Hello there. You might be wondering who I am, what I look like and what I do... You may be wondering what my name is, and why I'm introducing you to this little story. Well, sit back and enjoy the ride, for it's all about to be revealed.

My name is Amy Dumas. I'm soon to be thirty-three, am single and am a column writer for a popular women's magazine. My area of expertise? Relationships.

I've had my fair share of relationships ever since I first started dating at the age of fifteen. I've yet to find the right guy. Well, more aptly, the right guy who doesn't move clear across the continent, which is exactly what happened with the best boyfriend I've ever had... We were in college together, but he moved from New York to California to attend UCLA. Yes, life sucks sometimes.

I may be back on the road to something great, something big, as far as dating and relationships go. A couple of weeks back, I met a handsome guy named Adam on the street. And it happened in the oddest way, too - we literally bumped into one another. I had fallen for him - again, literally... In the heels I was wearing, and because he was a pretty big, tall man, I'd lost my balance and fallen right on my ass. He'd promptly apologized and offered me a hand, helping me back to my feet. I hate to admit it, but I was mesmerized... Adam is tall, like I said, around six-four or six-five, blond and has the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen that weren't on a cat.

We didn't really talk a whole lot during that chance encounter, but he did give me his card. I ended up giving him mine in return and told him to call me. Only, it's been two weeks and... well, he hasn't.

"Oh, so what? Why don't you call him? This is the twenty-first century!"

That's my friend Lisa Marie Varon. She's a sultry, sexy brunette who lives life in her own way. She's pushy, brash and brutally honest, yet sophisticated all at the same time. She's thirty-seven, a public relations manager and has never been married. And she isn't exactly the type who has relationships, either... At least not those where the guy sleeps over. Since I've known her, Lisa's longest relationship lasted approximately two months. She broke up with the guy because he couldn't satisfy her in bed. A bit petty, I know, and frankly, she even loved him. She was miserable for weeks afterward, but of course she managed to bounce back.

"I agree with you, Lisa. In today's world, we women have to make things happen for ourselves."

That bit of wisdom came from my friend Candice Michelle Beckman. She's another beautiful, single brunette, sometimes wisecracking, almost always cynical, but definitely not bitter. She's a successful, high-powered attorney who works for a law firm located in the Upper East Side. It seems like she always has it tough in relationships, and she's been known to swear off men every couple of years. It's not that she hates them, mind you, but she always seems to find the wrong ones - or they find her. Her last boyfriend was like a lovesick puppy, but it didn't last and she was the one to break it off. She hates being called 'Candi,' although she tolerates it from Lisa Marie.

"No, you can't do that, Amy! Wait for him to call... You don't want to look pushy or needy, do you? Besides, it always feels so good when the man calls you. He'll call, I'm sure of it. And it will be so worth the wait."

That was my friend Trish Stratus, who said all that. She's a very sweet, very lovely and optimistic type of girl. She's a true romantic and is always looking for the perfect man - too bad he doesn't exist, huh? She's the manager of an upscale art gallery in the Village, blonde, petite and cute... Beautiful, actually. Trish is always yearning and dreaming of her ideal life. She's had high hopes since I first met her in our senior year of high school. She aspires to someday get married, have the perfect traditional wedding, move to a beautiful house in the suburbs, have two kids and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, much like Candice, she seems to meet only guys who are all wrong for her. But Trish is not one to give up easily. She's tenacious, and the way I know her, she'll never quit until she finds her soulmate. And more power to her for that.

"Oh, get off it, blondie!" Lisa Marie cried as she lightly swatted Trish, who was seated beside her, in the shoulder. "Candi said it best - you can't just sit around and wait for things to happen - you've got to make them happen! Honey," she continued, this time focusing her dark brown eyes on me across the table, "you have his number on you?"

"Huh?" I reached into my purse, and sure enough, there was Adam's business card, exactly where I'd left it. "Well, what do you know? Yeah, I do."

Lisa's face broke into a confident, knowing smile. She gestured with her manicured left hand to me as she went on.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and call him!"

Candice nodded in agreement while Trish frowned, protesting as she shook her head. However, majority won out, and I reached for my cell phone, flipping it open as I glanced at the number on the card. Slowly but surely, I began to dial.

"Hi, Adam," I said when the man picked up on the other end. He'd answered not with a 'hello' but with his full name. His last name was 'Copeland.' Pretty name.

We spoke for about five minutes, with me feeling just a tad awkward due to the fact that, even though the three women with me were my best friends in the universe, they were all staring and listening intently. Besides, I had to endure Lisa and Candice's little gestures of encouragement and Trish's of protest, throughout our entire conversation. It was strange, to say the least.

Finally, I flipped the phone to a close, hanging up. I couldn't help but sit there and smile.

"Well, what happened?" Candice asked, nudging me in the ribs. I turned to my left to face her, still smiling, and also eyed my other two friends in turn.

"He said he meant to call me, but he's been in Japan on business the last two weeks," I replied. "He just got back last night. Regardless, he's taking me out to dinner tomorrow night!"

"Wonderful!" Trish squealed, clapping her hands in delight.

For some reason, I felt so giddy. I had a feeling this date was going to change my life in a very profound way. I couldn't wait for the following night!