Innocence Defiled

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I know nothing, and I want everything. Sigh I just play with them and the themes of the show and then send the boys back home.

Wee!Chester: Dean is 7 and Sam is 3

Author's Note: Not too sure where this story will go or for how long, it came to me in my Romantic Movement lecture this afternoon, from something my lecturer said ... The poet Wordsworth was famous for his ideal of the child, I kindof hope that this will do it justice.

Chapter Five

'Up until the van crashed.' John answered but he sounded distracted as he watched the boys. Sammy whimpered in his sleep and called out his brother's name, even asleep Dean responded to his little brother and tightened his grip on Sammy's hand murmuring little noises as they both drifted off again.

'They are amazing boys John.' Doctor Merrin said, 'their bond is very strong?'

'Yeah, ah after the mom died Dean decided that he was going to protect Sammy from everyone no matter what, he was only four.' John gave the doctor a sad smile, 'so ah Dean had some pain earlier, Sammy was disorientated at first but calmed down and seemed to be in good spirits.'

'Oh that sounds promising honestly, especially for Sammy.' Anna smiled and went to the bed, 'let's have a look then shall we?'

'Whatcha doing doc?' Dean demanded he glared at her with one eye open and fixed on her face.

'Just checking Sammy's incision.' She said trying not to smile, 'I promise I won't hurt him.'

'Okay.' Dean said as he scrambled to sit up to watch, he felt a strong hand behind him and turned his head to see his father, 'aw dad come on, not in front of her.'

'Not what?'

'I don't want to look like some weakling, I mean dude ... come on.' Dean shook his head in mock horror.

Anna couldn't hide her smile anymore and gave Dean a wink before she went back to inspecting Sammy's stomach. 'Let's see just how good are my stitches.'

'Nice and neat, and yeah small enough you did okay Doc.' Dean nodded his head thoughtfully, 'Sammy shouldn't have to big a scar.'

'Why thank you Doctor Winchester.' Anna laughed but as fast as it came her laughter left as she leaned down to look closely at the incision. 'Hmm.'

'What? What's hmm?' Dean panicked not liking the fact that the lady doctor stopped smiling.

'John I think we need to do a scan of Sammy's abdomen ... just to make sure that everything's alright.'

'What's happened?'

'Just some slight signs of infection and it feels a little hot.' Anna said trying to downplay her concerns.

'Anna?' John sank down on the chair and suddenly felt old.

'I'm sure that I'm overreacting but better to be safe.' She wrote quickly on Sammy's chart and then went around to examine Dean.

'How many fingers am I holding up?'

'What do I get if I get it right?' Dean wangled an eyebrow at her, but then glanced over her shoulder at his dad's thunderous face and settled back against the pillows, 'two.'

'Very good, now I want you to watch my finger and without moving your head follow it.' Anna watched closely as Dean tracked her finger without effort but when she put her hand down she noted the squint and tight lines around the boy's eyes. 'Just a few more tests and then I'll give ya something for the pain.'

'No more jabs.' Dean hissed.

'Promise, it will be injected into the port on your IV and then into you.' She said as she checked his head wound and then his chest. 'Looking good Dean.'

'Always.' He sighed.

'Alright I'll send the nurse in to do the dressings change for both boys and while she's doing that I'll organise the scan for Sammy.'

'Thanks Anna.' John said as he turned his full attention to his boys fussing over them after she left.

Bobby stood by the window and watched as the doctor did her examinations, he had to chuckle at Dean's antics, he was going to be a woman-killer when he was older if he kept that up. His gaze flicked between little Sammy, Dean and their dad; he couldn't stop thinking of what John had told him, Dean remembered a third man.

'I'll be right back.' He said suddenly moving towards the door 'won't be long.'

'Bobby?' John looked over his shoulder but his friend was already gone. 'Damn it Bobby what are you up to?'

'Excuse me Mister Winchester I just have to redo the dressings for the boys,' the nurse from earlier came in pushing a trolley. As she made a sterile area John took a moment to finish his coffee and to try and work out what Bobby had in mind. 'Excuse me I'll be right back, I just need to ask Doctor Merrin something.' The nurse said her face pale she rushed from the room. Disturbed at her actions John strode to the bed and stared down, a thin yellowish fluid dribbled from Sam's surgical incision the skin looked puckered and red.

'Sammy?' Dean whispered and slowly opened his eyes to stare up at his dad, 'what's wrong with Sammy?'

'Not sure son but I'm sure that the doctor will be able to fix it.'


'Hey Sammy how you feeling little dude?'

'My tummy feels funny.' Sammy pouted as large tears started to fall again, 'Sammee broke?'

'No baby you're not broke, just a little banged up.'

'Yeah at least you'll have a cool scar to show the girls at day care.' Dean said with a smile, 'hey dad?'

'Yeah sport?'

'Ya think I can lie in my own bed for a while? I mean I know that I'm fine here with Sammy but I have a feeling that the doctor will need ... and I kinda don't feel so good.'

'Yeah sure Dean,' John picked his son up and once again made sure he got both Dean and his IV pole across to the other bed.

Sammy watched them with large eyes, so dark with emotion and pain they looked black rather than green. 'Deanie don't lob Sammee no more?'

'Ah no little dude just need to scope out the action in the hallway while they play with your belly.' Dean managed to grin at his brother while hiding the pain shooting through his chest. 'Don't wanna get yer cooties.'

'Ew Deanie, no have cooties, you do.' Sammy giggled but then his little face screwed up, his cheeks infused with red as he built up for a sound barrier shattering scream, 'hurts, tummy hurts so bad, Daddy!'

'Hey, hey calm down Sammy, daddy's here.' John suddenly felt out of his depth, his two boys were in pain and upset and he felt torn into two. 'Dean you okay over there for a minute?'

'Yeah dad, just make sure that Sammy's okay.'

The next two minutes became a flurry of activity as three nurses hurried in behind Anna and surrounded Sammy's bed, an ear splitting scream for Dean came from the centre of the group and they parted so that the little boy could see his brother. A pair of wide terror filled eyes stared out searching for a certain face. Terrified that he was trapped and alone Sammy sobbed and struggled against the hands trying to hold him down, 'no, no let go Sammy, want Deanie, where Deanie?'

'Sh Sammy, it's alright Deanie's right there, and I'm right here.' John tried to console the distressed toddler, 'look Deanie's right there.' John pointed to the other bed but Sammy was beyond comfort, he was tired, his tummy felt sore, hot and weird, his arm itched and his leg was all heavy and achy. All he could see were the hands reaching for him and the memories flooded back terrifying the three year old, unable to process what was real, there and now and what was memory.

'Deanie, please Deanie, want Deanie, no, no, no go, no go.' Working himself into a hysterical tantrum, Sammy couldn't even see his daddy anymore, all he could see were the hands reaching for him. 'No, no meanie man, no want Deanie, peaze Sammee be good, peaze.'

'Aw Sammy, hey Sammy little dude I'm over here.' Dean tried to catch Sam's attention, he nearly did so as Sammy started to blink and look over at his brother but then one of the nurses stepped into his line of sight and blocked the only anchor he had.

'Hey doc whatcha doin'?' Dean yelled when he saw the lady doctor prepare an injection for Sammy.

'It's just a small sedative to calm him down, he's not ...'

'Hey lady I can calm him down.' Dean huffed, 'just get em all outta the way.'

Stunned the nurses moved away from between the beds, 'Sammy, hi little dude I'm right here.'

'Deanie?' Sammy took a shuddering breath and stared at his brother's face, 'you kay?'

'Yeah little man, I'm kay, what bout you?'

'Sammy hurts.' Sammy dropped his lip and sniffled again, 'meanie hurts.'

'The meanies are gone Sammy, just us, daddy and uncle Bobby now.'

'All gone?'

'Yeah Sammy all gone.' Dean sighed and gave his brother a wink, 'hey Superboy.'

'Sammy Superboy?'

'Yep you are and you're brave like Superboy.'


'So can you do sumfin really brave?'

'Yep, can for my Deanie.'

'You have to go with the lady doc and daddy and have a picture taken of your belly.'

'Deanie come too?'

'Nope can't dude, remember I'm Superbrother and I gotta make sure that the room is umm sec ... secuer.'

'Oh okkies Deanie, Daddy come wif Sammy?'

'Yeah little man, I'll be with you and Dean can keep the room secure.' John said managing to keep his smile down, the bond between the two boys blew him away literally. In a fraction of a second Dean had Sammy calmed down, talking and laughing, he shook his head and turned his head to hide his grin. 'Ah think we'll be right to go.'

'I'll be right here when ya get back Sammy.' Dean said giving his little brother a wave, 'anyways someone's gotta wait for uncle Bobby.' Dean watched them take Sammy away on a big gurney, his dad on one side and the lady doc on the other; he heaved a big sigh and tried to settle down in his bed. He tried to hide just how much he hurt from his dad and brother and now he was alone he let it all come to the surface.

'Knew you were tryin' to fox everyone.' Bobby said as he stepped towards Dean's bed, 'ya don't have ta brave it up for me kiddo.'

'Hey uncle Bobby.' Dean gave the man a big but tired smile, there was something about Bobby that made Dean feel like he could just be himself with him, not John's son and good little soldier and not Sammy's big brother and carer, just himself Dean Winchester. 'It kinda hurts all over.'

'Did they give ya anything?'

'Yeah that lady doc put sumfin in that.' Dean pointed to his IV, 'but still don't feel any different. Don't tell dad okay.'


'Coz he's worried enough bout Sammy, an' well I'm a Winchester afterall.'

'Yeah, yeah, come on kiddo how about you get some sleep for a while.'

'You gonna stay here?'

'Yeah little man I am.'

'Dad had to go with Sammy they wanted to take pictures of Sammy's belly.' Dean yawned and fought to keep his eyes open.

'You just rest Dean, I'll be right here son.' Bobby patted Dean's hand and then sat down next to the bed and kept watch over the eight year old. 'You just rest, kiddo.'


John paced the room, gnawing on his fingernails, both of the boys slept soundly, thankfully, Sammy didn't need anymore surgery, a new IV was set up giving him a cocktail of antibiotics that seemed to be working fine. Dean was just about ready to be discharged from hospital, but refused to leave until Sammy was too. Bobby relieved John during the night so he could get some sleep on the cot and someone kept an eye on the boys. It was all going fine and John was getting antsy. He hated waiting at the best of times and now the boys were showing improvements he wanted to get back on the road.

'John Winchester don't you dare think about the hunt.' Bobby growled at him, stunned and startled John stopped pacing and stared at his friend, 'I mean it yer boys need ya, Goddammit Winchester, little Sammy still has the cast and the brace, Dean can barely sit up straight and you want to put them in that death trap of a car of yours to God only knows where.'

'Thanks for the input Bobby but I think I know what's best for my boys.' John snarled.

'Oh ya do, do ya.' Bobby growled back, 'have you even thought of the fact that you haven't done anything about Dean's birthday?'

'What are you talking about now Singer?'

'Your son's birthday ... you couldn't even give him a hug and wish him happy birthday.'

'I didn't hear him complain.'

'You know in just a few months Sammy's gonna be four, whatcha gonna do for that? Wish him happy birthday over the phone while the boys sit alone in a motel room again?'

'You don't know whatcha talkin' bout Bobby.'

'Yeah I do, just the same as afore, you'll get a hunt, lock those boys in a crapped out motel room with the promise to be back for Sammy's birthday and ya'll forgit about it all coz of your blessed hunt. Your son only turns eight once, your baby will only turn four once.'

'There'll be other birthdays Bobby but that sonovabitch is still out there, I gotta find Mary's killer Bobby, it's nearly four years since and ... I can't stop now.'

Bobby opened his mouth and closed it again, there was no use talking to the mule-headed-eedjit. Sliding his baseball cap to the back of his head and back Bobby glanced over at Dean and noticed that the boy was awake and listening, silent tears ran down his cheeks.

'Right this is what we're gonna do, after the boys get discharged we're all heading back to my place, ah no arguments ...' Bobby held his hand up to silence John's instant retort, 'we're gonna have a belated birthday party for Dean, that kid ... that kid has been through hell and back John, my God man your eight year old had to kill a man.' Bobby yelled in a loud whisper trying not to let his anger get the better of him and have Dean hear anymore. 'Now yer coming back to my place we're gonna play nice and celebrate the fact that both of your sons survived something that should never have happened to em. Then, and only then they can stay with me while Sammy's arm and leg heal properly and you can go off on your insane hunt. But by God John Winchester you miss Sammy's fourth birthday and I will personally hunt your ass down meself.'


'The only thing that will make me finish is yer agreement.'

'Okay Bobby, fine we'll do it your way.' John scrubbed his hands through his hair and then down his face, 'we'll go back to your place.'


'Give Dean his birthday.'






The shining black impala pulled up behind the rattling old truck, in the car sat a father and his little boy chattering away in his car seat, in the truck an adopted uncle and his excited nephew riding shotgun. 'Uncle Bobby we really stayin' here?'

'Yep sure am.' Bobby laughed at the youngster's enthusiasm, 'ya don't mind do ya?'

'Nope, not all.' Dean grinned and then winced rubbing his chest, 'glad to be here actually.'

'Yer chest hurtin' much?'

'Nah it's okay, I better go an' see if dad needs help with Sammy.' Dean shot his 'uncle' a grin and then cautiously slid out of the truck and made his way to the impala. 'Hey baby ya miss me?' he whispered running his hand reverently along the black hood.

'So dad ya need help or what?'

'Nuff of the or what, can you get your brother and I'll get the bags.' John grumbled, his nerves frazzled by the constant 'why' questions from the occupant of the back seat, all he wanted was a stiff drink and a hot shower.

'Deanie.' Sammy squealed holding out his uncasted hand to his brother. 'Deanie helps.'

'Yep Deanie will helps ya Sammy.'


'Yeah little dude.' Dean undid the buckle and helped Sammy slide out of his seat, with his braced leg he waddled more than walked next to his big brother.

'How come daddy get mad?'

'Dunno he just does.'

'Daddy got mad wif Sammee.'

'How come dude?'

'He yelled at Sammee when Sammee axed ...'

'asked Sammy, oh you didn't ... you did you did the why on him didn't ya.' Dean laughed and ruffled his brother's hair, 'way to go Sammy.'

'Daddy not tell Sammee why.' Sammy pouted as he looked at the steps and then at his brother.

'Ah kay this is gonna be hard.'

'Don't worry bout it kiddo.' Bobby grinned appearing at the top of the steps, 'come on up Sammy.' Bobby swung the little boy up into his arms and carried him in the rest of the way, giving Dean a chance to walk up without too much more pain.

As the boys, napped John and Bobby went about setting up the few decorations they managed to get, piled on the table three hastily wrapped presents and then a chocolate cake with eight candles finished the celebrations.

After John woke them, he carried Sammy while Dean walked ahead of them downstairs to where Bobby stood with the cake and lit candles.

'Happy belated birthday Dean.' John and Bobby chorused together.

'Happy birfday Deanie.' Sammy chirped trying to clap his hands with the encumbering cast.

Dean stood in stunned silence with tears glistening in his eyes he stared up at his dad, 'dad?'

'Happy birthday son.' John said his voice thick with emotions as he saw the happiness shine in those big green eyes.

'Thanks dad.' Dean blew out the candles with Sammy's help and then sat down to open his presents.

'Okay these cards are from Doctor Anna and the nurses,' John said handing Dean two envelopes, 'and from detective Forrest.'

'Wow,' Dean exclaimed holding up the ten dollar note from the detective, 'he was pretty cool wasn't he dad.'

'Yeah he was.' John grinned, knowing that the detective worked overtime to protect the boys' identities and made sure that the press and lawyers did not get anywhere near Dean. John and Forrest both agreeing with the doctors and therapists that Dean should not be held accountable for what happened and that if he remembered on his own then it would be dealt with and only then.

Ripping the other envelope open Dean found a twenty-dollar bill and all of the nurses had signed the card as well as Doctor Anna. 'Hey I got thirty dollars to spend Sammy.' Dean grinned at his brother.

'This present is from me kiddo.' Bobby held the small box out.

'Thanks uncle Bobby.' Dean enthused as he ripped the paper off to find a homemade dreamcatcher all in black and purple and a boxed car, Dean's smile grew even more when he saw the small black impala. 'So cool, thanks uncle Bobby.'

Bobby huffed and excused himself to make drinks to have with the cake, while John nodded to Sammy. The little boy waddled over to Dean and picked up one of the presents, 'this fwom Sammee ... fwom me.' He got out giving his brother a big hug and kiss, 'Sammee kisses.' He giggled at Dean's face, the smile showcasing his dimples, 'Deanie got cooties.'

'Sammy!' John scolded the little boy playfully.

Dean opened the present to find a picture drawn my Sammy and two plastic dogs from Sammy's farm animal set. 'Aw gee thanks Sammy.' Dean said hugging his brother back.

'He's Woofy and he's Blackie, theys wanna play wif Deanie.' Sammy said as he looked longingly at the toys and then he looked up at Dean, 'they lub Deanie, like Sammy does.'

'They love Deanie.' John corrected Sam's speech again, a habit he started during the long drive back to Bobby's place from the hospital.

'Wha' daddy says.' Sammy giggled holding his good hand over his face but his dimples remained visible.

'The last one's from me squirt.' John said holding out the last gift.

'Thanks Dad.' Dean grinned and opened it, reverently pulling at the paper. 'Wow this is awesome dad.'

'Yeah well it comes with responsibilities Dean.' John warned him, 'tomorrow we'll sit down and go over them okay.'

'Yeah sure dad.' Dean enthused as he looked at the pocket knife, 'this is so cool, it's got all these gadgets, did ya see uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah I did sport.' Bobby said as he placed a tray laden with drinks on the table next to the cake. 'Milk for the boys, and my special coffee for us.'

'Special coffee?' John quirked an eyebrow at Bobby and took a sip of his drink. 'ah very special.' He agreed tasting the bitter-sweet tang of whiskey in the strong black coffee.


Dean sat on the top step and watched his father drive away, dust kicking up in the wake of the impala. On his knee, he rested the small toy version Bobby gave him, absently running it up and down his thigh. 'Bye dad.' He mumbled, slowly he stood and rubbed his aching chest and scanned the area before heading inside.

'You okay sport?' Bobby asked looking up from the dusty book he was working with.

'Yeah guess so, where's Sammy?'

'Sound asleep on the couch.' Bobby said, 'the TV must've bored him to sleep.'

'Uncle Bobby?'


'How come dad doesn't want to know anymore bout what happened?' Dean asked climbing on the big rocking chair he dangled his feet and rocked himself as he looked at the hunter.

'Dunno I guess he figures that if you and Sammy are okay then that's all he needs to know.'

'I heard you and dad talking in the hospital.'


'I remember what I did uncle Bobby, how comes I didn't get in trouble?'

'What do you remember Dean?' Bobby put his pen down and stood up, going over to the rocking chair he took a deep breath and picked the small boy up and sat him on his knee.

'We was hiding from the meanie,' Dean started staring down at the small car in his fist, 'Sammy got real sick and he wouldn't wake up, I was so scared an', an' then that meanie turned up and he was gonna hurt Sammy so I kicked him, an' then I jumped him and bit his hand.'

'Way to go Dean.'

'The man got mad but he dropped his gun and I got it.'

'He still wouldn't leave Sammy lone, I begged him to but he wouldn't an' he didn't believe me when I said I could shoot.'

'What happened then?'

'He went to grab the gun ... I shot him uncle Bobby, he dropped down dead as dead.'

'Dean you feeling okay bout this?'

'Yeah I guess, I had to protect Sammy, that's my job to protect Sammy.'

'You did good Dean, you did real good.'

'Okay, uncle Bobby?'


'Can me and Sammy stay wif you for a little while?'

'Yeah sure sport.'

'I know dad had to go, an' I know he misses us but ... but I just want Sammy to be better.'

'So do I kiddo.'

'Dad will be back though won't he?'

'Yeah he will, I made him promise it.'

'So that's okay then?'

'Sure is, so how about we go and do some work on the truck?'

'Could we?' Dean's face lit up as he clamoured down from Bobby's knee, 'thanks uncle Bobby from me and Sammy.'

'Come on kiddo nuff of this chick stuff.' Bobby playfully ruffled Dean's hair and led the way into the living room to get Sammy.

'Hey watch the hair uncle Bobby.' Dean whined as he pushed a stray strand back into formation with the others. 'Ya think I need a hair cut yet?'

Bobby shook his head and tried not to laugh when he saw the earnest look on Dean's face, 'come on runt let's get yer brother up.'

'Uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah Dean?'

'What about the other man?'

'The other man?'

'Yeah the other man who's not dead.'

'Dunno, let the detective worry bout that Dean.' Bobby said hiding his own worry, he tried to find the man while the boys were in hospital but by the time he tracked down the house, he was gone and the place was wiped clean. 'But don't worry yer safe here with me, both you boys.'

'Thanks uncle Bobby.' Dean grinned and then ran to where Sammy lay on the couch, 'hey Sammy's awake.'

'Had bad dream, where Deanie go?' Sammy rubbed at his eyes and stared miserably at his brother.

'What's wrong Sammy?'

'Daddy gone?'

'Yeah not for long though, he had to go back to work.' Dean said with such a matter-of-fact tone that it made Bobby stop and stare at the boy. 'He'll be back soon.'

'Meanie man got Sammy agin.' Sammy cried, 'Sammy couldn't find Deanie.'

'Remember Sammy you have to say me or I know not your own name.' Dean tried to explain to Sammy and to take his mind off the horrors of his dream.

'Me an' Deanie.' Sammy announced happily, 'stay here wif uncle Bobby?'

'Close enough runt, so wanna come outside and play for a while?'

'Kay.' Sammy tried to scramble off the couch but his brace caught in the throw rug and got tangled. 'Bad leg.'

'Uncle Bobby ya think Sammy might be able to have the brace off for a while? The doctors said he could start a little at a time.'

'Yeah be good for the kid.' Bobby agreed, crouching down in front of the toddler he managed to extricate Sammy's leg from the contraption with only a small amount of under his breath cussing.

Gingerly Sammy lowered his leg to the floor and let Dean hold him while he got used to standing properly again. 'Leg feel funny Deanie, got prickles.'

'That's good Sammy means that your leg starting to work again.' Bobby said reassuringly, 'ready to go outside?'

'Okkies but...'

'What's wrong Sammy?'

'Don' leave Sammee ... me.'

'Never runt you and me together forever.' Dean grinned and hugged his brother.

'Togefer fer-ever.' Sammy managed to get the words out and looked up at his brother.

'Nice Sammy, okay let's get this show on the road.' Bobby said as he herded the two boys out into the sunshine. 'Sam stop itchin' that danged cast.'

'Not Sam, Sammee.' Sam said stamping his foot, 'not Sam.'

'Okay not Sam let's go.' Dean chuckled.

'Not funny Deanie.'

'Aw come on Sammy was a little funny.'


'Just a little.'


'Yeah dude?'

'Why daddy go?'

'He had to go to work.'


'Coz he has to it's his job.'