Disclaimer: Well, this is a crossover between Danny Phantom and Naruto

Disclaimer: Well, this is a crossover between Danny Phantom and Naruto. Danny universe is post Phantom Planet and Naruto is post Orochimaru's House. I bet you've seen millions similar, but this won't be like the rest. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Danny!

"So, Sam, Tucker? What are we doing today?" A dark haired teen asked, bored. He had a white shirt on with a red oval in the center. Combined with his blue jeans, he would look just like a regular teenager. 'Look' was the operative word there, as he, his friends, his family, and the rest of the world knew, he had Ghost Powers, and was also known as Danny Phantom.

It had been a year since the Disasteroid incident, so everyone was used to his secret. After the secret was revealed, he was met mostly with praise and adoration. However, not everyone shared their love of him, as they were afraid of his powers. Quite foolish, as Danny only protected his fellow man (and ghosts if they were being threatened, instead of threatening.)

As they walked outside of Casper High, many whispers could be heard, most from adoring fan-girls and boys (this included the teachers as Danny was happy to say). Danny and his two friends, Sam and Tucker showed no notice. The day was clear, not a cloud in the sky. The sun was bright, and there was just a hint of a cool breeze. It was a perfect day.

"Oh, I don't know…Mega Movie Night at my place?" Sam asked. Sam was Goth, dressed in a black tank-top with a green oval in the center. Also mandatory for her outfit was a skirt with a green grid pattern over the black base color, tight purple pants that covered her legs entirely. To complete the look, she had black combat boots that had their bottoms made of steel. She had her hair in her normal style, short with a tiny-pony tail on the top of her head.

"I was thinking we could play Doom on-line tonight, with us pawning all the lesser players." Danny's other friend, Tucker suggested. Tucker, Danny's other best friend, Tucker, was an African-American nerd. His out-fit included a red beret, a yellow sweat-shirt and parachute pants. He was adjusting his glasses as the three stepped out side the building, for the last time for two months. Summer vacation had started. And Tucker, the youngest mayor in National History, as of right after the disasteroid incident, had left Vice-Mayor in charge while he was going to be away. He actually did a magnificent job, even though it required hours on end studying. "Then we need to spend tomorrow packing, because you know what summer means…"

"Cross country trip!" The trio yelled in unison. Looking ahead, they saw the Fenton R.V waiting for the three. The Fenton R.V was made of compressed ectoplasm enhanced steel, making it tougher than a mountain, which explains why Danny's father, Jack Fenton, survived driving the way he did (haphazardly without caution at 180 miles per hour). Most of its wheels were treaded together, save for the front wheels. The green meteoric 'F' on the side was gleaming as bright as ever.


"Comic Con…"


"All in one trip!" Danny finished for the trio as they walked into the R.V, sat down, and buckled themselves up. In side at the wheel was Danny's mom, Maddie. She had a blue hazmat suit on, but her hood was down, revealing her blue eyes and red hair. Aside from being an excellent cook, she is also a professional ghost hunter, for which she is admired for by the human community and the despised by the ghost community.

Danny sat to the left of Sam, who sat to the right of Tucker. Looking out the window, you could see the grand majority of the student body waving good-by to Danny. Most yelling loudly, and good fraction of the female half were yelling 'I love you Danny!' and 'Be mine, Danny!' apart from the shouts of departure and farewell.

Danny, being the cool guy he was, was waving back. There was confetti flying, there were kids wearing Danny Phantom t-shirts…and there was nearly 10 news crew, cataloguing the historic event of Danny and friends leaving Amity Park for the rest of the nation, and for peace and sanity.

"Ten News crews?!" Tucker exclaimed loudly as he un-buckled and rushed over to the window when Danny told him the number he'd counted. "I betted fifteen!"

"Excuse me?" Sam asked, looking at the despairing techno geek.

"I bet Dash last week that no less than fifteen news crews would show up!" Tucker explained as he began re-counting. "I be him 10,000!"

"You had better be using your own money to pay him off, then!" Sam was a bit shocked at her friend's cavalier gambling habits.

"I don't have that much money!" Tucker exclaimed frantically as the school disappeared from view. "I can only hope that he forgets it over the summer."

"You'd better hope that's the case…" Sam commented as Tucker sulked over to his seat and buckled himself again.

"Danny, Sam, Tucker?" Mrs. Fenton asked. "How was school? Did anyone give you trouble?"

"No, mom." Danny said happily. He had managed to get his grades back up over the year. "It was great."

"Good!" Maddie said. "Now, are you two coming over, or am I dropping Danny at one of your houses?"

The trio of friends instantly made a circle. There were intense whispers, and soon they broke apart. "We're going to my place."

"Okay!" Maddie changed lanes. "When you get over there, you behave Danny."

"Mom!" Danny looked at his mom in shock. "I have never done a single impolite thing over there!"

"Still clueless as ever." Tucker said, shaking his head. This earned him a punch on the arm from Sam. "Ow!"

Mrs. Fenton sighed. She just didn't understand how one boy could be that clueless. Not even his father was that clueless at that age, and she herself was perfectly conscious of everything going on. That was supposed to tone it down. Not magnify it. But no, he was the most clueless teenage boy alive. But, she smiled to herself; he was also the most lovable teenage boy alive.

"So what movie are we going to watch?" Sam asked.

"Zombie horde 3!" Danny suggested brightly.

"Killer Ninja's 5!" Tucker raised his hand in support of his favorite movie.
"I vote Zombie Horde 3." Sam said. That settled it. Two against one.

"Awww…man!" Tucker let his head hang, his glasses nearly coming off, but he caught them, pressing them against his face before they could leave. "You only voted for that because you're his girlfriend!"

"Hey, relationships have perks." Danny said, as Sam almost let out a much more biting, scathing remark. Danny pulled her close, making Sam blush, all intended remarks forgotten. "You should get a girlfriend. Maybe you could win once in a while."

"I've tried!" Tucker complained loudly. "No one wants to get in deep with the Mayor of Amity Park with Ghost-boy super-hero around!"

"Well, it's kinda obvious why…" Danny flashed a grin, showing his pearly whites. This earned him a hard punch on the arm from Sam. "Ow!"

"I'll deal with you later…" Sam said quietly, but Danny sunk into his seat. "Quit whining Tuck, you'll find someone eventually."

"Really?" Tucker responded brightly. Anything to give him hope was a good thing, as Sam and Danny found out. His Mayoral Duties were extremely stressful, so it was not always easy to cheer him up, becoming around Danny's level of difficulty when he first got his powers.

"Alright, we're here!" Danny's mom said as the R.V pulled up to Sam's mansion. Her parents were richest people in Amity Park, only having that title revoked when Vlad Masters moved into the neighborhood temporarily.

"Zombie Horde 3 here we come!" Danny yelled, running up to Sam's front door.

Meanwhile, in the ghost zone, a lone tower sat on a floating island like most, sitting amongst countless floating doors. Most led to other Ghost's domains, while some led to other tangible worlds, depending where you were in the green void. The out side of the tower was adorned with a very large clock, and many, many large gears. The inside matched, somewhat, with many gears and clocks adorning the halls of the tower, and a single, large glowing screen was floating in the center of the main room.

The specter known as Clockwork floated out side of a large chamber with a closable steel door, adorned with purple and sky blue steel, Clockwork's main colors; the door was similar to a vault. One could barely make out the contents as the door swung closed, as small, metallic thermos, surrounded with a blue, static field.

Floating at the entrance, two robed figures, both were floating above the ground. There robes where white, adorned with golden out lines, but the insides were a solid black. A testament to their duel-natures, Clockwork surmised. Sitting where the head should be was dome, filled with green ectoplasm and had a single eye floating in the center. These were the observant, Clockworks employers.

"Is the prisoner still imprisoned?" Asked one, its dome moving in since with the words spoken as Clockwork floated to greet his two visitors with much annoyance. They just didn't trust him, did they?

"Yes, he is still imprisoned." Clockwork stated, his tone was flat, bland, but had a hint of the total and absolute knowledge he possessed. His adult form, with comprised of him, his torso and face being that of a healthy twenty year old, with solid red eyes and a scar on his left eye, had just shifted to his older form. This one was an old man; a long, white beard and shrunken skin with many wrinkles were the only difference. His purple cape still draped over him, almost covering the clear glass door shielding his inner gears. Like the rest of his realm, he was a clock. A living, breathing clock (as living and breathing as a ghost can get, anyway), but a clock nonetheless.

"Good." The other expressed relief, his hand, nothing but skin and bones, with claw like finger-nails protruding from the tips, moved to brace his chest, as he leaned over slightly. "We have come with another matter, Clockwork that needs your immediate attention."

Clockwork sighed. Was there no rest for the master of time? "Very well, what is it?"

"This." The first waved his hand, and the glowing screen showed static for a second, then changed. It showed a man, waist length black hair and pale skin. His eyes were slitted like serpents, and his smile showed hints of malice and evil. He was wearing a nearly white sleeveless tunic with long black sleeves covering what the tunic did not. He had what looked like black sweat pants on, sandals that covered his feet entirely. Wrapped around his waist was a large, thick purple rope, with a butterfly knot tied on his back. "I believe you know of him."

"Ah, yes. Orochimaru." Clockwork raised an eyebrow. His form changed again, this time to the form of a toddler. His staff, which was normally five feet long, was shrunk to about a foot long. It still retained its small, silver clock on top, which was designed to look like Clockwork's logo, a CW meshed together. "I have been keeping an eye on his activities."

"His plans are a danger to his time-stream and all others. He must be stopped." The second observant stated.

"I know. I know." Clockwork looked at his employers. He knew that Orochimaru would one day make a mistake that would mesh together all the realms. His, Danny's just to name two. But there was something that Clockwork needed to ask… "But he's not due to make his mistake for another One-hundred and fifty years. Why take care of him now?"

"We're very proactive, as you know." The first replied.

"Yes, I know, but One hundred and Fifty years seems a little-oh, never mind." Clockwork turned his back to the Observants. "I already have a plan in place."

Clockwork waved his staff in front of the screen and several images showed in the form of a slide show. One showed, Danny, Sam, and Tucker, enjoying them selves in Sam's movie theater.

Another showed a hospital room, a blonde haired boy lying in bed, his face and chest heavily bandaged, talking with a girl. The girl had short, pink hair, had a red outfit that extended from her shoulders and neck to below her knees, and black shorts under that. Her sleeves where short.

Another showed Danny and the Blonde haired kid, who was in an orange jumpsuit, similar to one that a pilot would wear. He also had a head band on, with a metal plate on his forehead with a symbol in the center, a metallic looking leaf. His eyes where red and his face showed absolute rage. Danny was in his ghost form, where he had solid white hair, glowing green eyes, and a black spandex jumpsuit with white gloves and boots. On his right wrist over lapping his gloves, was a golden bracer, with Clockwork's logo embedded in it in light blue, metallic paint. The two were battling three figures, each were wearing black out fits, covering their faces and eyes, and each of them were using Kunai, a ninja-style knife.

The final image was that of Orochimaru, Danny, and the Blonde haired boy battling each other. It looked like there were several copies of the Blonde-haired boy, each attacking Orochimaru, along with Danny, who had duplicated himself as well.

The Observants watched the slideshow silently, and when it was over, made a final comment. "Are you sure it's wise trusting something like this to Phantom and the Nine-tailed fox's warden? You know Naruto's been talking to the fox, right?"

"Of, course I know. I also know that he doesn't do it often, and he's only actually conversed with the Kyuubi formally once, if you count that as a conversation."

The first one sighed. "Very well. I trust this will not go to pieces." The observants dis-appeared.

Clockwork smirked. Now, he had a certain Ghost-Boy to see too.

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