Zelda sighed as she collapsed on a chair. She tried desperately in healing Link, who was sleeping in the infirmary, but the poor guy was hurt triple more the others (Gee, I wonder why), making it harder to fully recover him.

Peach was by her side, sighing as well. She flinched back as Zelda glared at her.

"Now, I'm really curious," Peach doesn't remember when Zelda's voice was last serious as it is, "Who's doing this to you all?"

In all honesty, Zelda never questioned the injured smashers about the cause. This is because she knew if they don't speak up to Master, Crazy, or even Mario, let alone her. But now, not only is her best friend and roommate hurt, but also Link.

"Umm..." Peach looked down, knowing Zelda wouldn't easily take a lie.

The Hyrulian princess hardened her glare, making Peach feel uncomfortable and turned her head.

"You can't lie to me, Peach," Zelda reminded her.

Peach was stuck. Certainly, Ike can be able to hurt her a lot more than Link if she said anything. Plus, if Ike is dropped out, she'd feel so guilty, words can't say, especially because Ike is great contender for Smash. Not to mention the mob of fangirls...If Ike isn't down to killing her, the fangirls surely will.

It isn't like the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom to think for herself so much, and she's been in countless life-threatening experiences before. But instead of one coming after her, it is her choice. Do the right thing and die or lie and stay alive.

Now, Peach is always up for doing the right thing, no matter what, but that definitely isn't worth losing your life. Nothing is.

"I don't know," Peach blurted out.

Zelda tumbled over the chair. Forget it, she thought, I am not going to get an answer.

No one will.


"I still say Red is probably going to be one of the next ones," Snake said as he stuffed food in his mouth. Marth tried to ignore the mercenary's eating habit by staring at his own food.

"Why would you say that?" Marth asked, trying to hold back a chuckle into thinking a normal kid being hit by Great Aether without getting seriously hurt.

"Hey, he's a teenager and they get those kind of thoughts,"

Marth looked up in disbelief, attempting to ignore the food in the mercenary's mouth, "...He's a teenager?"

"Well, no shit. What else would he be?"

"He just looks...I don't know...nine? Or maybe ten?"

"...The fuck? No one that young can command those powerful creatures!"

"Sure they can! Have you actually even seen Pokemon?"

"Why the fuck would I?"

"Maybe you'll learn a thing or two,"

"Well, anyways, I still say Ike would get him. He's that insane...and I still say Red's a teenager"


In a dorm room, Ike sneezes for what seemed like a fourth time in a row.

Ike has been sneezing like a madman for the past few days (1), making the angel worry if it was his health.

"Are you okay, Ike?" Pit asked with a clearly worried tone.

"Yeah, sure," he sniffed, "why wouldn't I be?"

"You've been sneezing a lot,"

"Don't worry, it's just allergies,"

"To what?"

Ike looked around for a quick second and said the first thing he saw, "Dust,"

It was Pit's turn to look around and sighed. He and Ike were admittedly not the tidiest smashers in the mansion. They're not the messiest people either, but they needed to clean up.

Ike regretted lying, because Pit said, "Let's clean this place up before you'll get really sick,"

"Uhh, we don't have to, really," Ike said, hoping for the best, "I'm feeling better already,"


In the infirmary, Link was coming to. Zelda and Peach got up their seats to close in on him, only to have their face screamed at.

"THAT ASSHOLE," Link shouted, causing the princesses to step back, "HE IS SO DEAD,"


Ike sneezed twice more.

"No, you're not getting better," Pit said, contradicting what Ike said earlier.

The swordsman surrendered, knowing that he cannot prove to the angel that he's not really sick.

"Fine," Ike sighed, "Let's clean up then,"


"All of the smashers except Pit, Samus, Link, and Pokemon Trainer report to the battle stages," Master Hand reported through the intercom.

Whenever everyone, minus a small number of smashers, are reported to the battle stages, that means a Classic battle was booked. You can guess who booked it.

Ike grunted. He had sworn to himself not to leave Pit alone for even the shortest time, but Classic battles take so long, especially if the stage is far in the battle. If Ike's battle in Stage 11, one must feel sorry for Snake (As well as the other two participating smashers), for Ike's impatient-ness will drive him insane. Everyone, pray for said smashers. Especially Snake. In fact, pray Ike's battle isn't so far.

Pit gave a sad smile at Ike. Ike smiled back, only to turn around and cursed to himself and to fate as he gripped hard at the broom in his hands.

Pit noticed the hard grip, "Umm...Ike? The broom's going to break,"

Too late, for the top tip of broom was broken off, making the angel flinch, "Ike, are you okay?"

Ike fake smiled once more as he turned back to Pit, "I'm fine! Dandy!"

"I think you should go now..."

Still very angry, Ike got Ragnell and his cape from the cabinet and waved off to the angel as he left. Once he has closed the door, Ike started walking down the hallway, towards the battlefields.


After Pit finished cleaning up the dorm room, he had a sudden appetite. The angel then looked at the clock and remembered that he didn't have lunch. It was an hour passed lunch hour. So he exited out the dorm and towards the cafeteria.

From the looks of it, he wasn't the only one who missed track on lunch. When Pit reached the cafeteria, he saw Samus and the Pokemon Trainer eating in separate tables. Supposedly, when a strong majority of the smashers are gone, it's harder to tell whether or not it's lunch. Usually, one can easily tell when it's lunch time when there's stomping and stomach grumbles in the hallway. But with only three smashers around (Not counting Link because he's still in the infirmary), one must actually look at the time if it's lunch time.

Pit was about to sit by himself, but then thought of sitting with the Pokemon Trainer. Before he made his way, however, Samus called him over.

Samus was, as usual, wearing her Zero Suit. Ever since Master Hand gave her the privilege of wearing that or the Power Suit in Brawl, she's been wearing her Zero Suit only unless certain circumstances during battle. It's probably because it's lighter to walk around in and easier to see.

Pit turned around and saw the person calling him. Samus was giving a signal to come over. Pit looked at both tables, only to turn and sit with Samus.

"It's weird sitting alone in lunch, isn't it?" Samus said as Pit sat down.

"Yeah," Pit agreed, "Shouldn't we bring Red here with us?"

"Eh, I think he's fine," Samus said, "Almost everyone is coming anyways,"

As if on cue, some of the smashers indeed entered the cafeteria. That included Ness and Lucas; the blond insisted to the black-haired psychic to sit with the Pokemon Trainer.

"Told you he'd be fine," said Samus.

Pit shrugged it off. Not everyone was in the cafeteria, so there wasn't so much chaos or talking going on. Samus usually sits with Peach and Zelda while Pit sits with Ike, so it was safe to say both participants of the table was bored.

Right when Ike finished his part in Classic, he grunts and mumbles to himself, still quite angry. Needless to say, he knocked out three of five Snake's stock, which made it difficult for the spy to pass the Classic battle without starting his stock from anew. Whenever that happens, most, if not all, of the earned coins will be gone, making the purpose of the Classic battle pointless.

He exited the battlefields and on his way to the cafeteria.

Samus was already done with her meal, but still waited for the return of Peach and Zelda. Pit was still eating, so Samus thought it was best to keep him company until the angel's roommate returned.

The bounty hunter was bored, though, for neither one of the smashers was able to find a subject to talk about. Because of this, Samus allowed her double personality show and did what she usually does whenever she's in her zero suit. And this was bad timing, too, for the blue-haired swordsman was just about to enter the cafeteria right on time when...

"Has anyone ever told you that you're possibly the most adorable uke in wings ever?" Samus said with a seductive tone and look. That's what I meant with what Samus usually does in her zero suit: Flirting.

All of a sudden, a scent of something burning was in the air. No actually, it wasn't something burning...it was real fire! But it wasn't coming from the kitchen...

The smashers in the cafeteria then glanced at the entrance, where Ike was holding his sword, which is glowing fire; that answered the mystery of the sudden aroma. The flames of Ragnell then died down as Ike walked up to the bounty hunter and the angel.

"Well, I guess I should leave," Samus was just about to leave to another table until Ike stopped her.

"Hey, before you do, I would like to talk to you privately..." Ike said as he was clearly forced to hide his rage, "consider it as a 'seme-to-seme' talk,"

"Uh...okay..." Samus had a strange feeling inside, but ignored it. When Ike was leading her out the cafeteria with his arm around her shoulders, she couldn't help but notice that the grip around her shoulders was somewhat strong...

Pit merely sat with clear confusion on his face as he watched his roommate and the bounty hunter leave the cafeteria. He had absolutely no idea to what just happened. When he got up to leave, Peach and Zelda entered the cafeteria. He went up to them curiously.

"Hey guys, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, sure," Zelda answered in sincerity, but Peach's face was somewhat cautious...

"Well, two questions, really...Umm, what's an uke and what's a seme?"

"Well, an uke is someone who is the bottom of a rel-" Zelda was cut off as Peach covered her mouth. The pointy-eared princess mumbles as her mouth was covered and struggles, but for some reason, failed.

"Sorry, Pit," Peach said quickly, "We're in a hurry here, so, uhh...Bye!" The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom ran off to the counter, dragging a covered-mouth Zelda with her. That left Pit with more confusion.

Five extra earthquakes occurred shortly after.


A/N: HAHA. I tricked you all into thinking Red would be next. Plot twists are fuuuun.

Also: 1) Japanese superstitions, people. Sneezing means someone is talking about you. Sneeze twice, then it means it's not good.