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Chapter 6: Uchiha Itachi.

When he first woke up in this world in a body of his younger self he thought that he had finally lost it or that he was put into heaven or hell, he really couldn't decide which.

It took him a few days to realize that he was indeed alive and it was pretty much real. Though his thoughts of the time travel were immediately stumped by two glaring differences between the world he knew and the one he was currently in.

One being the Hokage sitting behind the desk, and the other, much more important one in his opinion, the glaring absence of his precious kitsune...

I bet you are wondering why would he care about the Kyuubi host? Well, the answer is quite simple- he loved him.

Ever since Naruto was a small child Itachi always watched him, protecting him from the shadows when he could. He was one of the ANBU guards who always watched after and took care of the little bundle of joy.

Almost everything he did in his life was to keep his precious love safe and happy, even the massacre that was ordered by the council. He was a good ANBU, that's true, but if he really wanted he could have declined the mission. He didn't. He wanted to personally make sure that the two people he cared the most about would be safe.

It was for the same exact reason why he agreed to spy on Akatsuki. This organization was after demon hosts, meaning sooner or later they were bound to come after the blond, and that was unacceptable in his book.

But even then he never stopped watching. Even though he could only catch glimpses from afar, Itachi watched his kitsune grow, mature, train. He was the only one who truly noticed how strong and clever Naruto really was.

He was the only one to realize the true extent of his progress as the blond grew stronger and stronger day by day.

He was happy that he was the one assigned to capture the blue-eyed fox. It gave him more possibilities to watch his little koibito and to allow him to allude capture. Besides he really enjoyed playing the game of cat and mouse with the kit. The ideas it gave him...well that would have to wait till Naru was a little older.

When the news about the battle in the Valley of the End reached him he was pissed. How dare that foolish little brat of a brother hurt his love. He wanted nothing more then to hunt him down and teach him the new meaning of pain.

Even the leader of Akatsuki treaded very carefully around him during that period of time. To put it simply he managed to scare the bunch of the strongest, toughest and cruelest criminals in the whole Hidden countries shitless, and he enjoyed every single moment of it.

As years went his kitsune matured more and more, becoming more beautiful with each day that passed. Unfortunately that didn't go unnoticed by others.

And all he could do was to silently stew in his jealousy watching as other bastards tried to court and claim what was his.

His heart broke when he found out that he was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it. But most of all it hurt that no matter how strong his feelings were he would never be able to be with the only person he ever truly loved.

When that realization sank in he did the only thing he could, the thing that teared him apart on the inside, the only thing that would be the right thing to do in this situation...he let go.

His kitsunes happiness always came before his own, and this was situation was not an exception no matter how much he wanted to be selfish at least this once. But that didn't mean that he couldn't ensure that whoever got Naruto was the person he approved of.

His brother's candidature was the first to be discarded. Sasuke had done to much damage already, he was to immature, self-absorbed, arrogant and cruel. He would not make Naruto happy.

He spent two month watching candidates before he found the one who got his whole-hearted approval. Sabaku no Gaara, Kazekage and fellow Jinchuuriki, was the one who dedicated himself wholly to Naruto's happiness expecting nothing in return. He understood the blond like no other could and was ready to selflessly give him anything for his sake.

A few nights after he came to the decision, he went to personally meet the redhead to talk to him and to explain the situation. The meeting went surprisingly well leaving Itachi pleased with the results, though the pain and longing in his chest didn't disappear.

Six months later Sasuke killed him. And that is how he found himself here. One minute he was dying from his otouto's hand and the next he was waking up in his own bedroom in his family house.

He was given a second chance in life. A chance to live with a happy family that is not dampened by the shadow of treason.

And his family was indeed a happy one. With loving and caring mother, dignified, protective and sincerely caring father and adoring, loving little brother. A family in which he was treated like an actual human being with his own opinions, dreams and emotions and not like a weapon.

Even the clan itself was different: happier, more humane, less power-hungry.

The people who previously treated him like a tool to be used and stored away now actually gave a damn about him. For example, one of his aunts who previously payed him as much attention as one would to a piece of furniture they were not using, here spoiled him with baked goodies all the time.

Hell, he actually had friends here! Sure he was still cautious around them, but he no longer felt the need to hide every single thing he was feeling. He could allow himself a luxury of being stoic without being emotionless.

But all good things are balanced out with bad. In his case it was the longing for his kitsune. He tried not to dwell on regrets, since it only brought up painful memories he would rather forget. But the pain was still present.

When he first met tamashii no Kyoku he did not recognize him. At that time he was in no form for analytical thinking and Naruto's appearance changed strong enough for him to feel a tingle of familiarity, but not recognition.

During their second meeting though...The moment he set his eyes onto the blue-eyed beauty he knew that it was his little koi. And not just this world's counterpart, but the real one. After all after the years of studying he knew his koi's mannerism and body language to the tee.

That was one of the happiest moments in his life, he had almost given up hope of ever seeing his koi again, but now he was here and all his for the taking.

All that is left was to plan accordingly. After all fox hunting was quite easy, but wooing said fox to willingly come into his clutches- hard. Besides Naruto was always incredibly willful, stubborn and independent. But he was not going to let it stop him, not this time.

Hell if he allows anyone to take his treasure from him this time, hell if he allows kitsune to slip through his fingers.

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