Hi guys. I understand that a bunch of you are probably extremely frustrated with me since I haven't updated this story in… 2 years. I know. I'm really ashamed of myself because when I first started this story, I swore that it would be one that I'd finish.

I can't really bring finish the next chapter because well, I've been so uninspired lately. I saw what happened in the recent chapters between Sasuke and Sakura and that was so disappointing. I mean, it wasn't that exactly that makes me not want to write because as you can tell, my story is AU and I never really followed Naruto to begin with. I was drawn to sasusaku because of the chemistry I saw between the two during an episode my brother was watching. Like, I actually don't watch Naruto; it's more of me looking around for sasusaku scenes because I think it's so adorable. However, I do want the sasusakuness in my story to actually be sasusaku, and that's hard if the actual characters don't have the same kind of chemistry I saw that they had in the beginning.

I don't want my story's version of Sasuke and Sakura to be OOC so I've been waiting for a sasusaku moment to happen from Kishimoto so that I could take something from that and input that into this story because I need something from their older selves since my version of them are in high school and I can't keep basing them off the 12 year versions of them from the TV show.

I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to you all, but basically I can't bring myself to write sasusaku until I see that chemistry between them again in the newer chapters. However, I realize that it's unfair to you all because you guys have been waiting for so long and well… I feel extremely guilty since I have feeling that sasusaku isn't going to happen at all and even if it did… it probably wouldn't be until I turn like 1039481723094837 years old, at which age, I shrivel up and die. Like really. Sasuke's gone mad and Sakura… she's like barely in the series at all. Sasusaku isn't going to happen anytime soon unless it was done all rushed up and unreasonably… which turns me off.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is this story is going to be discontinued. I'm sorry. I really am :[

It's not going to be updated unless there's some sasusaku interactions in the actual thing for inspiration. So yeah….

If any of guys are interested in continuing this story for me though, please feel free to message me or something so that we could talk about it. I want to to make sure that whomever takes this story really does take it to its best. Like… I want like proper spelling and grammar. Not to be a bitch or anything… but it's fanFICTION. I think having that is necessary to say the least. So PM me, maybe with with your ideas of how you'd want this story to continue… I WILL tell you my ideas of finishing and hopefully, you'd be able to use it somehow, but if you don't want to, I'd understand.

So that's that. I'm so sorry you guys.

One other thing, don't kill me for saying this, but I don't plan on stopping on writing here. I have a bunch of other ideas for stories that I wasn't planning on writing until I finished this one. But yeah… this isn't goodbye you guys.