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Chapter 1

A student from Konoha High watched in disgust as her ex-boyfriend, embraced a raven-haired teenager, which then resulted in a full session of making out.

"Bitch." She muttered, so low that friends standing next to her were barely able to hear her.


The couple broke apart to watch the scene.

"Haruno Sakura!! What did you just call Hikari-chan?!" Yamanaka Ino shrieked at her supposedly best friend.

Hikari smirked before obtaining an innocent hurt look. "S-sakura-chan…" she whimpered.


This blow was way harder than the first one. Haruno Sakura looked up to see a man this time.

Uchiha Sasuke, her ex-boyfriend.

"Sakura… what the hell has happened to you!! You've changed so mu-"

"Don't you dare say that I've changed!! You're the one who changed. We're best friends since birth!! So what if we used to go out and then we broke up?! WE ARE STILL BEST FRIENDS RIGHT!! But… ever since that slut came," Sakura yelled at her friends, pointing at the pouting girl, "you guys keep on bailing out on me!! Like yo-"



"Get out!!" he roared, "I'm ashamed to have even befriended you!! I don't even know you!! Get out of my house before I force you out!!"

Sakura turned around, her back facing her ex, to hide her tears from him and to also try to find some support from her friends. All she ever got was an apologetic look from a pair of cerulean orbs.

"Security!!" The cruel Uchiha boomed.

That was the first summer Haruno Sakura spent without her friends.

At the front gates of Konoha High, a group of seniors were seen beating up a poor freshman. The other students just ignored the scene and kept on walking towards their respective lockers or rooms, to get ready for their first period.

"Ha ha!!" they laughed, "Awesome first day of school, huh little kid?"

"S-stop please?!" the young girl cried out, bracing herself for the next blow.

The seniors just smirked and were about to deliver the last blow before a voice stopped them.

"Sakon, Ukon. What are you doing?"

"S-sakura?" they stuttered before smirking and walking towards the newcomer. "Hey babe!! Wanna go out with me this Friday night?!"

Haruno Sakura ignored the question.


"The first bell just rang. Go to your homeroom before I tell Tsunade!!"


The seniors ran.

Hyuuga Hinata, the girl being beaten up, was crying and was shocked to see a hand in front of her, and looked up to see Sakura offering her hand.


Hinata just sniffed and took her hand, and quietly said a soft 'hi' after Sakura pulled her up.

"Do you want to go to the nurse's office?"

The frightened girl just shook her head furiously.

Sakura's emerald eyes softened.

"How about I just bring you to the bathroom to help you clean up? I'm guessing you have Kakashi-sensei first, and he's normally really late so yeah…"

Hinata nodded and Sakura lead her to the bathroom.

As Sakura cleaned out her small wounds, she spoke gently to her.

"So, what's your name? I've never seen you before so I'm guessing you're new."

Hinata nodded. "Hyuuga Hinata, I moved from my old home to come live with my cousin, Hyuuga Neji."

Sakura froze at the name, her emerald eyes hardened.

"I see."

Hinata surveyed her rescuer.

Sakura had beautiful pink hair and had bangs that framed her heart shaped face perfectly. She had flawless skin and her emerald eyes just beamed with light. She looked about 5 feet 6 inches. Her skinny body had curves in the right areas, which made her look hot even in the school's plain uniform.

Hinata felt inferior as she looked at herself in the mirror.

All she saw was a girl looking back at her with short blue hair and pupil-less eyes.

Sakura noticed the girl's silence.

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing… I-I… Y-you're really p-pretty and I-I…" Hinata trailed off, blushing slightly because of her embarrassment.

Sakura smiled showing her perfect teeth, once again accidentally causing the girl to feel inferior again.

"You're pretty too!! You just need to get rid of that awful stuttering and with a few drops of confidence… there you go!!" Sakura beamed at the girl. "Besides, my forehead's WAY too big and my hair… it took the teachers FOREVER to believe it was natural!!"

"It's natural?"


"Thanks for the compliments but look at my eyes!! T-They're so ugly and have no color!! A-And my hair…"

Sakura spoke softly to her. "Nah… your eyes are unique. Your hair's fine!!"

Hinata frowned slightly. "All Hyuuga's have these eyes."

Sakura smiled again. "Nah… I know lots of Hyuugas!! I was even best friends with one until…" the rosette trailed off, her eyes hardening, before forcing a smile back on. "What I'm trying to say is that… look… His eyes were more of a silver color. Yours are… mmmmmm… I'd say… a pearl or opal looking color."

Hinata couldn't help but beam.

"Kay… that should be all of the wounds… here… I'll bring you to your homeroom 'cos I have Kakashi-sensei as well!!"

The two girls approached the door until Sakura hesitated.

"Um… Hinata… when you go inside… go straight to your cousin… and…"

"W-What about you?"

"Ummmm… can you do me a favor?"

"O-Okay!! But what is it?"

"Don't tell anyone of us meeting… especially the friends you'll be making soon!!"


"When we do meet again… pretend you never met me… like you don't know me…"

"B-but… W-why?"

"Trust me!! It'll help you!!"

Hinata frowned but reluctantly agreed.

The two girls went in and then separated. Hinata, like promised, went straight to her cousin, while Sakura made up an excuse for them to the teacher who was surprisingly there.


"Hinata-sama? You're late!!"


"Hey!! Everyone!!" Hyuuga Neji got the attention of all his friends. "This is my cousin, Hinata!! Help me take care of her!!"

A boy with spiky blonde hair grinned. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto!! The future Hoka-itai"

Another blonde, this time a girl, had bonked him on the head, causing him to be quiet.

Neji smirked and pointed towards the boy. "This is Naruto… also known as Dobe."


Hinata couldn't help but blush a little.

'He's cute…' she thought while giggling out loud.

Neji ignored the blond and continued the introductions.

"Yamanaka Ino" The blond girl was two busy trying to keep Naruto quiet, she didn't even notice she was being introduced.

"Tenten, my girlfriend." A brunette who kept her hair in two buns flashed a peace sign towards Hinata, earning a shy smile back.

"Nara Shikamaru." A sleeping teenager with black hair that was kept in a messy ponytail.

'His ponytail makes his head look sorta like a pineapple.' Hinata thought with a sweatdrop.

"Takahashi Hikari." A girl with raven colored hair smiled at Hinata. Though she forced one back, she couldn't help but think that the girl looked a bit… slutty…

"And last of all… Uchiha Sasuke." Hinata smiled at the said man but she didn't get anything back as a response. She noticed that the teenager was distracted since his onyx eyes were observing something away from the group.

'Or someone…' Hinata thought beaming, after noticing that Sasuke was staring at a certain rosette, who was with her own group now. However, when she looked into his eyes, she was surprised to find a lot of emotions that included sorrow and regret?

After a couple of classes went by, Neji said to Hinata.

"I noticed that your stuttering has improved."

Hinata smiled. "I met this girl who helped me gain some… confidence."

"Who is it?!"

"It's a secret!!"

To be Continued?

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