"It was more than just a comet, because of what it brought to his life

"It was more than just a comet, because of what it brought to his life. Direction. Beauty. Meaning. There were many who didn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them, but even in his darkest hours he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him. And his world would be whole again. His belief in God, and love, and art, would be reawakened in his heart."

It was the second night Brooke had baby Angie. For once in her life everything was going smoothly. She has a beautiful baby girl, Naley are slowly working out their problems. And as for Rachel, well she's back in Tree Hill clean. When she left and took the money, she brought herself into rehab to get help and she plans on paying Brooke the money back. Peyton was still after Lucas but he's still devastated about Lindsey walking out on him on their wedding day.

Rachel was downstairs getting for her date with Owen when she heard someone ring the doorbell.

"Hey Lucas" Rachel said

Lucas smiled. "Hey"

Rachel raised her eyebrow a little and said, "If you're looking for paying, she's not home yet but judging from the teddy bear tells me that you're not here to see her."

"Actually no, I came to see Brooke and little Angie. Are they home?" Lucas asked as he came in the house. He looked around and smiled a little. They were stuffed toys everywhere. "Been shopping much?"

"Please! This is nothing! That little girl up there is going to be so spoiled!" Rachel gushed. She was happy for Brooke because Brooke was an amazing mother and she could tell that her friend is really happy. "Brooke's upstairs with Angie. I think she's giving the baby a bath."

Lucas nodded and headed up the stairs. He could hear Brooke's hushed voice from the hallway. He walked towards the room and peak in a little and there she was. Brooke was talking softly to the little girl that lay on her bed. The sight melted his heart, because he knew Brooke was going to be an amazing mother and just watching her with her daughter proves that he was right all along.

"Oh baby girl, doesn't that feel nice?" Brooke whispered as she apply some baby lotion on the baby's skin. The baby just lay there kicking her little feet and listened to the hushed voice that belongs to her new mommy. Lucas waited as Brooke finished dressing the infant before he let her know that he's here. "There you go baby, you're all ready for bed time aren't you?" Brooke gently lifted the baby onto her shoulder to cuddle her closer.

"Am I interrupting mommy and me time?" Lucas asked as he came into the bedroom.

Brooke looked up to him and smiled. "Hey you"

Lucas couldn't help the smile on his face as he walks towards them. Brooke looked so beautiful just standing there and holding the baby. "I didn't mean to just barge in."

"Don't be silly! Angie and I love company, don't we baby girl?" Brooke asked the baby.

"You seem like a pro holding her like that." Lucas noted as he watched the tiny infant lay so contently in Brooke's arms. "I got her something, that's why I'm here." Lucas showed her the teddy bear and his heart melt when he saw Brooke's dimple.

"Lucas, you didn't have to!" Brooke said. She shifted the baby in her arms. "Thank you"

"It's nothing; I just wanted to get her something you know?"

Brooke nodded her head still smiling at him. Angie started to whimper a little letting them know that she was hungry. "Luke, would you mind holding her while I go get her bottle downstairs?"

"Sure Cheery." Lucas replied. Shocking both him and Brooke when he mentioned his nickname for her. Brooke brushed it off like it's nothing but inside of her was another story. She was thrilled inside when he called her "Cheery"

Brooke handed Angie to Lucas and walked out the room to retrieve the baby bottle.

Lucas rocked the baby girl in his arms. He looked into her eyes and just felt a rush of adoration for this baby. "Hey pretty girl" He whispered. The tiny infant stopped whimpering when a new voice filled her tiny ears. She looked at man holding her and just stares at him. "Look at you huh? You're so pretty like your mommy." Lucas saw the rocking chair by the window and sat on it. "You know, you're very lucky to have Brooke as your mom. Because not only is she going to spoiled like there's no tomorrow, but she is also going to love you with her whole heart. You see your mommy is an amazing person and you're going to find out when you get to be a little older." Lucas smiled when the baby coos. Brooke was about to enter the room when she heard Lucas talking. "There are so many people that already loves you pretty girl. And you have me, no matter what, I'm always going to be here for you." Lucas leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Brooke composed herself before going back in there. Did she hear him right? Did he just call her daughter pretty girl? "Hey" Brooke said coming into the room holding the pick bottle.

"About time, I think she's getting really hungry." Lucas smiled while placing the baby back into Brooke's arms. Brooke sat on her bed and started feeding the baby. "Are you happy Brooke?"

Brooke smiles and looked down at her daughter. "Yeah really happy. Looking at her, just makes me wanna be a better person that's he can look up to you know? It's so weird, the minute she was placed in my arms was when everything changed."

Lucas sat down facing the mother and daughter. He gently caress the baby's smooth cheek. "You don't need to become a better person because you already are. I watched you with her and I know she couldn't have gotten a better mom."

Brooked leaned against the headboard and looked at him. He looked tired, probably from the lack of sleep he'd had from the last couple of weeks. "How are you? I feel like I haven't talked to you in so long."

"Brooke I'm fine--"

"Did Lindsey call you yet?" Brooke asked.

Lucas shook his head and just focus on the baby. "Can we please not talk about that right now? Please?"

Brooke understood and let go of the subject for now. She turned her attention to her daughter and smiles again. She probably looked crazy because every time she lays her eyes on her baby, she can't seem to stop smiling. "Who wouldn't thought huh? Me as a mom?"

Both of them laughs at this and Angie let go of the bottle and stares at her mommy. Brooke lifted the baby onto her shoulder to burp her when Lucas placed a blanket on her shoulder. "I always knew you would be a great mom. Speaking of moms, mine wants to let you know that she wants you over for dinner before her, Andy and Lilly leaves."

"Aww, they're leaving already!" Brooke exclaimed while patting the baby's back softly. "Well just tell me when and Angie and I will be there." Just then the baby burped and was slowly drifting off to sleep. "You know it was nice to see your mom again. And Lily, you could see Keith in her."

"Ya you can. You know the other day, she came into my room and asked about Keith. At first I was shocked you know, I didn't know what to say to her."

"But you told her about him anyway." Brooke commented and smiled. She knew how much Lucas loved Keith. "Keith would be so proud of you, you know?"

Lucas blushed. That's what made Brooke and Peyton so much different. With Brooke, she could read him like a book. "You think so?"

"I know so." Brooke said. She stood up and went to basinet that was next to her bed and lay the baby down. "I think she's down for the night. You want to sit out in the terrace and have a glass of wine?"

"I'd loved that." Brooke smiles at him and grabbed the baby monitor and turned it on. Lucas leaned down and gave the baby a kiss before leaving the room. "Just wait out there and I'll get the glasses and wine." Brooke said as she went down the stairs and Lucas went out to the terrace.

He looked at the water before him and closed his eyes as the wind brushes against him. At this moment, he just felt peaceful. No hurt, no worries and no pain.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Brooke said as she came in holding a bottle of wine and two wind glasses.

Lucas smiled and took the glasses and wine from her and set it on the table. "Nah, just thinking how peaceful it is out here." He sat down on one of the chairs and started to pour the wine out.

"Are you ready to talk about Lindsey yet?" Brooke said. "I know that it hurts you after she walked out of the church."

Lucas thought for a minute before speaking. "Maybe Lindsey walking out on me was meant to happen you know? I think deep down I knew that marrying Lindsey was a mistake."

"Because of Peyton?"

"I don't know. There's something missing in my life and I have yet to figure it out what it is. But when I find out, I'll let you know." Lucas joked.

Brooke laugh lightly. "Well gee, thanks."

"What about you huh? How's motherhood going for you?" Lucas asked as he looked at Brooke's face. She's still beautiful as she was when they were back in high school.

"Well so far so good. She's a good baby you know. Only cries when she's hungry or needed to be changed."

"Have you talked to your mom ever since that night?" Lucas knew that Victoria was a sore subject for Brooke.

"Nope. I think she's back in California with my dad but who knows?" Brooke said. She still misses her mom but she knew that letting her go was the right thing to do. "Anyway, enough about my mother, when does Karen want me for dinner? Cause I can't wait to see her again and Lily, I made her something."

Lucas laughs and took a sip of his wine. "Tomorrow night, before they leave. Mom is kind anxious to meet little Angie."

"Tomorrow night it is then."

The two sat for a while talking and drinking. For the first time, Lucas felt peaceful. He felt like his life was going in the right direction…something tells him that a certain brunette has that affect on him.

People who are meant to be always find their way in the end right?