Birdo sneezed loudly as she rubbed her nose, walking to the top of the summit at the Donkey Kong Pass, with Donkey Kong himself watching from an igloo he made in the shape of his head. Birdo had a green scarf around her neck, of which she likely got from Yoshi as a Christmas present.

"Why are you heading to the top of the snowy mountain, Birdo?' Donkey Kong asked as he began munching on the white, smooth snow. "There's nothing really up there, ya know!"

Birdo sighed as she turned to Donkey Kong, moving her hands around. "I looked nearly everywhere, Donkey Kong! I just gotta hope that the girls are there, at the top!" It was then that an avalanche occurred, burying both Birdo and DK in the snow as the entire race course was swamped with snow. Much to Birdo's dismay, the girls weren't trapped within the snow.

Back in the elevator at Peach's Castle, Toadette yawned as she opened her eyes, looking around to still see that Princess Peach Toadstool, Princess Daisy, and Princess Rosalina were all snoozing out. Toadette only smirked as she lowered her eyes, just about to drift back to sleep.

"Oh yeah... I remember all the good times we had..." Toadette mumbled as she cutely rubbed her stomach, sighing as she continued, "Before we were trapped in this damn fourth chaos emerald..."

Cue flashback to the ceremonies for the recently finished all around Mario Kart tournament, where all the twenty four racers finished up racing around on all the Wii tracks (plus Waluigi Stadium, as it was a mandatory request from Waluigi). Toadette, who snagged in second place, was congratulating Daisy, who took first place, and wearing her sexy orange biker outfit, to boot, as Funky proudly showed off his third place trophy to the onlookers, of which cooed with excitement.

"Tee hee! Daisy, you'll have to teach me how to ride my bike someday!" Toadette squealed as she placed the trophy behind her.

Daisy smiled as she patted Toadette on the head, winking at her. "Oh, no problem, Toadette! It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it!" She gasped as an evil thought came across her mind. "Speaking of which!" Daisy farted loudly, much to the disgust of Luigi, who was downright embarrassed as Mario and Wario laughed heavily, with Waluigi face palming, muttering how stupid Daisy was.

Toadette couldn't help but continue to giggle as she envied Daisy. "Oh Daisy, you're so cool and kick ass, I wanna be just like you!"

Toadette gasped as she suddenly woke up, rubbing the back of her head as she cooed with confusion. Shrugging, Toadette dozed back to sleep as she prayed for a miracle to happen, as the elevator was still stuck in its position.

Just right outside of the elevator, Toadsworth was having a panic attack as he forced practically everyone to search for Princess Peach and Toadette, as well as Daisy and Rosalina. Much to their dismay and dislike, the characters did as they were instructed, with Luigi and Captain Toad doing extra care to find Daisy and Toadette especially. Silver The Hedgehog was there too, although he was mainly delivering pizzas for the guests as a request from Toadsworth.