Broken crayons of sunshine yellow and aquamarine and pale, pale silver lay scattered. The tiny pieces of her shattered mirror sparkled against the cold marble of the floor. Her heart thumped another fragile beat, and she wished that it would stop. Please stop. Please stop, dear heart of mine.

He had abandoned her, leaving her with a false memory of love.

She could feel his smooth, silky hair against her bare flesh, and she could hear his voice as smooth as honey but as strong as a lion's roar in her head. When she closed her eyes, his steely gaze glinting with the colors of the sea stared her down.

Nobody would care if she did it…

Nobody cares.

Her eyes, overflowing with the tears of a broken heart, glanced up to the night. Her thin, frail body moved of its own accord. The shards of mirror dug into the soles of her feet as she approached the dark window, and the blood flowed freely.

She had always wanted to feel this kind of freedom.

She opened the window, and the wind screamed violently in her ears. Her limp locks of hair blew from her face, and the rain covered her tears. So with a bleeding body and a bleeding heart, she pulled herself up onto the windowsill, the precipice of death calling her name ever so sweetly.

She was ready to fly. Death was calling her.

"Naminé," he said softly, his voice coarse and frightening.

"Please take me away," she whispered. She spread her arms wide, and the adrenaline coursed through her veins. Knees bent, eyes raised to the deep navy sky crying just like her, she prepared to jump.

"Naminé!" he yelled, but she hesitated and felt her body give way to the unconscious.

Before her body could cascade to the ground, he grabbed her, yanking her limp body from the window and into reality against his strong, leather-clad chest. He held her tightly, and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. He tucked her dripping hair away from her face, kissing her forehead.

It was only then that she realized Death had never been calling her name after all. But it couldn't be him… he had left…

Her wide eyes fluttered open, and he released her from his grasp, retreating toward the doorway.

"Wait," she pleaded. The unfamiliar man remained with his hand clenched around the doorknob. His skin was too tan and his eyes were glowing an unfamiliar color of orange and his hair had never been that coarse but she knew him, she knew.

Walking across the shattered pieces of mirror, Naminé approached him. Her hand slipped into his, and it was funny how it fit in just the same.

"I'm sorry," he apologized in his unfamiliar voice.

He was hurting, and she was hurting. The darkness had been entwined into their lives, choking their very existence. But the only way either could survive was to hold onto what they had. She fell into his chest again, and his arms wrapped protectively around her shivering frame.

"But I left," he said, his voice fractured and full of sorrow. "And look at me now."

Their love was broken and bleeding but it was all that was left. Her cerulean eyes made contact with his strange orange ones, and she smiled.

"You came back."




Author's notes: Well. This was so incredibly sporadic and totally unplanned. I opened Word and I started writing instead of doing homework. Wow…

I really dislike this… like wow… this is very poor writing. But since I hadn't written/posted ANYTHING in forever, I figured I'd put this up here just for kicks. Woo-freaking-hoo.

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