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Chapter 6: He is a great actor


I knew exactly what was waiting for inside Alice room. A makeup session. But what was I expecting from 2 persons that loves clothes and makeup sessions. I walked slowly to Alice's room. I had been home and talked a little with dad. Just told him I was going to the cinema tonight. Alice said I just could borrow the phone but I just wanted to take a walk, so I could at the same time tell dad. I opened the door to Alice's room. Alice and Rosalie were already ready. They had already put their makeup on and now It was my turn, poor me.

"You were slow" Alice said and ran to me and dragged me to the chair that they had set up in the middle of the room.

"Yeah, How could it take that long?" Rosalie asked.

"I wanted to take a walk so instead of taking my car I walked"

"What?! Was that why it took so long, I've… We have been waiting here so we could fix you up!" Alice yelled.

"Why you even need to fix me up, we are just going to the cinema"

"It's fun" both Alice and Rosalie spat out at me.

"You think so" I said annoyed.

"Yes, and you will to someday" Alice said and smiled.

"Don't count at it"

They just ignored me, Alice went over to her desk and got the bug makeup box and Rosalie went to the closet and looked at a lot of clothes. I turned around and looked at Rosalie, she wore a blue dress that reached down to her knees. Then I turned to Alice, she had a light blue t-shirt on and black shorts.

"Alice, do you think Bella should have a blue or a black mini skirt?"

"A mini skirt?!" I yelled.

"Yes" both Alice and Rosalie said.

"I am not wearing a mini skirt!"

"Yes you are, take the black one" Alice said.

I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to fight a small thing like that so I just let it be.

"The black it is" Rosalie answered Alice.

Rosalie laid the skirt on the couch beside her and started to look after something else, I don't know what. Alice came and sat down beside me.

"So, Do you want blue or black mascara?" she asked.

"You letting me decide?" I asked surprised.


"The black one, the blue ones just look stupid" I answered. The blue ones did look stupid, at least on me.

"Okay" she said and then she put it one.

"So, I think that looks good, Rose, come and look" Alice said.

Rosalie came and studied me intensely.

"Yes, that looks good" she said before returning to the closet.

"Can you put on some music?" I asked Alice.

"Sure" Alice went over to her CD player and hit play. I knew exactly what song the first one was. It was my favorite song right now I'm yours – Jason Marz.

"Alice, should she have a red or green shirt?"

"Red easily" Alice said.

"I agree with you" Rosalie said and picked out a red shirt. It was a really nice shirt.

Rosalie came over to Alice and me. She looked at me close and then at the clothes she and Alice had picked out.

"Perfectly" she said.

Then both Alice went over to the desk. I couldn't hear what they were saying. I just picked up some words. Like he, stunned, perfect, work and good.

Alice had now some more makeup back to were I was sitting and she put it on me.

"All done" Alice said.

"This is going to be great" Rosalie said and dragged me into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror. I looked amazing. You could almost not belive that the face in the mirror was me.

"Happy now that we did this?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes" I said.

"Put on the clothes now" Alice said and then she and Rosalie walked out.


"This is going as planned" Rosalie said and smiled.

"She looks amazing, Edward will be stupid if he don't fall for her" I said.

"Yeah, but they have never really liked each other, I think" Rosalie said and tried to smile.

"I just think they faked that, they seem kind of perfect together"

"Yeah, How do you think it's going with Edward?"

"Don't really know, haven't talked to Jasper sins the closet thing" I answered and smiled.

"What did you really do in there, it don't take 30 minutes to just ask if they got Edward to the cinema?" Rosalie asked, I knew that she already knew the answer.

I just grinned at her.

"Yeah, I get it" Rosalie said and grinned to.

Just then the door from the bathroom opened and Bella stepped out.

"Perfect" I whispered to Rosalie.

She nodded.

"Bella, you look GREAT" I said and smiled.

"Yeah, I know"



I was really excited that I was going to see "Jumper". Rosalie and Alice where to, I could see it. Or I think it was 'cause of that.

"We are soon there" Alice said.

"Good, 'cause I can't wait" I said.

"Neither can we" both Alice and Rosalie said and laugh.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Because we are going to see Hayden?" Alice said but it more sounded like a question.

"Yes, 'because we are going to see Hayden" Rosalie said and smiled at me.

"Okay" I said. What was it with them? They said Hayden's name really strange almost like it was someone else they were expecting to come, but who?



"Three tickets to Jumper" I said and smiled at the guy, he had brown hair that was hanging over his eyes. He looked kind of cute, but nothing, absolute nothing could compare to Jasper.

"Okay, I'll fix it" He said and turned around.

"What are you doing here?" I could hear Edward annoyed voice from behind. I smiled evily. Bella looked angry; I guessed she figured out that this was why we just wanted to see it tonight. I turned around and smiled at Edward.

"We are going to see Jumper" I said.

"What are you doing here?" now it was Bella's voice, just as annoyed as Edwards.

"See the movie" he mumbled.

"I could have guessed" she said and glared at me and Rosalie.

"We have nothing to do with this" Emmett said and lifted his hands up in the air.

"Yeah, sure you don't" Edward said, still as annoyed as before.

"You know they tricked us here?" Bella said to Edward.

"I'm not retarded" he said angrily.

"Ohh, you're not?" Bella said and chuckled.

"Stop it" Rosalie said harsh.

"Let's just see the movie" Jasper said.

"Here are your tickets miss?" The guy said behind me. I turned around.

"Can you make three more spots beside those…" I looked at his nametag "Bill?"

"Of course" he said and blinked at me. I could hear Jasper from behind me. He muttered something. I went over to him and placed a kiss on his lips and then went back to the counter and payed.

"You owe me money Emmett" I said then.

"Why me? Why can't your boyfriend pay?" Emmett whined.

"Because I want you to pay" I said before I went in to the cinema room.


Alice and Jasper sat beside each other, exactly when I was going to sit next to Alice Emmett sat down there and Rosalie beside him. I was going to have to sit beside Edward. I sat down and just waited for the movie to begin and end so I could get as far away from Edward as possible.

"Sorry Bella, you weren't going to sit here, were you?" Emmett asked and tried to look innocent.

I just stuck out my tong at him and keep looking at the screen. The movie finally started and Hayden came on the screen after the montage from when "David Rice" was in High school.

"I can believe how ugly that guy is" Edward said beside me.

"Ugly?! He's not ugly, and it's not his looks you should watch, it's his acting" I said to him.

"Maybe, he sucks at acting to"

"No he don't he is the best"

Before Edward had gotten the chance to say anything more Alice interrupted.

"Sorry, Edward but Bella is right, he is a great actor.

"Fine" Edward said grumpily.

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