This started out in Videl's POV, and it was going to be a lot longer than this. I actually had a lot more planned for this one-shot, but then everything changed and my original intent for this one-shot morphed into what you see now. Enjoy, and please remember to review!

Disclaimer: Credit goes Akira Toriyama and Samuel Butler. See? These quotes do come from someone!

Lost and Found

They say that it is better to be loved and lost than never to have lost at all. But sometimes I wonder…who is 'they'? Do 'they' have the right to inspire such beliefs into the lives of so many people? I personally don't argue the higher authorities unless I don't agree. In this case, I did agree with the expression.

It is only one, simple, four-letter word, and yet it means something different to everyone. Love is something that we humans cherish so deeply in our hearts.

But what of those who lost their chance?

Like her…

"How are you holding up, Videl?" I ask the young woman kindly as my voice threatens to break. My eyes are red; a notable feature for whenever someone weeps.

"I'm alright, Miss Bulma." She answers nonchalantly.

As I look to my left, I see Chi-Chi still lying on a cot, as she had fainted not three hours earlier. Her father is seen fanning her worriedly, but none of us are too concerned. Had I known what Goku was to tell her, I would have expected her collapse.

"For some strange reason I don't believe you." I try to joke. Not surprisingly, it didn't lighten up the mood a bit. "Listen…I know how hard it must be for you. After all…I just lost…" I trail off, thinking back to that strange feeling in my heart when I knew something had happened to Vegeta. The tears threaten to fall down my eyes again, but they're stopped abruptly when Videl's voice rings throughout the Lookout.

"He's alive."

I blink.


"Gohan. He isn't dead."

Most people who could call it denial. She had just lost the love of her life, even if she isn't willing to admit it, but a lot of women did tend to go into denial. Overtime, these thoughts are slowly overcome by the truth, and I believe it hurts more because their hope is shattered.

"Videl…" I start, but she cuts me off.

"I'm not in denial, Miss Bulma. I'll believe Gohan's gone once I see his dead body, which I doubt will happen since he's alive. I can still feel his heart."

Her body doesn't tremble like mine does. He eyes are red from crying, yes, but those tears subsided long ago already. Her voice is confident, and if I couldn't hear her, I would think that Videl was merely talking about the weather.

"You can…feel his heart, you say." I manage to breathe out.

Just like that, a spark lights up inside my empty heart, trying to believe that there might be some hope. She had only spoken three sentences, yet just hearing the words come out of her mouth makes me at ease.

After all, she wasn't 'a lot of women'.

"It is better to be loved and lost than never to have lost at all." - Samuel Butler