Disclaimer: I own no rights to Gungrave or it's characters in anyway

Disclaimer: I own no rights to Gungrave or its characters in anyway. Only disclaimer that will be given.



Grave's Narration

AN: Written in Grave/Brandon's POV. Also, not entirely based on the series, though some of it is/will be.

Chapter 01: Man in the Box

Some say life is like a dream. There are things you can change, and things you can only hope to affect in some way. Life in the slums was like that, back then, when it was the five of us living in that run down house. We were poor, but we were happy. Those were the days before Millenion, before Kenny and the others were killed in front of our eyes.

"Brandon! Hey, Brandon! Quit daydreaming will ya?"

I say nothing as I lift my head up a bit to look at Harry, the person who was calling my name as he sat at one of the tables in the run down house that we shared with three other people.

Just then, someone came in the front door. "Looks like you've got a visitor, Brandon."

I stand up and turn around and find the person I was just thinking about looking at me. "Maria"

"Hi Brandon." She said and then smiled sweetly at me. I motion towards the door, as I would rather not have to suffer the humiliation from Harry at how things are between the two of us.

"Take it easy you two" Harry calls out as we walk out the door. I close it behind me and we start walking. Where you might ask? We didn't really know, we just started walking and talking, though, she was the one doing most of the talking.

"Maria!" a rather gruff voice that both of us recognize called out from behind us.


"I thought I told you to stay away from him and his kind, they're going to cause you nothing but trouble!"

"Uncle, Brandon's not like that!" Maria says to him, but he doesn't listen and grabs her wrist and starts to drag her away and she tries to break free of his grasp. However, I step forward and block his path, challenging him to take another step forward. He does stop.

"So, you think you're going to stand in my way, huh? Guess again!" Maria's uncle says as he reaches behind his back with his free hand and pulls out a gun. He points it at me.

"Uncle, no!" Maria cries out and struggles against his hold on her. I, however, don't move even a muscle.

"This is the only warning you'll get: get out of the way!"

I say nothing and continue to stand there. Maria continues to struggle with him and the gun goes off…

The bullet passes right by my ear, and I then spring forward and tackle him, which knocks Maria and her uncle on the ground, as well as me. We start struggling against each other until he gets on top of me and starts punching me in the face.

Eventually, I kick him off of me, but only after I have two black eyes and blood dripping off of various cuts on my face that were created by his fists. Blood is also slowly trickling out of the corners of my mouth. I'm lying on the ground with Maria's uncle right next to me. Maria was over me, crying, I couldn't move no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't.

Her uncle got up after a few minutes and grabbed her and dragged her off, I presume he brought her back to his house, though I couldn't really be sure.

After what I presume to be an hour or two since I hit the ground, familiar shouting came to my ears. I still couldn't move, but I could definitely hear Harry's voice before I blacked out completely.


Since that day, I have yet to see Maria. It would seem that she has tried to see me, though, she hasn't been allowed to be sure I was still alive. It has been almost a month and still no word.

"What's wrong, Brandon?" Harry asks me as I sit on the floor, continuing to stare into the floor in front of me as he stands over me. "Let me guess, it's Maria, right?" I do nothing and say nothing. "Fine, be that way. I bet - " but Harry's words were cut off by the door opening. It was raining outside. Hard. Even I looked up when the door had burst open and I had stood up to be sure that I wasn't just seeing things. I wasn't.

"Maria" I said as loud as my quiet voice would allow. Harry decided that now was probably the best time to disappear. "Brandon, I know I'm not supposed to see you anymore, but I had to get away from him. I - "

"Maria, I understand."

"Really, Brandon?"

I nodded my head in response and she suddenly flew forward and wrapped her arms around me and started to cry on my chest. That night, she never made it out the front door.

AN: I know, not a good place to leave off, but oh well, what can you do about it?