A Winner Is You Tournament: Wolverine

This is my entry for Avatarjk137's Tournament

I do not own any of the characters in this story.

Logan sniffed the air deeply, smelling a multitude of senses. It wasn't there. He'd walked around the entire mall twice and he still couldn't catch Magneto's scent. He should have been able to hone in on it as soon as he got inside the building but –nothing. Grumbling he walked around for another fifteen minutes before he found service for the cell phone.

"Storm, it was a false alarm. I don't think he's coming here."

"Are you sure?" Storm was as surprised as Logan, the intelligence had been reliable so where was Magneto? "You should stay there a while longer just in case."

Logan grumbled but agreed. Still, after the day was almost gone and the final postings had been made Magneto was nowhere to be found. Cursing under his breath at the wasted effort he made his way to the table to resign. Near the food court a man passed close by him and Logan caught the scent of a terrible power. He turned quickly and the man noticed him. He only glanced and kept walking, but Logan saw in his dark eyes a cold and awesome force.

He called Storm again. "Still no sign of Magneto," He said, "But tell the professor I'm staying anyway. There's something I need to check out."

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