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So here I am, sitting in Ms. Im's ninth period A.P. U.S. History once again. The class is discussing Social Security Benefits established by FDR and as usual, I'm lost.

I really don't know how I got in this class.

I sigh as I lean back in my seat, crossing my arms and ignoring the discussion that's way over my head.

I glance up at the clock for the third time since the period started. It's 1:50, which means that I still have another 25 minutes of torture.

Then I'm off to track practice. I love track though.

This year, I'm determined to beat the school record for the girl's one mile (5 minutes and 50 seconds).

I am pulled back into the conversation as our teacher goes off on a tangent about how many more shoes she could buy if she didn't have to pay social security.

This is the only time I ever pay attention in this class; it's the only thing I understand.

My moment of comprehension is short-lived however, as she directs the conversation back to "The Wagner Act" whatever the hell that is.

I lean back in my chair again. This time I close my eyes and think back to the phone conversation I had with Spencer last night.

So I haven't realized, but up until this point, I haven't told you much about myself.

My name is Ashley Davies. I am a runner and my body shows it. I'm well aware of this fact and I use it to my advantage whenever possible with the ladies. Yes, that's right, I said ladies. That however, is one fact about me that is not very well known.

Spencer is my best friend. We've been best friends since like first grade when we met at summer camp…

I was sprawled out on my towel in the middle of a hot August day, soaking up the sun in my all-too-cool Ariel bikini; when all of a sudden, my sun was blocked.

I sat up and opened my eyes, "Hey what do you think you're doing fatso?" I questioned the blonde that was standing between me and a great tan.

She turned around to face me and I could see that she was crying. My insult caused a surge of fresh tears as she turned and started walking away.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make woo cry."

The girl wiped away some tears and tried to force a smile onto her face as she responded, "It's ok. It's just that those girls were making fun of me too."

I followed her pointing finger to the girls I knew as Madison Duarte and Sherry Hughes.

Then I nodded and I said, "Well, do you wanna come back to my towel with me? I have a deck of cards, we could play if you want…"

The blonde's face lit up at this suggestion, "Really? I love card games!"

I smiled at this and said, "We can play anything you want."

Then I grabbed her hand in mine and her face lit up instantly. I led her back to my towel hand-in-hand and we sat down with the cards between us.

"Do you know how to play spit?" she questions me, her ocean blue eyes sparkling in the summer sun.

"Yeah, but I'm not really good…"I replied.

"That's ok," she says, taking the pile of cards and shuffling them out.

The game began and I watched as Spencer quickly discarded her cards.

We both went for the same pile at the end, my hand slipped right under hers.

We both laughed and stared into each other's eyes for a moment. Neither of us moved our hands until Madison and Sherry walked over.

Madison chuckled, "Hey chubby, what happened to you swimming? I'd be surprised if you could even find a bathing suit that fit you!"

Sherry and Madison laughed as I stood up.

I walked up to Madison and when she stopped laughing, my face was about 2 inches away from hers.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"The blimp that's sitting on your towel, I thought they had to stay airborne!"

I couldn't stand it. I didn't even think about it, but before I knew it, my hand stung like all hell and Madison's face was covered in blood.

I was kicked out of summer camp after that, but Spencer and I have remained best friends ever since.

Madison is still pretty afraid of me, but not as bad as she used to be. She even attempts to have normal conversations with me, but only on rare occasions (usually when she really needs something from me).

So anyway, back to history, or at least my version of it. The real thing is so overrated.

So last night on the phone, I told Spencer that I need to tell her something.

I'm supposed to be meeting her after track practice. I told her I'd drive her home after her softball practice and we could talk then.

What is it that I need to tell my dear best friend you may ask?

Well that's for me to know and you to find out when I pick Spencer up.

The bell finally rings and I can't be happier!

I practically jump out of my chair and quickly grab my notebook on my way out the door.

I take about 20 steps down the hallway before I feel a tap on my right shoulder. I turn to my right and look behind me as I hear a chuckle coming from my left. I complete my 360 degree turn and see Clay standing beside me, laughing his ass off because he just made me turn around in a complete circle.

I glare at him and he contains his laughter to a smile.

"So how's the smart history class working out for you?"

"Grreeeeaat. I really can't believe that you can end up in AP because there's no room in any other history classes!"

We reach my locker and I bend down to enter my combination.

"Alright, later Ashley, I got to go, see you tomorrow."

"Alright, see you later Clay!"

I open my locker and throw my notebook in it. I grab my track shoes and stand up, closing my locker.

As I brush a stray hair away from my face, I am met with the sky blue eyes and glistening blonde hair of none other than Spencer Carlin.

"Hey Ash, what's going on?"

"Not much, you?" I responded. Why do I all of a sudden feel tongue-tied whenever I'm around her?

"So I'll meet you after practice, out by your car?"

"I'll be there, have fun at practice!" With that, I walked off in the direction of the locker room as Spencer went in to the team room.

I walked through the locker room to the back corner where all the track team has their lockers.

"Hey Ashley, how's it going?" questions my favorite freshman distance runner Emitney.

"Not too bad, how are you?"

"I'm good. So do you know what we're doing today?"

"Nope, but my guess is some kind of hard track work-out."

I quickly change and soon find myself sitting in the auxiliary gym stretching and listening to my coach, Guy, dispense the torture of the day.

I was right, today's distance work-out was to run four 800s on the track, each at 3 minute pace.

The work-out was hell, but I always feel better after I've sufficiently tired myself out with a hard work-out.

Anyway, after I changed, I walked out to my car and waited for Spencer.

From where I park, I can see her field.

She's playing third base, and wearing really short shorts which show off her amazingly tanned and toned legs.

I spot her coach walking to the pitcher's mound and before long I hear the whistle blow.

The girls quickly jog from their respective positions to meet their coach at the pitcher's mound. Their hands stack up in the inner circle and before long, "Go Cobras!" can be heard echoing throughout the grounds.

I watch as Spencer grabs her bag and jogs up to me.

"Hey Ash, thanks for waiting. Just let me go drop off my bag and I'll be right out!"

I watched as she walked inside, quite happy with the view I received. The way she moved her hips as she walked off is the very reason that I can't just be her best friend. That, my friends, is what I'm going to tell her today.

That is, if I can work up the courage to…

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