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Chapter 18

Both Lucas and Brooke had a nervous look on their face. Lucas saw Brooke crying and immediately took her into his arms. Haley turns in the arms of her husband thinking that her little niece didn't make it. Rachel didn't care that her tears were now rolling down her cheeks. Her goddaughter cannot be dead…

"They're family…whatever you tell us, they need to hear it to." Lucas said.

"Well it was a touch and go there for a while, Angie flat line but we were able to get her back." The doctor explained.

Brooke looks up to him and wiped her tears, "So she's alive?"

The doctor smiled widely at them causing Brooke and Lucas to hug and their friends to smile. "Your daughter is being moved up to NICU. Your little girl was a tough one."

Lucas let out a sighs of release, "She got that from her mama."

"Well, everything right now looks great but she's not out of the woods yet. We need to observe her, how well her heart is going and make sure that her incision does not get infected."

Brooke smiles, her baby was alive… "Can we see her?"

"As soon as the nurse gets her situated in the NICU, then you can. I have to warn you though, with all the wires hooked up to her up, don't let it scare you Ms. Davis."

"Thank you so much." Brooke said

"Don't thank me yet, when Angie gets out of here with a clean bill of health is when I deserve it. You just need to suit up when you go up in her room." The doctor said, "I'll be checking in on her in a little while."

Brooke and Lucas watched as the doctor walked away. They turn to each other and smiled. Lucas pulled her into a hug and whispered, "She's ok Brooke…our baby's ok."

"Like you knew she would be." They pulled apart and face their friends. Brooke, Rachel and Haley all yelled in happiness while Nathan and Lucas looked at the girls smiling. Brooke caught the small cross on the wall and mouth 'thank you'

Brooke and Lucas were in the 4th floor suiting up. Their friends had gone home promising to come back later to visit little Angie.

"Now, she may have wires on her but let me assure you that she's ok." The nurse said. Brooke and Lucas nodded anxious to see their baby girl. They walked in and saw Angie laying on the crib with tubes and wires coming out of her. Brooke tenses up when she saw her baby and felt her tears starts to form. The nurse saw the tears on Brooke, "She's ok Ms. Davis, this little girl is a feisty one. She fought hard during the operation."

"Is she in pain?" Lucas manages to say as he and Brooke stood over the crib. Brooke rubbed Angie's little hand and let her tears fall freely.

"No, we gave her some pain meds. I'll be outside if you need me or anything." The nurse started to leave.

"Can I hold her?" Brooke asked looked at the nurse. She just wants to hold her baby in her arms.

"I'm sorry but it's too soon for that. Maybe in a couple of days but it's best that Angie just lay there so her stitches don't open." The nurse smiled at the happy parents and left the room.

Brooke leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the baby's forehead, "Hey baby…mommy and daddy are right here. We're so happy that your ok." Brooke sobbed.

Lucas smiled at them, he was just happy that Angie was ok but after Brooke's confession today made him wonder what would their life be like now. Would Angie have a big brother or sister? Or would Angie be even in their lives right now? He was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Brooke crying silently. "Brooke, babe, the doctor said that she's ok."

"I know…I'm just glad that she's here with us."

Lucas pulled Brooke into his arms, feeling the weight off of his shoulder. "Me too babe, me too." He pulled up a chair for Brooke to sit in and gave Angie a kiss on the head. They just sat there watching Angie sleeps content that she's alive and she's going to be ok.

After a while, the nurse came in and told them that visiting hours are over. "You can come back tomorrow in the morning to visit her."

Brooke didn't want to leave Angie and sent a pleading look to Lucas. "Can't we just stay here for a little while?" Lucas asked.

"No, I'm sorry. Why don't you guys head home and get some rest? When Angie gets out of here, she's going to need the both you." The nurse said as she checks Angie's vitals. "I know it's hard to leave but I'll be here and I promise to call you if anything happens. I'll give you guys a couple of minutes to say goodbye."

Brooke turned to Lucas, "I don't want to leave her here. What if she wakes up and no one is here?"

"Babe, the nurse will be here. I don't want to leave her too but we can't stay here." Brooke pouted and hugged Lucas. "We'll come back first thing in the morning ok?"

"Okay" Brooke said. She pulled away from him and gave Angie a kiss. "Bye baby girl, we'll come back first thing tomorrow morning. I love you…"

Lucas turn to kiss his baby girl and said, "Daddy and mommy will be here tomorrow ok angel? I love you so much…"

They glance at Angie one more time before leaving the room. The nurse smiles at them as she went back in the room. They stood by the glass window and watched as the nurse check on Angie. "I hate leaving her here."

"I know…" Lucas started to untie Brooke's gown and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "I love you, you know."

Brooke smiles for the first time and said, "I love you too."

Back at Brooke's house, Rachel was fuming when she got home only to find Victoria sitting on the couch, drinking wine. She insisted on staying until she speaks to her daughter. Rachel knew that having Victoria here was the last thing Brooke needed right now.

"You need to leave right now" Rachel warned.

Victoria Davis raises her eyebrow and stared at the red head, "You don't get to tell me what to do. I need to see my daughter and I'm not leaving until I speak to her."

Rachel sighs, thinking of way to get here out of here. Lucas had called and said they were on their way home. Just then, Brooke and Lucas came in talking softly to each other. "Oh hell…" Rachel muttered.

Brooke stopped talking when she saw her mother sitting on her couch. Lucas was equally shock to find her there and looked at Rachel for some answer. Rachel just shrugged her shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" Brooke asks as she let go of Lucas's hand and face her mother.

Victoria looked at her daughter, "I need to speak to you."

"We're done talking; we have nothing to talk about." Brooke snapped. She doesn't need this right now, all she wants is to go to sleep so she can wake up and visit Angie.

"I saw the news and come to my surprise, I have a granddaughter." Victoria smirks. "I guess that lady from the child services didn't listen to me at all."

"How dare you?" Brooke yelled.

"How dare I what? Brooke, we all know that you are not ready for a baby. You can't even take care of yourself let alone a baby!" Victoria yelled, fuming the way Brooke is leading her life. Doesn't she know that having a baby could only ruin her life?

"Ms. Davis…"

Victoria looked at Lucas and sneered at him, "I'm not talking to you."

Brooke looked at her mom and saw the determine look of her face. She knew there was no way her mother was leaving anytime soon. "Luke, Rach, can you guys a moment alone?"

"Are you sure?" Rachel asked.

Brooke nodded and turns to face Lucas. She smiled softly when she saw the concern look on his face. "I'll be fine" Luke nodded and kissed her before heading upstairs with Rachel. As soon as they were out of earshot, Brooke looked at her mother. "What do you want?"

"Brooke, you have so much talent that you could go far in this world. But yet, you choose this life, with a boy who broke your heart twice and a baby that's not even yours."

"Angie is mine. I may not have given birth to her but she is my daughter." Brooke said.

Victoria laughs, "Can you handle this business being a mom? Phil told me that he's asked you to go back to New York but you flat-out refuse."

"Why the hell are you even talking to Phil? As far as I'm concerned, the moment I fired you was the moment you cut ties with my company." Brooke said in fury.

"Brooke, I'm not going to let you waste all the hard work you've done just so you can play mommy to someone else's child."

"Do you even know what I'm going through right now? My baby just had a heart surgery!" Victoria didn't say anything but stared at Brooke. "Don't you understand that I'd give it all up, everything, money, fame, success for my baby?"

"Don't be a fool…"

Brooke laughs angrily, "Unlike you Victoria, I care about my child. I want to be there for her, protect her and love her. Something you wouldn't know about."

"Oh please, here we go again with the bad mother speech. Yes, I wasn't cut out to be a mother but right now, I'm thinking of your best intention."

"My best intention or my money?" Brooke asked. She walks to the kitchen to get something to drink. Victoria follows her. "That's all you ever cared about right? The money that I'm making, you were never proud of my success. You just use me for money."

"What happened to you huh? What happened to the girl last year who was content with her life in New York?" Victoria challenge.

"That girl learns that money isn't everything…everything I have means nothing to me when I don't have anyone to come home to." Brooke cried.

Upstairs, Lucas was folding some of Angie clothes that were in the hamper. He could vaguely hear what Brooke and Victoria were saying downstairs, he just hopes that Brooke is ok. Rachel watched him from the doorway and saw him staring at Angie and Brooke's picture.

"She told you didn't she?" Rachel said.

Lucas looked at her and set down the blanket he was folding. "Yeah…I just can't believe she went through that by herself."

"She really didn't have much of a choice. You went to Peyton, Haley and Nathan distant themselves from her, Brooke had no one to turn to." Lucas nodded his head sadly. "And when she found you and Peyton in bed back in Honey Groove, just as her heart was mending, it breaks even more."

"With all the things that I did to her, I wouldn't blame her if she leaves me."

Rachel laughs, "I don't think she could if she even tried. You see Brooke did got over you when she was with Chase but then when you were in New York, and that kiss you two share open a whole new can of worms. She knew that you were heartbroken about Peyton and that kiss didn't mean anything, but I think deep down, she wished that you kissed her for her." Rachel was about to leave the room when Lucas called out to her.

"Hey Rach, thank you for being there for Brooke and for being a good friend to her." Lucas said

Rachel smiled sadly, "Somebody has to, and god knows her so called best friend stabbed her too many times in back." Lucas nodded and watched as the red hair leave the room. He went back to folding the clothes waiting for Brooke to come up.

Back downstairs, Brooke was sitting on couch with Victoria facing her. "Your father called me, asking about you."

"Oh I'm surprise that he even knows I exist." Brooke said sarcastically. "Look, we're going nowhere with this talk, I'm tired, I just want to sleep so when I wake up I can visit Angie. Just go mom…please."

Victoria saw how drained her daughter was and felt bad for her. She got up and took her purse, she glance at Brooke one more time, "If this is what you want to do with your life, I'm not going to stand in your way." Brooked looked at her mother. "Good luck with your daughter, I hope she'll be ok." With that, a glimpse that Victoria Davis actually has a heart blew Brooke away.

Lucas came downstairs when he heard the door slam. He found Brooke sitting on the couch with her head down. "Is it safe to come down?"

Brooke lifts her head and smiled tiredly at him, "She's gone."

Lucas took a sit besides her and pulled her into his arms. Brooke leaned into his touch and relaxes. "You ok pretty girl?"

Brooke closed her eyes and nodded her head. "I think so" She felt him placed a kiss on her head and smiled. Simple gestures like that always melts her heart. She had come to the conclusion that as long as she has Lucas with her, any hurdles that life throw at her, she can overcome it as long as they're together.