I would like to thank all you readers who have been commenting and cheering me on to do this story. I am so happy to announce I have FINALLY finished this story! :D this story has to be my life's work right here. It took 3 years to do this one and I am proud of the outcome. 3 years of planning, writing, rewriting, changing and situating. I knew it was a while, but when I looked over the original first sketchy notes, my eyes bulged to see the date of 2007! O.O Anyways, I would again love to thank you all for reading this story and possibly any other of my works. Keep up the GREAT work of commenting! It helped me keep up with wanting to write this one. It was hard; but it was well worth it! thanks again! I promise to work on other stories and finish the others that are in process. Thanks again everyone! Thanks for the loving support! You're all AWESOME!