Title: You can't hurt me anymore

Rating: K (for now)

Summary: Chloe is betrayed by people she loves and her true friends step up to help.

Pairing: Chloe/Oliver (I love them so much)

Disclaimer: I really don't own anything…it makes me sad.

Part 3

Everyone in the rooms' attention was on Jimmy as he admitted that he had been cheating on Chloe. While Chloe had seen the two of them together she has started to believe Lois that her boyfriend wasn't sleeping with her cousin, but now she knew that wasn't true. Her boyfriend cheated on her. A two year relationship down the drain, maybe it was time for her to get a cat and be done with it. She could go to the pound and pick up a stray that would be so thankful for being out of the pound it would have to love her. That was a seriously good idea and one she planed to put into action once she was able to remove herself from this gut wrenching scene.

"Have you lost your mind?" Lois stood up and looked down at Jimmy. "I have never slept with you! I would never sleep with you!"

Jimmy looked at her in confusion and then anger, if he was going down he was going to take her down with him, he wasn't going to be the only ass hole in this situation. "I have proof."

He pulled out his cell phone, opened it and passed it to Oliver.

"Why do I need to see that?" Oliver tossed the phone to Lois with disgust clearly written on his face.

Lois looked at the phone and then quickly snapped it shut. "NAKED PICTURES! HOW DO YOU HAVE NAKED PICTURES OF ME??"

The phone quickly became a missile aimed at his head.

"Those are from the last time we had sex! Why are you being such a bitch about this?"

Neither of them saw Oliver's fist as it crashed into Jimmy's face. "You don't talk to her that way."

Oliver might not like what Lois and Jimmy were doing, but Lois was his friend and Chloe's family and Jimmy had no right to talk to her like that. Deep in his mind he knew that part of the punch was from his deep need to inflict pain on the small man in front of him.

Jimmy bent over at the waist as he cupped his throbbing jaw. "It was yesterday, you can't just pretend that it didn't happen?"

"Yesterday?" Lois asked. "Yesterday, when?"

"We met at 3:00pm, really what are you doing?" Jimmy asked annoyed.

"I wasn't even in Metropolis! I went to D.C. to meet with Mrs. Kent! You are such a liar! Who did you really sleep with?"

Oliver watched as Jimmy and Lois argued about where they were and who slept with whom and when. He really didn't know what was going on or how Jimmy could have had sex with Lois while Lois was in D.C. and at the moment he didn't care. He needed to get Chloe out of here. He turned around to say something to her and realized that she wasn't there.

Lobby of Queen Towers

Chloe walked out of the building and onto the street, without looking she turned right and promptly ran into a wall. She looked up to see what she had hit and found Bruce Wayne smiling at her. "Hello, Watchtower."

"Bruce! What are you doing in Metropolis? Is everything ok?" Chloe looked around him and toward the limo that was most probably his. "Is Alfred with you?"

"Slow down Chloe." Bruce laughed at his fast talking friend. "I'm in Metropolis on business, everything is fine and yes Alfred is with me. How are you doing?"

She looked at the ground and then back to him. "I've had better days, but I'll be ok. Were you on your way to see Oliver?"

"I was hoping you were here so I could take you and Oliver to dinner, I have a proposition for you. Also, Alfred would like to see you." Bruce watched as Chloe looked back up at Queen Towers with a nervous look. "You were obviously on your way out do you need a ride somewhere?"

She shook her head, "No, I just needed to get out of the penthouse."

"Why don't you wait in the Limo while I go get Oliver?" He smiled when he saw her visibly relax. "Alfred's in there waiting."

She smiled and took off to the Limo. Bruce walked into the building and toward the elevator, when the doors opened Oliver took a step out. "Bruce! Did you see Chloe?"

"I was about to come and get you so we could all go out for dinner. Hungry?"

"Yes please; anything to get the hell out of this building as fast as I can."

"What's going on?" Bruce asked in concern.

"Jimmy slept with Lois, Lois says it isn't true, we don't know what's going on and probably won't really know until next week when I can send Lois to be check out. The only thing we did find out was that Jimmy has been cheating on Chloe for the past three months."

Bruce looked at Oliver with an angry glint in his eyes which perfectly matched the one in Oliver's eyes. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm forming a plan." Oliver didn't want to go into details yet, but Jimmy was going to suffer.

"I want to be involved. We should talk about it later tonight. Now I need to talk to you and Chloe about a favor I need."

"Is everything alright?" Oliver was shocked; Bruce Wayne rarely needed anyone's help.

"Its fine lets go to dinner and talk about it over food. Did you leave Jimmy and Lois in your apartment?"

"No, I left them in the hallway to argue…Jimmy already hurt Chloe more than I can tolerate and since it looks like Lois didn't sleep with him, I don't care. I'm sure that Lois will get Clark to help her get to the bottom of the issue, my main concern is Chloe."

Bruce watched his friend talk about Chloe and smiled to himself, this favor would be perfect for both of his oblivious friends. "Let's go."

Oliver followed Bruce to the Limo and found Chloe in the front passenger seat talking to Alfred.

"Ready to go?" Chloe asked as she turned to look into the back seat and gave his friends a tense smile.

Bruce smiled. "Let's go."

Next: Bruce and Oliver scheme. Chloe thinks about Bruce's 'favor'.