A/N: Some of you asked for a continuation of "Notice of Resignation" but I had no idea how to, until Kelly came up with the suggestion of a dream sequence about two months ago. Sorry, Kelly, that at some point I stopped telling you more about the progress of this story, but I had my reasons. One reason, to be honest! Here it is: Happy Birthday, Kelly! This story is for you. Hope you like the way it turned out :-P

Summery: Gibbs seems to only have dreamt what happened in "Notice of Resignation".

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Warning: This is going to be a very dramatic scenario. It is sort of a variation on my story "Notice of Resignation" with a nasty twist in it. Don´t dare to blink, you might miss something! You do not necessarily have to have read "Notice of Resignation" as I will give a more or less detailed summery inside here (in italics) and you can afterwards decide whether to read the story "I had a dream" is based upon.

Moreover: Rated T for swearing and implying of what still is left to your innocent imagination ;-)

Beta: Pretty Dead Flower. Thanks Molly for your always great work.


I Had A Dream -- A Variation on "Notice of Resignation"


1. I Had a Dream

Gibbs woke with a start, panting heavily and bathed in cold sweat. Sitting up straight he tried to focus on his surroundings, blinking several times and when that didn´t help much, he squeezed his eyes shut and buried his face in his hands, trying to get his breathing under control. He remained in this position for two or three minutes until his breathing was halfway back to normal again.

Then he took a deep breath and ran his hands over his face before he looked around and realized that he must have fallen asleep under his boat again, like he had so many times before. His heart was still pounding heavily in his chest and his muscles hurt. Lowering his head and slowly rolling it from one side to the other with closed eyes, he tried to work out the tension in his neck, and he kept inhaling deeply to fight down the other tension that his dream had caused in a lower part of his body.

For more than one week now, he had been haunted by nightmares. Night after excruciating night. Abby ... yelling at him. Abby ... ignoring him. Abby ... pushing him away whenever he got near her. Each night his dreams got worse and each day when he went down to Abby´s lab he always was afraid that his dreams would come true pretty soon because Abby was acting rather weird these past days. And he felt helpless.

She didn´t say much if not anything, she seldom looked at him and her voice was getting more and more flat and uninterested. Something was wrong with her, but he hadn´t found out by now. He simply wasn´t able to get through to her. The more he tried, the more she retreated within herself. And at night, when he eventually fell asleep, she got mad at him in his dreams.

This night´s dream, however, had been different. He remembered each detail of it as if it had been real...


Abby hadn´t yelled. Abby hadn´t lashed out wildly all around her.

Abby had had the intention to leave.

In his dream she had smiled at him before he left work in the evening and she had told him she would not have finished the tests before the next morning. He had left and it was then that his dream turned into a nightmare as he saw her placing the results at his desk along with a request for vacation and her notice of resignation.

He had suddenly found himself standing behind her, very close, and then Abby had turned around and had directly stared into his eyes. She had almost screamed with fright and had wanted to secretly remove her notice of resignation. But he had held her in place and had grabbed the sheets of paper from her, reading them in utter dismay.

"Why?" he had demanded an explanation and although Abby had not been able to avoid his gaze, she had refused to give an answer. Eventually he had yelled at her. "Spit it, Abs!" She was trying to hide something from him and in a desperate attempt to flee she had pecked him on his cheek. It had worked. He hadn´t been able to react when she rushed off towards the elevator, which had instantly opened and she had disappeared.

No, not exactly. Somehow he had managed to follow her and then they had both been standing in the cubicle and after it had started to descend, he had stopped it like he used to on so many occasions and he had approached her in the ghostly half-darkness of the suddenly threatening confinement of a stuck elevator. He had not given up his intention to make her tell him why she wanted to leave her job. But Abby had continued to refuse an explanation.

The most shocking moment of his nightmare had been when he had suddenly asked her, "...Or do I need to give you a reason?" and the next moment he had kissed her. No, worse than that, he had forced his tongue into her mouth out of the utter despair which had taken hold of him, because he must not let her go whatever the cost, because he loved her.

And things still kept getting worse. Abby hadn´t fought what he was doing. She had reacted in a way that had shown him that he was the reason why she wanted to leave. In his dream she had finally told him that she loved him, too. And if that hadn´t already been enough, he hadn´t woken up, but in his dream the two of them then were making love ... hell, no ... they were having sex in the elevator at NCIS headquarters!


To be continued...

Has it all just been a dream? A nightmare? Nightmares can be very depressing, I´m sure you all have experienced this. And what if...?