How to Play the Game: The Story of Alisha Levesque: Chapter 1- Shawn Said What?

Story Setup: Growing up in your big brother's shadow is a hard thing to do, especially when your brother is all you got besides an adoptive father who is just as big as your brother if not more so. After a tragic car accident when Alisha was only six years old, she was left parentless in the care of her 18 year old brother. The responsibility of a child too much for Paul Levesque, he turned to the guidance of Ric Flair, a mentor and a father figure. Stepping up to the plate, Ric adopts the young girl, giving her all the love and affection a father would give his daughter. The only difference? Ric teaches her all about playing the game in the world of wrestling. Now a young woman, Alisha has to contend with all the adversities of growing up in a man's world.

Author's Note: This is an AU so a lot of things are switched around and things are changed in order to meet the story's guidelines.

Alisha Cade Levesque Fliehr, 16 years of age, waited in the back stage for her brother against his wishes. He didn't want her near the WWF locker rooms. He wanted her to become an engineer at some military academy named Norwich when she graduated high school. But Alisha already had plans to attend Charlotte, North Carolina's Arts Academy. Her brother had been late as usual, so he hadn't picked her up from the hotel, so she had called her father who made a few calls to get her a driver. He asked her to come to the arena because he didn't want her alone in the hotel room. Shawn was supposed to meet her at the door, but she figured he was off with Paul and his posse of misfits. She sighed, sitting there in the back with a deep frown. She had at least figured her father would be back there to check on her. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair, her blue eyes searching the room curiously.

Ric Flair was listening to Paul and some of the other hotshots discuss shop, as Ric put it. He wondered where lil bit was, she was supposed to meet him once Shawn got there to the entrance and Shawn had just gone off that way about fifteen minutes ago. Ric excused himself from the conversation and headed towards the back way entrance. He saw the fiery blonde looking bored and walked up.

"Hey lil bit I thought I sent that youngin back here to getcha but looks like Shawn musta gotten distracted. Probably a girl again. Hmm I thought ya meant more to him than that. Might have to have a talk with that boy again. I assigned him as your personal keeper and he can't even do the damn job right." Ric was concerned Shawn was out partying with the rest of the boys and that bothered him because he knew how much Alisha liked Shawn and looked up to him. Alisha shook her head.

"Nah it's alright dad. Honestly. Shawn just hasn't got many priorities. He needs to just grow up. Unlikely but whatever. But out of curiosity have you seen him?" Ric smiled knowingly it was no secret that Alisha had a head over heels crush on the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. Well it was no secret to Flair, he knew his daughter pretty well, he knew all his kids pretty well but especially Alisha. He also knew HBK pretty well and he knew that the showstoppa was having a hard time around the girl he used to baby sit. Because Shawn had a weakness for Alisha and she had sure grown up quite a bit. But the 16 year age difference complicated things. Flair tossed her a grin.

"Uh huh and what would Paul say if you started asking about his best friend? Hmm? Ya think that Hunter ain't gonna be made that cha like his best friend?" Alisha blushed and Flair knew he was dead on. She played it off like it was nothing but just then Shawn rounded the corner and Flair noticed her blush more and purposely look at her feet. He tapped Shawn on the shoulder as he started to walk off.

"I am gonna look for hunter, that youngin is always on the run. Can't take a break for a moment. Look after this wild child for me huh?" Ric Flair said with a smirk, giving Shawn a look as if to say 'Hurt my daughter I kill you.' Shawn looked down, frowning.

"Yes sir. " He turned away from his idol and walked over to Alisha, lightly tracing her back gently. He wrapped an arm around her, hoping that it looked friendly.

"Hey how's my favorite girl huh? You miss the heartbreak kid?" He asked brushing a stray hair back behind her ear, his hand tracing her cheek. Alisha blushed and nodded furiously.

"I always miss you Shawn. You're my best friend." I wish you were more. Alisha thought, wanting Shawn to be more so badly. She knew it wasn't possible though. Shawn gave her a cocky grin and then stopped touching her cheek. it's not right Shawn. You can't like a sixteen year old girl. This is your best friend's baby sister. She's a fire you can't play with because you don't got a fire hose this time. He told himself that and he took her hand.

"I ain't gonna leave you like your brother does kiddo. I miss you the same." Alisha smiled, her sad look disappearing at those words. Alisha leaned forward.

"Good cause I need a little heartbreak in my life. The good kind." Shawn smiled and gripped her shoulder.

"Nah baby girl. You don't want heart break. Ya don't deserve that. And HBK ain't gonna give it to you. You're my girl kid. I gotta protect you." Alisha raised an eyebrow.

"What if I don't wanna be protected?" Little did the two of them know, Paul was hearing every word and he was getting suspicious, maybe he would pay someone to tail them. Shawn smiled.

"Kid ya getting protected either way so just accept it." He kissed her cheek and bid her goodnight, deciding to spend the rest of his days, keeping his distance.