Gundam Tribute It's Called a Tribute
by Famira Damaris

Disclaimer: Feh, don't own Gundam.
Author's Notes: Exactly what the title says: this fanfic is a tribute to a fellow author. It's also a Gundam fanfic (this takes place in the original Gundam timeline) and (hopefully) a humor fic. Random silliness, blah blah blah and self-insertations by the author.

And to the tribute part, to the writer that inspired me: thanks. Even if you did criticize me and say I was trying too hard. Besides, you can think of this as a quasi-apology for the bitchy cat-fight. ^_^;

It's Called a Prologue

One day, this guy thought of something. It was so utterly cool, that he decided that, hot damn, he was going to make a TV show out of it! He wanted to call it "Giant Super Robots in Disguise Kicking A Lot of Ass", but someone decided that title sucked and so he called it "Gundam". Good for him! The problem was, it was the late 70's: all those neat hippie drugs weren't as cool as they used be, so he couldn't just recall some freaky mind trip and put that down as the show.

Oh no, it had to be "realistic". Whatever that is.

So anyway, 'cause this guy's from Japan he decides it's just gotta be anime. What better way to show robots kicking the crap out of each other? This guy says to himself (in *gasp* Japanese!), "Okay, I got animated giant robots. What else do I need?" Why, that's a silly question!


Ah-ha, he knew he'd hit the bullseye, 'cause who doesn't like seeing stuff blow up? No one!

Exactly. But on with my story...

But before he can get his idea onto those animation cells, he's told that no, it's gotta have a plot! Well, that sucks for him, because this guy didn't have a plot - he just wanted animated robots trouncing each other and transforming into stuff. But they (being the directors) wanted a plot. I suppose they could've gotten into some long involved argument and made a big scene and everything, but they didn't. Okay!

So off he goes! He comes back a little while later and they ask him what the plot is. He tells them: "Giant robots beating each other up in the year UC 0079! It's a battle between two opposing forces, one a large, overwhelming federation, the other, a small rebellion with a secret weapon in their hands! Caught in the middle of this is a whiny, plucky young teenager who's forced to join this federation, discovering later that he has these super-cool mental powers so he can kick even more ass with his ultra-powered robot!"

Sounds like Star Wars, but almost cooler. Mostly because of the giant robots.

Did I say that giant robots kick a lot of ass?

The directors nodded. His plot sounded vaguely familar, but they thought the fact that UC 0079 "happened" to coincide with the current year was just too darned cool to be ignored. It was pretty cool, because that year was 1979. Funky.

"So," they said, "You're a genius! What're you gonna call this show of yours?"


"I," said he, after a dramatic pause in the narration, "am going to call it..."


Hey, neat, stairs made out of periods! I didn't know I could indent all over the place! That's so cool!

Oh, the story! Right.

"Giant Super Robots in Disguise Kicking A Lot of Ass." Actually, he said it with a little more class, but I thought it sounded neat this way, so that's what the original title was. The directors gave him a strange look and bluntly told him the title sucked. So he suggested "Gundam" out of the blue, which sounded just as trippy as the whole UC 0079 thing. So "Gundam" it was.

Now that the whole name thing was settled, this guy decides he needs to think up some characters. And 'cause I've already established it's the late 70's, and it's gotta be realistic, he realizes all the characters have to have all these different nationalities. That means no bishounen.

Which sucks. In fact, that sucks so much, I'm gonna have to edit some things here...there!

Correction! Actually, there were two bishounen. Their names were Bright Noah and Char Aznable. Since this Gundam guy was trying to think up names for these characters, he decides to pick all these names from random English words. Why?



....because. That's it! Because!

Since there were only two bishounen in Gundam, this guy decides to make up this battleship and give it all these confusing names, so everyone conveniently forgets the low bish-factor. First it's White Base, than it's the Wooden Horse, and suddenly it's the Trojan Horse.

Damn confusing.

So, he's got this "motley" cast of characters: Amuro Ray, our whiny plucky teenager, is the main character. Now he's got everything ready to be animated, but that whole process is sorta boring, so I'll cut to the chase:

Gundam was made. And for the story of the Gundam characters that follows....



Nah, some other time.


Not much to say, except I drank this huge-ass "cherry" slushee and I didn't get hyper, which has to be one of the more bizarre experiences in my life. I'd like to start on the actual UC Gundam anime (not just the "true" embellishment of the creation of Gundam)...peh....

But one thing to say: UC Gundam does, and always will, kick-ass, even with the animation quality.

- Famira Damaris
*Avid Yamcha fan
* Bright Noah and Char Aznable Supporter