Secret Suspicions

Secret Suspicions

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A/N This is the sequel to Pigwidgeon. You don't need to read that first to understand this. Ginny's POV

My brother opened his mouth and said, " And have you heard from -"

He was stopped by a deadly look from Hermione. There was awkward silence, as if there was something I shouldn't know about. And there was obviously. Who had Ron been asking Harry about? A friend? A family member, no he only had the Dursleys. But why all the secrecy? I couldn't understand. If only they would trust me with their secrets, I thought to myself, I wouldn't tease them or anything, I'm not mean like that. I can keep a secret-

"I think they've stopped fighting," said Hermione jolting me out of my thoughts. She was trying to smooth over that silence between her, Ron and Harry. Pretend it didn't happen. Well I'm not dumb no matter what Ron says, I knew something was up. I just wasn't sure what. I was developing my secret suspicions, though.


At dinner I sat chatting with Mum and Bill.

" Dear your hair is getting a bit silly, I wish you'd let me trim it," Mum was saying to Bill.

"Well, I like it. Mum you're so old-fashioned. Anyway, it's nowhere near as long as Professor Dumbledore's," I said.

Mum could be so unreasonable sometimes.

Later on during dinner I noticed Hermione, Ron and Harry whispering. I didn't let them know I was listening. They had carefully checked to see that everyone was involved in conversation. Something was definitely up and I was worried. Whisperings, the comment from the earlier conversation, and where did Ron get Pigwidgeon? I had find out what was going on.

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