What's madness without a little MGS3? (I think the only game crazier than MGS3 is MG2..MhMM...i SHOULD GET ON THAT...)

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#2- Naked Snake, Food, and Grenades

Carefully consulting his sonar once again, Snake grinned. He saw them coming, but they didn't see him...His brown and green camo blended almost perfectly with the log he was crouched against, but it was an unnecessary measure, really. They wouldn't come looking for him unless he made his presence known first.

Another blip from the sonar, and Snake was certain they were in range. Tugging the pin out of a grenade, he reared back and hurled the explosive over the log. The resulting boom and a few bellows of agony were music to the soldier's ears.

Attracted by the noise and scent of charred flesh, others moved in quickly to investigate. Another check of the sonar, and Snake lobbed a second grenade into the confused fray. Even if those blind idiots saw it, they wouldn't know what to do with it. A second explosion and more roars of pain awarded the patient warrior. Then a third set, and a fourth.

This continued on for a frightfully long time. Snake was beginning to wonder how many of them were left, and chewed nervously on his lip when he realized that he was down to his last two grenades. Stun grenades wouldn't work well enough, nor would white phosphorus under the circumstances. Chaff grenades were simply pointless for this sort of thing. Snake wondered briefly if he could get out there, plant a block of C4, and then get back before it was too late, but then decided it was too risky.

Conveniently, such tactics were also unnecessary. He checked his sonar carefully and multiple times before confirming that it was safe. Standing up and hopping over his log, the FOX member started off towards the lake at a run. He dove in and splashed about, picking up the nicely portioned hunks of crocodile and fish. Hey, the grenades had even sort of cooked them too! That was a nice bonus!