Sometimes your greatest fear can become your greatest strength.

Chapter 1: The Kidnapper and Demon Form Awakens

It was late at night and a certain raven-haired girl was asleep, but yet she wasn't. This has been happening to her for about a week and she hasn't told this to anyone.

"No! No! Noooo!!" screamed a girl running away from the raven-haired girl.

The raven-haired girl just laughed and slashed the girl to death.

Morning (05:30):

The raven-haired girl slowly got up, feeling dizzy and went to the bathroom in her room. She looked at the mirror as he eyes widened in shock. She saw herself almost completely soaked in blood!

She quickly stripped out of her clothing and took a shower. Few minutes later, she changed into her school uniform and went to the woods to train and think about the blood that she found on herself.


"See Konoka, we're not late!" said Kagurazaka Asuna, walking into the class with Konoe Konoka right behind her.

"But Secchan always comes to get us, even though we might be late." said Konoka.

Everyone looked at Asuna and Konoka as they walked in.

"Why're you looking at us like that?" said Asuna, both annoyed and weirded out by the looks they got.

"Well….um…hey Sayo-chan, tell them what you saw." said Asuka Kazumi.

"Um…well…last night…I saw Sakurazaki-san…kill a girl…." said Aisaka Sayo.

"What?! I know Secchan and she doesn't kill anyone without a reason!" shouted Konoka, after a few moments letting what Sayo just said sink in.

"I know that but…I think that something happened to her."

"What happened? Explain everything from the beginning."

"Last night, I went around the school. I saw Sakurazaki-san jump out of her room and walked towards the park. I followed her having a bad feeling about something…and there I…I…I saw her slash a girl to her death!" Sayo began to cry remembering what she saw that night was too horrible to even remember.

Everyone in the room was silent. Just then, Negi walked in.

"Everyone take your seats. Homeroom is starting!" he said.

All the girls took their seats as Negi began to take roll and notices that three students were absent.

"Where's Setsuna-san, Evangeline-san, and Chachamaru-san?"

"Sakurazaki-san never showed up and Eva-chan and Chachamaru's out somewhere."

'So what the Dean said this morning was true.' thought Negi.

After school (15:00):

After school was over, Konoka, Asuna, and Negi stayed behind.

"Um…I'm not really one to say this but….Konoka-san….Setsuna-san won't be the same for a few days." said Negi.

"What happened to Setsuna-san?!" demanded Asuna.

"That is where I come in." said a voice.

The trio looked around and saw no one.

"Show yourself!"

"Why should I? None of you pathetic humans need to know who I am. I am looking for the hanyo. Where is she?" said a woman, appearing in the back of the classroom.

"Hanyo? You can't mean Secchan?!"

Just then, Setsuna walked through the door.


"Ah there you are my hanyo!" said the woman, happily.

"Who are you!?" demanded Setsuna, getting into a fighting position.

"My name is Tsukiko, and I'll make you into a full-blooded demon." she smirked and pulled out her mirror, showing Setsuna herself in her demon form.

Setsuna felt like she couldn't breathe, she caught a glimpse of he trio in the room and gave them a small smile, "Get out now!"


To be continued in the next chapter.

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