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Out of the dark and into the light.


Raven stared out at the late September sunrise across Jump city with a solemn look on her face, she sighed as she got into her meditating spot on top of the T- Tower. She didn't know why she felt so down, everything was going great Slade hadn't come back since his last defeat, Trigon had been vanquished, the Brotherhood of Evil had been destroyed and the only crimes the Titans had to deal with were the odd robbery and rouge HIVE members. Also things at the tower were swell to, Cyborg was being his old tech obsessed self, Beast Boy was finally getting over Terra (Even though he swore she was at a school somewhere in the city) and Robin was still dodging Starfire's endless advances. So why the hell am I being like this? Raven thought as she started to meditate.


Even after two hours of meditation Raven came down to breakfast in a foul mood, Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning? She thought as she walked over to the kitchen area to pour herself some herbal tea, whatever the problem a cup of tea always seemed to help her relax. As she inhaled the scent of vanilla Starfire burst into the living room screaming "Friend Raven it is terrible!". Raven rolled her eyes and asked coldly "What's terrible Starfire?"

"Robin is not in his room, in the living room, the computer room, the garage, the gymnasium, the roof, my roo…"

"Ok I get it he isn't here," Raven interrupted the distressed Alien girl "He probably just went out."

"But I have not given Robin his morning hug." Starfire cried

A little smile grew on Raven's face, she couldn't help but find Starfire's love for Robin cute "I'm sure he'll be ok just give him the hug when he gets back." Raven said kindly

"I will do so Friend Raven, Thank you." Starfire answered clearly happier from Raven's suggestion. Raven's smile quickly faded as Starfire proceeded to go to the fridge and pull out some disgusting Alien food, the smell was just unbearable so she just went straight to the sofa. Raven sat down to find Beast Boy snoring on the other side of the sofa, annoyed at the noise Raven levitated a nearby magazine and whiped it at Beast Boy's head.

"Oww! Geez! What was that?" Beast Boy exclaimed rubbing the multiple bumps on his head

"A wake up call." Raven said with a deadpan face.

"You could of just shook my shoulder." Beast Boy yawned

"Where would be the fun in that?" Raven replied before taking a sip of tea.

"Yo' Grass Stain you been there all night?" Cyborg questioned as he walked into the room.

"Yeah there was a Star Wars marathon on the movie channel last night, I feel asleep halfway through Return of the Jedi." Best boy said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Raven shook her head as she looked at the half asleep Beast Boy then turned and looked out the window to see rain clouds coming over the city Looks like I won't be meditating on the roof this afternoon, just my luck Raven thought with a sad look in her eyes.

Fifteen minutes later Robin came into the living room holding a padded envelope "Morning guys." He greeted with an unusually happy tone in his voice. Before Robin could start his next sentence he was tackled to the ground with a killer hug by Starfire "Friend Robin I have missed you this morning, you were absent from the tower where have you been?" Starfire chirped as she squeezed Robin to death.

"C-can't brea-athe." Robin choked.

"Easy Star." Cyborg laughed as he lifted up Starfire by the back of her purple top. Starfire pouting for being separated her precious Robin went back to making breakfast, Robin got up and dusted himself off and then coughed "Ahem, guys I need to talk to you." His tone was serious, Raven was slightly worried she put down her cup of tea to listen in.

"I needed to go to post office and pick up a package." Robin began.

"Who's it from?" Beast Boy piped up.

"Don't know there's no return address printed, but it's addressed to all of us."

"Well open it then, the suspense is doing my circuits no good." Cyborg stated.

The Titans crowded around Robin as he opened the padded envelope, he emptied the contents on the kitchen counter, there was a CD and a hand written note. Robin picked up the note and held it up so everyone could read it.


I hope this letter finds you well, it is I Batman. I heard you are looking for a new member to add to your team. I think I have found the right candidate, please look at the information on this disc. Your sincerely Batman.

"Bruce?" Robin mumbled

"A new member, oh joy!" Starfire squeaked

"Sounds good to me." Cyborg said in approval

"How do you know it isn't a trap set up by Slade or someone?" Beast Boy questioned

"I'd know Batman's handwriting anywhere, let's look at the CD." Robin said confidently

A new member? Interesting Raven thought as she followed her team mates to the computer room.

It only took a few seconds to load up the CD onto the computer. "There's a video on here." Cyborg commented.

"Play it." Robin ordered as he stood to face the large screen. Soon enough an image of Batman in the Bat cave came up on screen.

"Titans," Batman's commanding voice made all the Titans stand to attention, even Raven felt a little intimidated "I hope you are all well and I must congratulate you for protecting Jump city your efforts are truly commendable but to the matter at hand. Since the betrayal of Terra I understand you are looking for a new member for your team. After uncovering a string of brainwashing incidents led by Scarecrow I discovered one of his victims has certain 'Talents', his name is Fox McSeamus. Talents that I think your Team will find very useful, he is free of the brainwashing that once controlled him he is now fully himself. Contact me when you've made your decision." The screen went back to the computer desktop theme.

"Dude is that it?" Beast Boy smirked.

"Batman was never one for words." Robin answered.

"A Fox is a little ginger animal with a bushy tail, yay an animal to play with Silkie!" Starfire smiled

Raven rolled her eyes at Starfire then walked to Cyborg at the computer "Is there anything else on the disk?" Raven asked crossing her arms.

"There's a document here." Cyborg typed in a few keys and it soon opened on the large screen. A picture of a smiling teen came up on screen, he was tall about 6Ft 2" with short spiky blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a plain white T and some jeans a Celtic cross tattoo could be seen on his right arm. Wow he seems…hot. What!? Bad Raven. Raven mentally kicked herself and felt a light blush come up on her cheeks.

"Fox McSeamus, age 17."Cyborg read from the screen "He's from England someplace called Manchester. He moved to America to escape British scientists trying experiment on him."

"Poor guy." Beast Boy said with sympathy

"He can control gravity, fly and is an empath."

Raven eyes widened, another empath someone that could relate to her and she could relate to.

"However when he got to Gotham city the Scarecrow captured him and tortured Fox until his mind was under his sick control." Cyborg read out the facts written down with sadness in his voice.

"How terrible, lucky Batman came to help." Starfire said.

"So what do you think guys should we let him in?" Robin asked his team mates.

They all started grinning bar Raven he just had a slight smile on her face "Damn straight we're letting him in." Cyborg grinned

"I second that, we need another guy to go against the girls and we could land him with most of the chores around here." Beast Boy said glefully

"Friend Beast Boy that is not nice we must welcome Fox McSeamus with arms that are open." Starfire said with her bad grammar.

"Urr you mean open arms Star." Cyborg corrected.

"His skills with gravity could come in useful. What do you think Raven?" Robin asked

"I see no harm in it." Raven said in her trademark deadpan tone hiding her liking for another empath in the tower. Her bad mood from this morning had been blown away.