Love in the Shadow

Love in the Shadow

Chapter 1: Prologue

It was Halloween, 1981, a dark night that would soon be remembered for the rest of the wizarding world's history. It was a cold night, with a heavy thunderstorm raging outside of the quaint little home in Godric's Hollow. Inside the aesthetically pleasing house sat a young couple, basking in their love for each other. Even though there was a terrible war that was raging in the world right then, their love for each other allowed them to escape the atrocities that a dark terror was committing. Their family was perfect. They had two wonderful (fraternal) twins, who were 1 year old. Victoria and Harry Potter were their names. To the youthful couple, James and Lily, they were the perfect children. They were both so full of energy and love.

James and Lily were sitting in front of their fireplace, talking about meaningless things and trying to forget the current problems in the world when they suddenly felt and explosion. The front door had been blown up, and pieces were flying across the room. Smoke was consuming the air. James and Lily both looked on with fear in their eyes. James turned to Lily, and with a stern look in his eyes, commanded "Lily, go get the kids and run!"

"But James—"

He knew what she was going to say. "I know, but I will hold Voldemort off until you and the children can escape to safety! Now go!"

Lily nodded, and tearfully ran up the stairs to the children's room.

James looked at the debris, and as the smoke cleared he could see two blood red eyes staring at him. "How did you find us?" He demanded.

"You think something as silly as a Fidelius Charm would stop me from finding you?" Voldemort cackled. "You are much too trusting of your friends. Now I am sorry, but I must deal with your children, Reducto!" Voldemort yelled before James could even raise a shield, not that it would matter with the power behind his Voldemort's spell. James was blasted into the wall of his house and fell unconscious from the force of the spell. He would have died in normal circumstances, but he been wearing a thick dragon hide armor, just in case something like this happened. Unfortunately, the armor just prevented his body from being ripped to pieces, and not from passing out. Voldemort however did not notice that James was still alive, nor did he car because the house would be completely destroyed after this fiasco with the Potter boy.

Upstairs in the room, Lily had heard the bang, and knew that her husband was dead. She was having trouble coordinating her movements and thoughts as the stress of the situation was building. However, it didn't matter as Voldemort swiftly glided into the room, and aura of darkness and evil chilling the air. Lily looked at Voldemort with fear in her eyes. She quickly reached over and protected Victoria, the child closest to her. "No! You can't hurt them! Take me instead!"

At this point, both children were awake, Victoria in the arms of her mother, and Harry standing at the bars of their cribs, each watching in horror at what was happening. They couldn't understand what was going on exactly, but they knew it was bad based on the tone of their mother's voice.

"Stupid woman! My purpose is to dispose of your children, now get out of my way." Voldemort hissed spitefully. "Avada Kedavra!"

If anyone had been paying close attention to the scene, they would have seen Harry's eyes flare a magnificent bright green at the same time the curse .

Lily watched in horror as the killing curse approached her and Victoria. She knew death was near, and hugged Victoria closer. As soon as the curse hit Lily, the outline of a golden shield materialized around Lily and Victoria. The spell refracted in multiple directions, and a majority of the rays struck Voldemort. Voldemort disappeared in screaming agony, while Lily and Victoria were thrown back into the wall behind them by the force of the curse. They were both knocked unconscious, and Victoria was left with a gash along the side of her midsection.

Harry did not manage to come out unscathed either. One of the rays of Voldemort's curse struck Harry in the forehead, leaving him with a lightning bolt scar. However, his hair covered most of the damage, and it was hardly noticeable at a glance. Harry quickly passed out on his bed after expending all of his magical energy.

Dumbledore quickly arrived at Godric's Hollow with Minerva, Filius, and Hagrid. They all stared in horror at the destruction of the house. It was clear that Voldemort had been here. Dumbledore's magic flared, prepared for any dangers that may lay ahead. He quickly rushed in and noticed James lying unconscious, slumped against the wall.

"Enervate!" Dumbledore said, to revive the unconscious man.

James looked around quickly, fear present in his eyes until he saw Dumbledore. "Are they alright?"

"Who James?"

"The children! He was after the children!"

Dumbledore looked solemn at that. It appeared the prophecy was coming true. "I have not checked."

James looked hopelessly at Dumbledore. All hope lost, until he heard a faint crying noise. "Do you hear that!" He shouted as he shot up to run upstairs.

Dumbledore and the rest followed.

"They are alright!" James shouted. "Oh, thank God!"

Lily was still passed out, but it was easy to see she was breathing. Victoria was crying, and Harry…appeared to be sleeping soundly.

Dumbledore nodded, slowly walking over to Lily and Victoria. Dumbledore looked closely at Victoria's scar, his eyes twinkling delightfully. "It appears it was Victoria's power, released by the love between her and Lily, that saved them."

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