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4. Relief

Darkness engulfed him. His heart was pounding heavily and he squeezed his eyes shut at the intense wave of pain that rushed through his body. Each muscle was hurting and dizziness made him nauseous. He slowly realized that he was lying half on his stomach in a rather odd position. He tried to move and tried to breathe, but both seemed to be almost impossible. He managed to move a finger or two, but he wasn´t sure about their position.

Then he started to remember. Bit by bit he remembered what had happened. Abby gone, the empty apartment, his fall -- and despite the pain he squeezed his eyes shut even tighter, cramping his hand around something soft and he forced an excruciating, drawled "Abby," while he doubled up in cramps, his breathing completely out of control now.

"Gibbs!" A desperate and tearful voice reached his ear. "Gibbs, calm down, Gibbs," the voice pleaded in a soothing tone.

Someone touched his arm, caressing it gently while whispering reassuring words. With some difficulties Gibbs eventually managed to open his eyes, finding himself lying prone and in a somewhat twisted position in a bed. Abby was sitting upright in bed beside him. He wasn´t really able to move and just kept staring into Abby´s worried eyes. Abby started to draw soothing circles on the back of his hand which was still desperately clutching the pillow and she gently ran the back of her left hand over his temple and his heated cheek.

"I am here, Gibbs. You had a nightmare." Abby´s words and her caressing helped ease the tension as Gibbs´s mind tried to separate what had been a dream and what had been real.

Abby had indeed reacted strange the last few days. She had indeed avoided his gaze. But she had never yelled at him or even pushed him away. That had only happened in his dreams, which had haunted him again and again the past nights.

Abby had indeed told him the previous evening that the results he was waiting for would not be available till this morning. But her strange behaviour had made Gibbs uneasy. He had had that odd feeling in his gut which had made him stay at the office in a dark corner this night to lie in ambush and find out.

Abby indeed had had the intention to leave, she had sneaked up to his desk in the darkness to leave her notice of resignation. But thanks to his gut Abby had not been able to run away unnoticed, to leave behind an empty apartment. And most of all -- Gibbs did not have to face a future without her and he had not fallen down the stairwell of her apartment building. That again had only happened in his dream.

The events of that night had mingled with his fears of what might have happened if he had not been there to prevent Abby from handing in her letter of resignation and as exhaustion and relieve were taking its toll on him, these fears had played out in this dream, turning it into a terrifying nightmare.

Gibbs was pretty much relieved that he had been able to hold Abby back from leaving, even if that had happened in a very dramatic way in the elevator of NCIS headquarters. And he now knew, why his muscles hurt, especially his neck, as he now understood that what had happened in the elevator had not been a dream at all.

He groaned as he tried to stretch his neck and Abby bent over and started to gently massage the tensed muscles.

"Sorry, Gibbs," Abby leaned down to run her lips over the marks she had left on his neck some hours ago. She felt guilty, so she was relieved to see a smile appear on Gibbs lips. He had meanwhile remembered every detail of what had happened before the two of them had fallen asleep rather exhausted in Abby´s bed.

"It´s OK, Abs." Gibbs shifted into a more comfortable position and he brought his hand to Abby´s thigh and started to caress it lightly for several minutes.

"Gibbs!" Abby giggled and sat back up again.

"Hm?" he hummed, following his travelling fingers with gleaming eyes.

"You still haven´t told me how you knew that I wanted to leave." It had been an utter shock for her when Gibbs had been standing right behind her as she had placed her resignation on his desk, being convinced she was doing it in secret. And she was extremely relieved that Gibbs had been the first to admit that he loved her. She would never have been able to do so.

Reluctantly tearing his eyes off her thigh, Gibbs looked up to meet Abby´s sparkling green eyes and he couldn´t help but smile. The smile widened to that mischievous grin of his and he brought his hand to the nape of her neck and gently pulled her down. Their faces were only an inch apart now.

"I didn´t know," he huskily whispered before drawing her into a passionate kiss, which Abby all too happily joined, because the night was not over yet.

And talking was not what they were up to right now... .

-The End-

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