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It is at night when Blair feels she is most at risk.

At night when his eyelids slide shut involuntarily and his breathing slows to a comforting lullaby.

It is at night when Blair feels she is most at risk to falling in love with Chuck Bass. And that is why, every night after they've "rumpled his sheets" as he so delicately puts it, she untangles herself from the twisted fabrics and drags herself off the mattress.

She's thinking off the moment when she has to make her escape now, but feels no compulsion to carry it out because his skin is so warm, and smells so good as she lies on his chest. With an exhausted sigh she murmurs, 'I should go.'

Chuck doesn't reply for awhile, and she wonders if he's already fallen asleep but when she lifts herself up, her hands braced on the mattress either side of his ribs, she sees his eyes are open and are watching her warily as she comes into view above him.

Perhaps he doesn't know what to say, because he simply smirks up lazily at her, the moonlight from the open window illuminating the curve of his lips. Blair drops back on to his chest, snuggling close and feeling him shift slightly beneath her, entwining their naked legs. 'But I don't think I can walk, thanks to you.' There's no real venom in her voice, and she can't muster up the energy to fake any. Every nerve in her body is aching from the pleasure he evoked within her.

Chuck laughs, his chest heaving slightly below her. 'You can just stay.' His suggestion sounds light but there is that heavy undertone of request. Blair immediately tenses and she hopes he doesn't notice, but how can he not when her body's lying flush on top of his?

Blair lifts herself up again. 'Do you want me to stay?' she asks.

There is a flicker of something in his eyes before he turns his face away. He shrugs, as best he can while pressed into the bed by her tiny frame. 'If you want to stay, stay. Go if you want to go.' He's trying to sound indifferent, she knows. But she doesn't want indifferent: she wants to know. She wants him to tell her.

'But do you want me to stay?' she asks again with more exaggeration on every word.

'Does it matter? Jeez, Blair. It was only a suggestion since you seemed half a sleep anyway. Why does everything have to be such a big deal with you?' She's backed him into a corner and now he's lashing out, like always, liked the caged animal he is. His eyes have connected with hers and he's giving her an expectant look and she's realized she's missed a beat, taken to long to reply as she stares into those deep pools of desirable brown.

'Do you want me to spend the night? It's an easy enough question! You're the one making a big deal about it!'

'What do you want me to say? Yes, I want you to stay. There, you happy?'

He expects her to leap from the bed, throw on her clothes and bolt through the door, she knows. And that's why he tenses in surprise when she lies back down on his chest, her face buried against his neck. With one sweet kiss on his Adam's apple she sighs, 'very.'

It doesn't take long for the lullaby to begin and Blair knows she's fallen, and that she was falling all along anyway.

And that, surprisingly, is okay.