Their Relationship

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Chapter 7: Sweet

Kahoko enjoyed herself the night before, after their wedding. She loved it when all her friends from the concours played for her and Len during dinner. She also laughed when Tsuchiura spoke as best man and Len simply looked away from him.

Now, she looked warmly at her sleeping husband. They were on a private plane that Fuyuumi had conveniently reserved for them. They were on their way to an island owned by the Tsukimori's. It was guaranteed that it only had two people living on it. She rested her head on his shoulder before smiling to herself, "Tsukimori Kahoko…huh?" She yawned as she drifted to sleep.

Len woke up when he heard the pilot's voice. "The newly wed in this plane, please prepare yourselves for landing. Congratulations once again!" Len sighed clutching his blue hair and embarrassed when he heard the only stewardess giggle. He noticed the weight by his shoulder and smiled at the sight of his sleeping wife. Her red hair mingled with his on his shoulder. Her eyelids hid the captivating brown eyes and her lips formed a small O.

He was glad to have her. He knew that he had to wake her eventually, but decided not to just yet.

Kahoko moaned when she felt something trace down her neck. It felt cool against her heated skin. Wait, what?! She cracked her eyes open and she saw Len smirk as he continued to trace his lips against the skin of her neck. "Len!" Kahoko gasped, surprised.

He chuckled as he stopped what he was doing, "We have landed." He told her simply before giving her a quick peck on the nose. Kahoko huffed at her husband when he chuckled and left her at her seat. She quickly grabbed her purse that lay on the floor and followed Len, earning another giggle from the stewardess.

To say that the house was fairly large was an understatement. It was huge that it stretched out to the whole island. The exterior was pretty simple. Kahoko gasped when she saw the beach they were going to stay. Its waters were crystal clear and you could see dozens of corals on the ocean floor. The sand was white and it was soft to the touch when Kahoko placed a bare foot on it. She relished the feeling especially when she felt the cool wave splash her ankles.

Len stepped down from the plane as well and noticed the middle-aged woman and man he knew as his caretakers. "Bochama, welcome back." The middle aged man announced as the woman went to hug Kahoko. Len sighed, amused and embarrassed at the same time.

The woman introduced herself after pulling away, "I'm Hatake Mina. You can call me Mina. Welcome to the island, Kahoko-sama." Kahoko bowed and blushed, not used to being called "sama", while Len introduced the other, "Kahoko, this is Hatake Gan-san, Mina-san's husband." The woman looked disapprovingly at Len, "Len-chama, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Mina?" Len frowned before looking away grunting his answer.

Mina showed Kahoko around the house while Gan helped Len carry the bags inside the house. After a while, Kahoko entered the room in time to see Len closing the door. He looked at her and smiled gently after she approached him to peck his lips. "How was the house?"

Kahoko replied, "It's huge and beautiful, but you told me it was only fairly large." The azure-haired man shrugged, "It seemed that way before." She pouted at him before he kissed her passionately. When they pulled apart, Kahoko asked, "How did you manage to find such an energetic woman like Mina?"

Len shrugged as he sat on the edge of the bed of their room. Kahoko gulped when she remembered that she would share a bed with her new husband in the room. Her husband laughed at her, knowing that look on her face. "Don't worry. I won't try to do anything just yet." She playfully slapped him at the chest when he joked around.

The next day, Kahoko looked out at the beach before hopping into her swim suit and dragging her hesitant husband with her. She wadded into the water and looked at her husband, disapprovingly, while he sat by a nearby table, reviewing pieces like before when they went with everybody. She cooled herself first in the water before wadding out and approaching Len.

Len caught his breath when he saw her in her one piece swimsuit. He still couldn't believe that this beautiful woman was his wife. He flinched when she grabbed him roughly by the shirt he wore, drenching him. She dragged him away from the table by his shirt and he knew what she was about to do.

She pulled him extremely close to the water before letting him go with a thud as he landed on the sand. She wadded to the water and started splashing him, making him more drenched. "Kaho…?" he asked questioningly as he spat when some of it slipped to his mouth. The said woman huffed, "I came here to enjoy my honeymoon, but apparently my husband likes his books more than his wife."

Len narrowed his eyes warily while Kahoko did the same. After that incident, they didn't talk for the rest of the afternoon.

Mina looked disapprovingly at the two. Kahoko was fiddling with her food and stealing occasional glances at Len who sat opposite the long table they were eating on while Len looked away and continued eating his dinner. Mina crossed her arms across her chest as she whispered to her husband, "They look like their arguing." A frown appearing on her face as Gan wrapped his arm around his wife to comfort her. "I think they'll make up sooner or later. That's what had happened to us as well, right?" his green eyes softening. Mina nodded before punching him playfully on the arm.

By nightfall, Kahoko looked at their bed from the tiny bathroom in their room. She could see the rise and fall of his chest as he slept on the white sheets of their bed. She felt stupid for saying that to him and she placed her toothbrush back into the holder after she rinsed it. She switched off the lights and crawled into the bed careful not to disturb Len. She

Len peeked with a golden eye as he felt her lie down beside him, back facing him. He apologetically wrapped his arms around her, obviously startling her when he heard her gasp. She seemed to forgive him as she placed her hand comfortingly over his. They stayed like this until both dozed off.

Kahoko enjoyed her stay in the island especially the company. She learned from Mina all of Len's childhood mischief, including how he almost broke his father's violin when he was just a baby. She also saw the photo album left in the house and giggled when she saw the exact picture that was left in the Tsukimori trophy case.

Kahoko knew what she was doing would make Len annoyed, but what he doesn't know won't hurt, right?

The following days had been joyous for the newly-wed. Len had finally come swimming with Kahoko, but unfortunately got a bad sun-burn because of it though he did enjoy his wife treating it for him. They also managed to cross different islands using a small boat inside the Tsukimori arsenal. They enjoyed the scenery and the displays of affection they showed the each other.

Finally, it was their last night on the island and Kahoko was feeling more uncomfortable than usual. She knew what happens in honeymoons though she wasn't sure if she was ready yet. She looked at her husband over her shoulder. He was currently reading yet another one of his novels.

He noticed her looking at him and smiled at her before going back to his book. It was nearly nine o'clock. She examined him yet again as he brushed back a lock of blue hair that passed his face. She looked away blushing. She said softly to herself, "It's alright, Kahoko. Whatever happens tonight, you won't come to regret it and since he IS your husband after all…" After her little pep talk, she lied down on the bed whose sheets had been changed to blue, Len's favorite color.

As soon as she shifted to a more comfortable position, she felt the knowing hand of her husband crawl to place itself on her stomach before pulling her closer to him. He adjusted his hand so that it was placed on her waist instead and his head was on her shoulder so that his lips would near her ear.

His lips curved into his all-knowing smirk. "You're fretting again, aren't you?" he said cheekily. His cool breath tickled her ear. She pouted and looked away. He chuckled before gently telling her, "It's alright. I won't do anything to you if you don't want me to." He kissed her cheek before he switched the lamp beside their bed and he let go of her.

Kahoko trusted Len and smiled at him as he did too before closing her eyes. The next day, they finally left to go back home. Kahoko hugged Mina and Gan for one last time before they board the plane that Shouko had sent. They were surprised to see a free lunch settled in for them.

She smiled as she bit down the last of her blueberry cheesecake. She squealed with delight while Len continued to sip his tea. He looked up to see the red-haired woman staring at him. He raised an eyebrow as she giggled. He frowned and she stopped before he noticed a crumb on her cheek.

He smirked again, 'Payback time…' His lips met the crumb before they implanted themselves on her lips before she could comment. She blushed when she noticed the stewardess giggling, but gave back his kiss with full force.

They broke apart when the pilot spoke, "Ah-hem, sorry to disturb you, but we'll soon be landing." Both blushed before finally letting go of each other. Len had another surprise in store for Kahoko as he showed her their new house when they arrived. Inside, all the presents they received from their friends were there. There were several kitchen appliances that were given. Others were pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups and silver ware. There were also pieces of furniture.

But what stood out the most was the wedding album with pictures that Amou Nami provided. Kahoko was delighted and even Len was impressed at the work though he hated the reporter. Their house had two floors. The kitchen, dining room, a small restroom and living room were located. A master bedroom, the main bathroom and four more rooms were located above.

Kahoko eagerly walked out to the balcony and relished the breeze that caressed her face. Len chuckled before approaching her and hugging her from behind. He nuzzled his nose in her hair and spoke against it, "So, how do you like it?" She turned around to face him, "I love it! I can't believe we would be living here together."

He caught her lips in a passionate dance before they knew it they were on the bed with Len pinning her down. "So…" Len started. Kahoko smiled and gave a quick peck before telling him softly, "Be gentle, alright?" With those words, he pleasured her.

It was a windy night when Len took his wife to the hospital nine months later. She was breathing hard but not screaming like most would do when they're about to give birth. He carried her gently into the wheelchair provided. With one final touch of their hands, she was put into the delivery room.

An hour later, Kahoko's mother and sister and Tsukimori's parents arrived. Then after a few minutes, Tsuchiura Ryoutaro, Yunoki Azuma and Hihara Kazuki arrived followed by Shimizu Keiichi and Fuyuumi Shouko. Mio, Nao and Amou Nami also dropped by as all stood and waited for the baby. Len paced just outside the delivery room while the others ,even an occasional pat from Tsuchiura, comforted him and told him it would be alright.

Several hours had past and finally a cry could be heard and Len lifted his head as everybody cheered. A few moments later, the nurse called him in and he found his wife carrying two babies in her arms. She was crying happily and he saw a tiny hand reaching towards her face. She finally noticed him and called to him, smiling, "Len…." He approached her and she handed him a baby. It was wrapped in a blue blanket so that meant he was a boy. He opened his eyes and smiled at his father before giggling. "He has your eyes and your smile, Kahoko." Len said in awe as he stroked his son's blue hair.

Kahoko dried her tears as she watched her baby sleep. The other was wrapped in a pink blanket and her hair was red like her mother's. "And our baby girl has your eyes, Len." They both smiled and later the room was full of their friends and family.

Len and Kahoko named their babies, Ken and Hana.


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