs, not caring if he made any type of noise. The Dursley's were gone for the day (they had been gone a lot of days, returning late at night out of fear) and Harry had loved every minute of it.

There was no one to tell him what to do and how much he could eat. In all honesty, this was probably Harry's best summer. Opening the fridge with a small hum, Harry grabbed some turkey, lettuce and mustard. Snagging bread out of the bread box, Harry prepared his lunch, still humming a tune.

Harry ate his lunch in peace. He felt absolutely content. It was rather nice having nothing around to make sound. Then again, in the Dursley's house, all he ever heard were complaints, yells, grunts and snorts. Not exactly the nicest sounds in the world.

Finishing his sandwich, Harry brushed off the crumbs onto the floor, feeling some type of petty eagerness to make a mess in the Dursley's home, even if it was as small as crumbs. But after years of living in of not making a mess because of punishment, Harry thought his somewhat pathetic revenge was rightfully placed.

Tossing his paper plate away, Harry rushed back up his room, prepared to spend the rest of the day finding something at least somewhat interesting. There were only so many hours he could stand playing Dudley's video games. It was a wonder Dudley didn't die of boredom from staring at the television screen for so long.

Pushing open his door, Harry stopped dead in his tracks, seeing the weirdest sight.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo scowled as he tapped the unnamed machine. The images on the glass were way too blurry for Jojo to see. Squinting, Jojo tapped the glass harder than the last time. Getting no response, Jojo did the only sensible thing to do.

He kicked the machine.

A random spark flew from the machine, but Jojo paid no mind, far too used to random sparks. The glass cleared slightly, drawing a smirk from Jojo as he gazed into the glass, trying to make out images.

His eyes searched for some type of movement… There!

Jojo pressed his face so close to the glass his fur barely grazed against it. Some type of black smudge moved before pausing. Jojo frowned. What was the black smudge doing? Jojo, instead of pressing the pure white button next to the glass, spun it, trying to get a clearer picture.

The picture cleared only slightly, not that it gave Jojo much of a picture. He could see some white and brown in the picture now, and even some messy black that resembled hair. Pressing a few more knobs, Jojo waited.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Harry could only stare into his room, disbelief etched across his face. Some type of glowing… thing hovered in his room. It was circular, and something was moving inside of it. Some type of black and gray thing that Harry couldn't identify. Not that there was much to identify from a smudge.

Harry moved toward the glowing circle thing. It appeared see-through and yet solid, if that made any sense. Looking around, Harry didn't see anyone else. Reaching out, Harry let his fingers touch the strange circle of light.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Annoyed at the lack of response from his machine, Jojo banged it once more. The screen cleared significantly, surprising Jojo. The smudge now had a form, even if slightly blurry. Confused, Jojo saw the figure hold up a hand and move toward his glass screen.

Stunned, Jojo watched as the imprint of a strange looking hand pressed against the glass. Without thinking, Jojo pressed his own hand against the glass.

There was a moment of silence, making Jojo feel strangely tense. Usually he welcomed silence, but this was just weird. Lifting his hand, Jojo noticed the hand was gone. Surprised, Jojo shifted away unsurely. Then, without warning, an image of a fist shot out at his glass screen.

For the first time in Jojo's life, he had a look of complete shock on his face as the glass exploded, spraying him with tiny bits of shards. He covered his eyes and jumped backwards, only able to watch as his machine shook violently before exploding and throwing Jojo back at least eight feet.

Arms flailing as Jojo attempted to land without hurting himself, all he managed to do was twist uncomfortably and land on his head. Groaning, Jojo looked up quickly, noticing bits and pieces of metal flying everywhere.

He didn't have time to mourn for his destroyed machine as a large, black blur flew away from where his machine once stood and down the hill. Shakily, Jojo attempted to pull himself up. He winced a bit at a few cuts, one particularly large one on his foot. Ignoring the pain, Jojo ran in the direction where he saw the black creature fall.

Stopping near the end of the part where all his traps ended, Jojo saw some type of creature. He stopped a good ten feet away, unsure of what to do. Jojo eyed the rest of the hill, looking at where the large hole started that barred the observatory from the rest of Whoville. He had made extra traps to keep nosy Who's away from his sanctuary.

Returning his gaze back to the strange creature, Jojo took on a frown as he saw the thing groan loudly before changing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry groaned weakly as he clutched his sides. What had he been thinking, punching an unknown entity? After so many years of the magical world he should have known better. Shaking his head, Harry coughed as dirt and –metal? – dropped from his hair.

Sitting up, Harry rubbed his arms, feeling small cuts with his fingers. Looking at his four fingered hands before looking… Wait? Four fingered hands? With horror, Harry looked back at his hands. They were an unnatural white, a pure snow white.

With horror, Harry looked at his arms. His clothing seemed to be shriveling away, leaving bare arms that turned completely black and hairy. Shakily, Harry felt his arms and gasped. It was fur!

Standing up quickly, Harry groaned as his vision blurred and his balance faltered. Settling on his knees, Harry wrapped his arms around his body, feeling even more fur. Quickly feeling his face, Harry sighed as he didn't feel any fur there, though his eyes did widen as his nose felt completely different, more circular.

Fighting nausea, Harry stood back up, wobbling over to a small river and glanced in. His face… well, there was no word for it except that he had changed. It was more circular, perhaps even resembling a tiny muzzle face thing. His entire body was covered in black fur, save a few spots. He had three white stripes on both arms and legs. He had one white stripe around his neck. Glancing down at his feet, they were entirely black and…

"I have no toes," Harry whispered in horror, before screaming in panic.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo grimaced as he saw the creature attempt to stand before falling rather pathetically to its knees. Unsure if it was an enemy or not, Jojo made no attempt to see if the creature was alright.

For a minute, Jojo watched the creature catch its breath before looking at its hands before frowning. Jojo frowned as well, noticing the odd clothing it wore shrivel away, leaving strange, bare arms.

Black fur grew all over the creature, leaving only a few white stripes on its arms and legs. In an odd way, it looked a lot like him, only Jojo had stripes on his chest and stomach. This creature had a pure black body, save for the white bits, but Jojo already knew that. It also had pitch black hair that was extremely untidy.

Fascinated, Jojo leaned forward, curious about this creature that turned Who. However, that curiosity turned into annoyance as it screamed. It wasn't like Jojo could blame it. It had been taken away from wherever its home was.

The annoyance started to grow as the scream got louder and louder. Thinking quickly, Jojo picked up a small pebble and threw it at the creature, hitting it right on the head. Shocked, the creature looked at Jojo, pale face meeting pale face.

Blinking, Jojo could only stare into the darkest, yet brightest, green eyes he had ever seen.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Moaning in self pity was never something Harry thought he would scream about, but in this case, Harry found it justifiable. He had had just grown fur all over the place for goodness sake! Still screaming, Harry almost choked as something hit him in the back of his head, completely taking him by surprise.

Looking around, Harry stared into some type of furred person, brown eyes watching him curiosity and annoyance.

The two continued to stare at each other unsurely. Finally, when Harry could no longer stand it, Harry said, "Where am I?"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo watched the creature turned Who fight back his impatience, knowing it wouldn't take long before it broke the silence first. Not that he would speak, of course, but it was much more satisfying others loose their cool just because a bit of silence.

Jojo was curious. Would this creature even know or understand his language. Probably, after all, Horton, and elephant of all things, could talk and understand them. Thus it came to no surprise that the creature opened his mouth, saying, "Where am I?"

Jojo blinked wondering what he should do next.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry stared up at the furry person, wondering if he could even understand him. Harry honestly couldn't get any type of reading from this person with his neutral look. Frowning with impatience, Harry cleared his throat.

"Er, did you hear me?"

The black thing nodded.

Well, at least he knew it understood him.

"Where am?"

Without opening his mouth, the black thing pointed behind him. Turning around, Harry could make out the strangest city ever built. Looking down at the city a bit longer than necessary, Harry almost jumped as he remembered the black thing was still behind him. Spinning around, Harry frowned at the bored look on its face.

"Look, uh, do you even speak?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo watched the creature finally turn back to face him, not surprised in the least when it asked if he could talk. Well, technically he could, but he just preferred not to. It made him feel way too uncomfortable, and Jojo never did anything that made him feel uncomfortable… unless of course his parents forced him into the situation.

Shaking his head, Jojo let the thing… who he could tell was a boy now that he was a Who… and waited for the reaction.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry groaned at the answer. "You can't speak at all?" Harry asked with a moan, only to receive a shrug. Harry groaned again. "Well, any idea how I got here?"

The furry boy pointed to large pile of smoking metal and broken shard of glass.

Harry stared, remembering the strange circle thing in his room.

"You brought me here?" Harry asked.

The boy shrugged, this time much more slowly, apparently a bit unsure if he did or not. Frowning at the metal, Harry nudged a piece and hissed loudly and hopped on one foot. That was hot! Seeing the amused look on the boy, Harry glared.

"And just how am I going to get back?" Harry demanded. "And what did I turn into?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo had to admit the creature was amusing, but there was no time for amusement, especially with all these questions it was asking. It obviously didn't know what a Who was, and sending it back… well, that was a big blank for Jojo. Not knowing what else to do, he did what he always did.

He shrugged.

The creature turned Who groaned again, telling Jojo that he would be doing that a lot.

An uneasy silence passed over the two before the creature spoke.

"Well, I'm Harry, Harry Potter. What's yours?"

Jojo tilted his head. Picking up a stick, he wrote out Jojo O'Malley.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry walked up to the scribbled message and leaned down to get a closer look. "Jojo," Harry muttered, standing back up. He looked at the furred boy, pleased to see that they were the same height.

The furred boy, now known as Jojo, blinked at him with a bored look, though Harry could tell he was thinking deeply.

"So, uh, Jojo," Harry started awkwardly. "Are you sure there's no way for me to get back home?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo stifled a sigh at Harry and shook his head once more. How many times did have to alert the boy he had no way at the moment?

"So," Harry started, "I'm basically screwed?"

That was actually the perfect way of saying it; Jojo thought was a smirk and nodded.

Harry groaned again, and this time Jojo released a groan of his own. Did he ever stop with the groans? Jojo just hoped Harry didn't get as loud as his sisters. Jojo eyed Harry. What on Whoville was he supposed to do with him?

The obvious choice was to send him home, but how long would that take? Where would he even stay? Jojo cringed at the thought of the townspeople finding out. The chairmen had already expressed their distaste of him having the observatory for himself filled with all types of machines.

Funny, they hadn't really cared before the whole speck thing.

The chairmen, and even some of the citizens, were worried about what type of machine's he could build and if they might endanger the town someday.

Jojo glanced at Harry, noticing him looking at his observatory, his haven. Well, at least the boy was silent. Perhaps this would be easier than he thought. Jo looked back at his sanctuary, thinking.

A moment later a hand waved about his face, breaking his train of thought. "Hey, Jojo," Harry said loudly. "You in there?"

Jojo glared, pleased that the hand was removed from his face rather quickly when Harry noticed the glare. Trying to soften his face, Jojo ran a hand through his hair and beckoned Harry up to his sanctuary, hating every step. The only other person that entered was his father, and even that had been hard, no matter how pleased he was to see the man's face light up with pride.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry followed silently, noticing the pained look on the boys face. "Hey, wait," Harry said, stopping the boy. "You don't have to take me up there," Harry said, motioning to the building with an odd look on his face.

"This place obviously means a lot to you, and I don't want to go barging in on something important to you, even if it is you're fault I'm here. Maybe there would be somewhere else that can help me get back home?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This boy definitely went up a few notched in Jojo's book, not that he had any, but Jojo was pleased that Harry was good at observing things, something the citizen's of Whoville needed to learn how to do.

He stared at Harry, glad that they were the same height. They even sounded like they were the same age, which was weird since almost everybody older and few younger were taller than him. It was something his sisters never let him live down.

Jaw tightening, Jojo glanced at the town, eyes near the mayor's office where his father was, as well as Dr. Larue. Perhaps the odd doctor could be of service. Jojo looked back at Harry, taking in the slightly shadowed eyes that told Jojo the boy had been up late for a while. He could also see something else in those eyes.

It was that look of abandonment, as if the boy knew and felt what it was. It was the same look Jojo carried. His eyes softened at this realization, even if annoyance did make its way about his body. He would still be giving away his sanctuary.

After a moment of contemplating it, Jojo shook his head and motioned once more to follow him, not missing Harry's excited grin and lit up eyes.

Perhaps he wouldn't be too much trouble, Jojo thought, making his way back up the hill.

"So, any chance of talking… at all?" Harry pushed.

And of course it was ruined, Jojo thought, a scowl now placed upon his face as he looked back at Harry.

Perhaps the boy would be an annoyance, and now Jojo had to deal with him. After all, if he didn't even realize his glasses were gone, he must not be all that bright.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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