Their Relationship

Their Relationship

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Chapter 1: As A Starting Couple

The bell echoed throughout the school. After several moments, people could be seen running, talking and occasionally sleeping. A woman waved good bye to her friends before running up the stairs to the roof, carrying a long, red, and rectangular box.

She had red hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her name was Hino Kahoko. As soon as she entered her favorite spot, she settled the box beside her as she sat down on one of the many benches. Her thoughts then fluttered to who knows where.

She had encountered many new faces. Tsuchiura Ryoutaro, Tsukimori Len, her senpais, Hihara Kazuki and Yunoki Azuma and her kohais, Shimizu Keiichi and Shouka Fuyuumi. She had met all of them in the interschool concours which had ended nearly 4 months ago. She had become friends with all of them even if she was unaware of what the guys really thought of her.

Her thoughts then pondered elsewhere. She was confused of the feelings she felt. She was sure that what she felt for Hihara, Yunoki and Shimizu. They were nothing more than friends, but as for her fellow batch mates, she had no idea.

She was sure that she was very comfortable with Tsuchiura, so he's the one she likes right? When she was sure she had her mind made up, she started to play the violin and though she tried to focus… all her thoughts seemed to run around in circles, but never the piece she was playing.

Giving up completely, she placed the violin back to its red, rectangular container and prepared to leave when she bumped into something or rather into someone. She was on top of this certain person. She gasped and blushed at the same time to realize it was Tsukimori. "Tsu-Tsukimori- kun! Are you alright?" she stuttered, embarrassed and flustered.

Len groaned as he stared at her with those piercing gold eyes of his. His blue hair was tousled because of the fall and he also blushed when he realized that she was pressed on top of him. He snapped out of dream land when she called out his name, her face as red as a tomato.

He noticed how soft her body was against his and how her red locks framed her beautiful face well enough. He blushed harder when he felt her breath on his lips and checked the distance between them. He heard her call out his name once more, breathless almost as if she was running a marathon.

Kahoko pondered once more on her thoughts. If she did like Tsuchiura, why was she blushing and why did her heart beat go faster when she was just looking at Tsukimori. She also wondered why she still wouldn't move.

She could feel his breath the way he could feel hers. Her lips twitched and went lower down to his. Sparks were felt all around her body the moment her lips touched his. She could tell that Tsukimori was pretty shocked at her bold move, but she just realized it… she loved Tsukimori.

He was shocked when her lips touched his, but sooner or later he snapped out of his day dream and started to kiss her back. He loved her, but so did the rest of the participants. As soon as they parted for air, he heard her apologize, her head bowed low. His lips touched a rare smile and he went to cup her face in his hand. He was sitting down already as Kahoko had also sat up.

An awkward silence filled them for a moment before the blue haired male began to speak, "So that means, you like me, huh?" Kahoko blushed again; she still felt his hand on her cheek before nodding a little. His chuckle made her look up and at that exact moment he brought her face back to his as he kissed her again.

Her brown eyes widened and when she finally came to her senses, the kiss was finish. Tsukimori's breath tickled her ear as he whispered, "I like you too." As soon as he said it and as soon as she interpreted it, she smiled warmly and hugged him.

Tsukimori's cool voice echoed through her ears, "Hino…" Kahoko looked at him and pouted, "Len, call me Kahoko from now on." Tsukimori was taken aback and Kahoko sighed, "Aren't we going to start dating? I want someone I love to call me by my first name." He then nodded before accepting her outstretched hand as she pulled him to her side.

Kahoko asked him, "So are we going to tell everyone?" as she felt his hand snaking across her waist. His voice ran through her ears once more, "No, it's annoying. And I didn't think that my little Kahoko could be so blunt." Kahoko couldn't help but giggle, "I guess you could say I got influenced by Amou-san and you? Your Kahoko?"

Len looked at her again, "Well, if you don't like it…" She smiled and hugged him once more, "I was just teasing you." Both laughed and went back to class waiting what the future has in store for them.

Author's Note: The first chapter to my first La Corda D' Oro story. Hope you enjoy! Sorry for any grammatical errors and spelling.