Part One

Matthew Gideon felt the breeze as he looked up from the logs he was reviewing. Slowly he smiled to himself and turned.

"You're back." His words were cut hastily in confusion. "Galen, is something wrong?" He stared at the technomage's haunted look. "Galen, what happened to you?"

"Matthew." The mage's voice was soft and halting. "I think I need your help." He stared at Gideon with dazed and hazy eyes. "I do believe something is dreadfully wrong with me." Gideon started for the mage and barely caught the figure as he fell.

"Matthew, I am so sorry about…" Galen sat on one of the examination tables as Dr. Chambers continued to check him out. "It is quite embarrassing.

"Galen, what happened to you?" Gideon paced the small area as he watched the Doctor Work. "I've never seen you like this."

"I'm not sure Matthew. I seem to recall going about my business and then this awful sound filled my head." He smiled at Chambers. "I really don't know what happened."

"Can you describe what the sound was?" Chamber looked at the panel at Galen's readouts. "I don't see anything physically wrong."

"I'm not sure Doctor. It was almost a cry, no wait, a tone?" He thought about his words as he spoke. "It almost seemed like a soul crying out in distress." He closed his eyes. "I've never felt or heard anything like that before."

"Well, unless one of those contraptions inside of you is malfunctioning, I can't find a thing." She stepped back and looked at him confused. "One day I would really like to do a full work up on you just to have some kind of knowledge about your physiology. In case I need to really work on you."

"Maybe one day Doctor." Galen stood and began to arrange his clothing. "I am feeling much better now." He grinned and winked at her. "If it is all the same…" Suddenly he began to waver. "Doctor?"

"Galen, what is it." Gideon and Chambers grabbed his arms to steady him.

"The sound is back I'm afraid. Louder and stronger than the last time." Suddenly he pulled away from the two and fell to his knees, covering his ears. "It's ripping my mind apart!" He screamed in anguish just before he passed out.

"Help me get him on the table." Chambers said quickly. "Galen, please hold on." Gideon picked up the smaller man like a doll and laid him gently on the metal. "All right. Lets see what we can find out." She began to check on Galen as Gideon back out of her way