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Round 5
Wolverine vs. Roronoa Zoro

"Takanami!" Roronoa Zoro yelled leaping into the air and slashing at Wolverine with his two katana.

Logan parried the strikes with his claws, but the force of the attack was enough to push him against the wall of the hardware store they were currently fighting in. A hammer fell from the shelf above and narrowly missed Logan's head, landing instead on his foot.

"Dammit." Logan growled. He picked the hammer up and launched it at the green haired pirate. Zoro turned sideways and the projectile sailed past him harmlessly.

"Are you just yelling or do you really have a name for all those attacks?" Logan asked as Zoro got into another fighting stance. The pirate had been annoying him the entire fight by calling out in Japanese whenever he was about to strike. Logan only remembered a handful of words from his time in Japan and even when he did understand what Zoro was yelling it didn't help him prepare for the attack.

Zoro smiled and said, "Come on and fight me. Or are ya givin' up?" He was aware that his attack names were aggravating Wolverine, but had no plans to enlighten the X-man. It was much more to his advantage to have Wolverine upset. He launched into another volley of strikes -not all of his attacks had names –swinging his swords too rapidly for the spectators to follow.

Logan was able to block most of them and return some blows of his own, but he hadn't hit Zoro yet. Wolverine was covered with cuts in different stages of regeneration. Blood soaked his shirt and jeans but he was used to that. It was the pirate's sheer skill that worried Logan. As he blocked a side slash from Zoro with one set of claws he slashed forward to the Pirate's gut with his other hand. Zoro brought his second sword down on the claws, twisting out of the way at the same time he arced the first blocked sword to bite deeply into Logan's shoulder.


Storm bit her lip as Logan's attacks were continually blocked. He and Zoro had agreed to fight one on one and it was killing her not to be able to help.

Beside her Rogue looked just as worried, "Is he gonna be alright?" She asked.

Storm nodded. "Of course he will." She couldn't keep the tremor out of her voice though.


Zoro continued to push forward swinging his katana rapidly down, across, up, and diagonally. Logan blocked each of these and bringing his knee up snap kicked Zoro in the chest, scoring his first hit that fight. Zoro sliced the leg as Logan pulled it back, cutting down to the adamantium covered bone. Logan clenched his teeth and forced himself to stay with the fight. Pivoting away from Zoro he managed to tear the sword from his opponent's grasp along with several of his leg muscles. He recovered and managed to keep himself between Zoro and the katana even while his leg felt on fire.

Zoro narrowed his eyes and said in a low, dangerous voice, "You do not want to get between me and my sword."

Logan half smiled half winced as his muscles grew back into place. "Really? Cuz I'm thinkin' that I do. You got a problem with that, bub?" Then he rushed forward slashing at Zoro crosswise with his claws.

Zoro parried one strike and ducked under the other arm. Wolverine's claws grazed his back as he tucked and rolled across the room to reclaim his katana. "I think it's time to get this over with." He said drawing his third sword and placing it in his mouth before picking his other katana off of the floor. With a cry of "Santo-ryu!" Zoro ran forward to attack.

Wolverine was too shocked at what he thought idiocy of wielding a sword with one's mouth and the fact that Zoro was still talking with the katana in his mouth to do more dodge clumsily to side as Zoro rushed him, one of the katana cutting his arm in the process.

"Punk, you just keep getting weirder and weirder." Wolverine said shaking his head.

"Says the guy with built-in steak knives." Zoro retorted.

Wolverine shrugged, and then moved into a defensive stance. He wanted to see more of Zoro's attacks before he tried fighting this new style.

Zoro started spinning his swords and cried out, "Tatsumaki!"

Logan's jaw dropped as a dragon shaped tornado formed and burst towards him. The wind cut at him like a million sword strokes, his still healing leg being torn open again. It seemed to last for a century but finally the tornado past, leaving a gaping hole in the mall's wall. Logan rose stiffly from his crouched position on the floor.

"Ready to give up yet?" Zoro asked.

"Not a chance." Logan grinned. Despite the wounds and the weird fighting style it was exhilarating to fight someone this skilled. "How 'bout you?"

Zoro grinned too and shook his head. Then he started attacking Wolverine again. Now three swords were coming at Logan from all different angles. It was hard to adjust to blocking a mouth wielded sword; the strikes didn't fall into any patterns Logan was familiar with. Even though he took many of the blows Logan managed to stay on his feet and he even hit Zoro back a few times. Logan hoped this meant Zoro was tiring, if it weren't for his regeneration Logan would have collapsed from exhaustion long ago. This pirate/samurai was truly incredible.

Finally Logan saw his opening. Dropping to one knee he slashed Zoro's leg out from under him and as the Pirate fell forward stabbed up with his other arm into Zoro's shoulder. A spurt of blood came out of Zoro's mouth but Logan wasn't taking any chances; twisting Zoro against the wall Wolverine crahed his skull into the green haired head. Zoro slumped to the ground and Death-by-Chocolate appeared.

"Wolverine is the wiiner!" He announced as Storm and Rogue rushed over to congratulate their comrade and assure themselves he wasn't too badly hurt.

Logan turned back for a last look at Zoro. "Thanks for one helluva a fight." He said smiling.

A/N I hope you liked the fight, and I hope I did Zoro justice. He seems like a really awesome character!