No Need For A Confrontation

No Need For A Confrontation

Tenchi Muyo! Fan Fiction

By Elwin "Blaine" Coldiron

"Tenchi Muyo!" and characters were created by Hiroki Hayashi and Masaki Kajishima and are the property of AIC/Vap/Nippon Television, Geneon Entertainment, and FUNimation Entertainment, a Navarre Company. I do not own the characters, nor the series. I just write the fiction. Baron Kazamone is my creation.

This is based on the OVA continuity, following the events of "Bounty Hunter's Holiday."


The parliamentary campus in the capital city of the planet of Jurai was a huge complex, spanning an area of over a thousand hectares, and was adjacent to the Imperial Palace, also known as "Heaven's Tree". It was in this place that the business of governing the Jurai Empire was conducted. There were buildings that contained offices where the legislators conducted meetings of various importance, and all were surrounding the vast Hall Of Councils in the center of the campus. The hall was where the two major assemblies of government, the Supreme Council and the Holy Council, met to issue laws and rulings that weren't the province of the royal family.

Usually, this place would be a hive of activity, swarming with councilors in the business of lawmaking. But on this day, the hall was dark and surprisingly quiet. There was only one person standing in the great hallway.

Baron Kazamone did not like this arrangement. A few minutes ago, he had received a message, asking him to come to the Hall Of Councils to meet someone. As was his habit, he had arrived promptly at the hall, but was annoyed at the quiet of the place. He loved the busy pace this building offered, for it was an assurance that the business of running the empire was secure. He scratched his chin, which was covering with a beard of snow-white hair, and wondered if it was some obscure holiday that was call by the emperor. If it was he who was emperor, he would certainly make sure that the hall remained busy – except for Startica, of course.

"What's taken you so long?" a deep female voice called out from the shadows. "I've been waiting for over an hour for you to show up."

The baron turned in the direction of the voice. His gaze soon faced a mass of shadow that led to an obviously empty space. Slowly, a form stepped out of the shadows and into the bare shaft of light that had lit the baron's spot. The form pulled a hood from over her head, revealing herself to be Nagi. She didn't appeared to be armed, nor was her cabbit accompanying her.

Kazamone straightened himself out and approached the bounty hunter. "What are you doing here? This place is for council members only!" he demanded.

"You had an opportunity to see the world I lived in, so I thought that I might see what it was like where you worked," Nagi said with a smirk.

"So you have," Kazamone said humorlessly. He then changed the question. "So? What is it that you have risked being jailed for anyway?"

Nagi came to the point. "I've come to tell you that have put aside my conflict with Ryoko."

"WHAT!?" the baron gasped.

"Didn't you heard me the first time? I've made my peace with Ryoko. I no longer have any wish to hunt her down."

"I don't believe this!" Kazamone gasped. "What about my son!? Doesn't his death by her hands have any meaning to you!?"

"I don't know," Nagi sighed. "Why don't you ask him the next time he tries to invite you to dinner with his wife on Seniwa?"

Kazamone stared in shock at the bounty hunter at this revelation. Then he closed his eyes, smiled and said, "So? You discovered my little secret. I am not surprised really, since you must have several resources at your disposal." Then he opened his eyes, and while still smiling, stared Nagi in the eyes and continued. "Too bad that those resources will not help you where you're going."

"What are you talking about?" Nagi said, "I just wanted you to know that I don't like getting jerked around like that."

"My dear, the real target wasn't that space pirate – it was that boy that she keeps company with. I was hoping that in your attempt to kill Ryoko that the boy would be killed as well. Too bad really, since you will not to be able tell anyone about it." Kazamone made a sweeping gesture around and continued. "You see, you have trespassed upon a secured compound on this planet. Only councilors, royalty, and their bona-fied guests are allowed on these premises. Any others is subject to execution by royal proclamation, a proclamation that has existed for over fifty thousand years."

"Damn," Nagi mutter under her breath as she cast her eyes downward. Then she looked up to the baron and asked, "Well, as long as I'm going to fry anyway, there is one thing that I would like to know: why in the world do you want that boy dead?"

Kazamone smiled. "I guess that would be a proper thing to ask, so I think that I will indulge you, my dear. You see, for over one hundred thousand years, Jurai has ruled this little corner of the galaxy with a firm, yet compassionate hand. In those years, the emperors that have ruled have kept the blood of the royal family pure, insuring that nothing that would otherwise poison that family would be introduced. Then, over eight hundred years ago, our dear emperor Azusa had the gall to take as a wife an offworlder, a woman for Jurai Colony world 0315. That alone was an affront of everything that has passed! What was even worse was a son came out of that union, whom our emperor had declared as his heir! Of course, he had taken another wife as well, a pure-blooded Juraian which they had two children, but the fact that a mongrel had been declared an heir to Jurai's throne was more than I could stand!" Kazamone was getting red in the face as he related this.

"You mean the long-missing Prince Yosho? I thought that he died over seven hundred years ago," Nagi said.

"That's what I had hoped," Kazamone countered. "But then, through channels that I am not at liberty to discuss right now, I found out that the prince was indeed still alive… and that he had fathered a daughter, who in turn bore him a grandson, Tenchi. Prince Yosho is stranded on colony world 0315 now, with no way to return to Jurai, which make his grandson the heir to the throne of Jurai. Luckily, I found out that his two pure-bred daughters, Ayeka and Sasami, were still alive and living on 0315 with Tenchi. It was then I resolved to end the life of the mongrel's grandson and bring the princesses back to Jurai."

"Oh?" Nagi mused. "And how were you going to accomplish that little task?"

"Well first, I've gotten as much data on the planet as I can, as well as their whereabouts, which I've given you on that data crystal a while back. And by the way, I lied when I said that I was taking all the risk; I've removed all evidence of my access. So in addition to being hung for trespass, you'll be further implicated in possession of stolen information," Kazamone laughed.

"You bastard!" Nagi growled. "I should have known."

Kazamone smiled wickedly. "Well, sorry about that, my dear. Anyway, after you were SUPPOSED to kill the boy, that would force the emperor to ask for Princess Ayeka's return, because she is the only royal family member capable to assuming the throne. Afterwards, a marriage would be arranged upon her return. You see, I have some connections to the Amaki clan here on Jurai, and at least one of them is willing to put aside their differences with the Masaki clan to marry Ayeka. After that, when the couple assume the throne, he would be willing to grant me any favor that I please."

"That is if he doesn't decide to get rid of YOU to cover HIS tracks," Nagi added.

"Really, do you not think that I have arranged for that little problem? It would have been a perfect plan if you haven't decided to betray me this way," Kazamone answered, a scowl gracing his face. "Such a shame, really."

"I don't understand one thing," Nagi asked, almost casually, "why would go through all this trouble just to get rid of one member of the royal family is this way?"

"Because that boy ISN'T a true royal!!" Kazamone bellowed. "He's nothing but a mongrel; a mixed-breed mutt who would've polluted the pure line of the Jurai royal house! All because our emperor married an offworlder cow that we have this problem!! You must understand me at this, I was trying to save Jurai!!"

"Save Jurai from whom, Baron?" a strange female voice had piped up from the shadows behind Nagi.

Kazamone's ice-blue eyes went wide, and he felt his insides clenching up. His body began trembling, and it was only worsened when he hear another female voice as well. "Yes, sister… I would like to know that myself."

Nagi looked casually over her shoulder as several shapes began emerging from the shadows behind her. Kazamone felt his breath getting caught in his throat as the figures made themselves visible besides her. Three of the figures he recognized as Jurai palace guards, but it was the other two that had terrified him the most.

Both of them were female, fairly tall and of equal height, although the one with blue hair had a ponytail that made her seem a little taller than her companion. Her red eyes, above which two green dots were visible on her forehead, hinted with barely controlled anger. Her companion, however seemed much calmer, although her brown eyes clearly showed that she was not pleased. This one had black hair that cascaded down to her knees, with two forelocks tied in front of her ears, and her forehead had a single green dot.

Now Kazamone was clearly terrified, for he knew these women... especially the dark-haired one. However, he found his breath, straightened himself up and addressed the two of them. "E-empress Funaho, Empress Misaki. L-l-l-listen, I-I can explain everything..." But before he can, Funaho held out her hand as if requesting silence.

"Baron," Funaho had began, her brown eyes closed and a small smile gracing her face, "I have told you so many times before, I do not care about your opinions about me. You are fully entitled to them. However," she added, the smile disappearing and her gaze hardening, "when you take actions to further your opinions, that is when I take exception to them. I am very displeased that you have chosen to attack my family." She then glanced over to Nagi. "My son has made me fully aware of what had happened, and Nagi here has been more than candid about her part in these sad turn of events. And as for trespass, she is OUR guest here." Her voice had remained calm and even.

Misaki, on the other hand, looked as if she were about to lose control at any moment. She had taken on her nervous habit of chewing on a piece of her robe in order to stay calm. Kazamone trembled as he saw this. It was no secret about Misaki's great strength, a trait inherited from her mother, Seto Kamiki Jurai, a.k.a. "the Devil Princess". He had hoped that she would not go berserk at this moment.

"Please," the baron began, hoping to salvage something out of this, "you cannot be serious about this? Both of you really don't think that I could be serious about this?" But before he can go further, Funaho produced a device from under her robes and pressed a button. 'I don't care what you do to him.' the baron's own voice came from the device, 'You can kill him too, for all I care.' His face became paler than his hair and beard.

"As you see, Baron," Misaki finally said, showing some calm, "Nagi knows a little something about crystal recorders, too. She freely gave us this nugget about your conversation with her, along with the data crystal that you gave her."

"Indeed," Funaho added. "And as for removing your entry data from the data crystal, you were very careless about THAT too. You may have tried to remove any visible signs about your entry data, but to remove it all, you would have to remove ALL the data. And that is where Washu had found your entry identification when she examined the crystal, as well and your instructions. I'm afraid that this will serve as convenient evidence against you when your case is brought up for trial."

"Don't forget about this," Nagi added, handing Funaho another data crystal, "our little conversation afterwards." The bounty hunter then turned to stare at Kazamone, "I don't like getting screwed around, Baron. And I don't like having my feelings used in the manner you had done."

"BUT WHAT ABOUT NAGI'S PART IN THIS!?" the baron screamed, pointing his finger wildly at the bounty hunter. "SHE DID TRESPASS ON 0315 AS WELL AT ATTACK THE BOY!?"

"One doesn't blame the tool for the artist's sloppy workmanship," Funaho answered flatly. "You had used her as your tool in trying to assassinate my great-grandson, and I do not blame her in any way or form, nor does me and my sister's husband." She then produced yet another crystal. "This has depositions from Tenchi, Yosho, Ayeka, and even Ryoko, as well as detectives Kuramitsu and Makibi, all attesting to Nagi's innocence. You should be very ashamed of yourself, Baron."

Kazamone suddenly felt sick, knowing that his little game had run its course. It was then that he noticed something and looked downward. A warm, yellow puddle had gathered at his feet, and it was growing in size.

"Oh my," Funaho gasped, holding her hand to her mouth, "it seems that you have… accidentally soiled yourself, Baron."

"Indeed he had," Misaki added. She then turned to the guards and said, "Gentlemen, could you escort the baron to a place where he can get a fresh change of clothes?"

"Yes, your majesty," the head guard answered. He walked in front of Kazamone, while the other two guards flanked the baron, and asked, "Baron, will you kindly accompany us, please?" The baron hung his head in shame as the guards gently led him away.

"How sad," Funaho said as the group departed. "He was one of the brightest and most able in the Holy Council. To think that he would have lowered himself to this..." she shook her head, "what a waste." Then she saw the urine puddle left over and added, "Oh dear. Looks like the maintenance workers here are going to have a very distasteful task ahead of them."

"I agree, sis," Misaki added. She then turned to Nagi and said, "Well, shall we be going?"

"Yes, I do believe it's time," the bounty hunter said.

The three women walked down the darkened corridor to a side door, where a large hoverlimo had stood in waiting. A guard opened the door of the vehicle and ushered the women in, the royals first, and then Nagi. There, waiting inside was Ken-Ohki, who was in his cabbit form. Once everyone was seated, Funaho gave the driver instructions, afterwhich the hoverlimo sped off from the Hall of Councils.

Once underway, Nagi had recovered the weapons that she had left in the hoverlimo with Ken-Ohki and settled in on the right-hand seat. Misaki was in the left seat, gently cuddling the cabbit and scratching behind his ears. Funaho then looked around and decided to strike up a conversation. "Well Nagi," she began, "did things come to your satisfaction?"

"They certainly have," the bounty hunter spoke up, "although I do feel a little bit sorry about the baron back there. He looked as if he were walking the last mile back there."

"That's not the worst of it," Misaki chuckled. "After what's going to happen to him, he's going to wish he REALLY WAS getting the death penalty."

"Really?" Nagi said, an eyebrow raised in amazement.

"Yes," Funaho said. "Since no one was really hurt in the incident, and it was Kazamone's plan to begin with, he is possibly going to spend the rest of his life in prison. And even if he ever is released, because of his betrayal, he will lose everything that he has treasured in his life; his wealth, social status, even his home, all of which will be transferred to his former wife and his son. I do hope that they decide to return from Seniwa. From what I'm told, the wife of Kazamone's son is really quite a lovely woman, one with ties to the Kuramitsu family."

"What I don't understand is," Nagi interjected, "is how you were able to get me cleared of any charges, and how this was all set up so fast. I thought that it would take a long time to set everything up."

"It would have," Funaho answered, "However, all was accomplished because beforehand, you had a very powerful advocate on your behalf."

"A very powerful..." Nagi began, but then her eyebrows raised in realization. A great smile graced the bounty hunter's face as she breathed her response. "Tsunami!"

"Yes," Misaki remarked as she stroked Ken-Ohki. "She appeared before a Supreme Council meeting, with all of us, as well as Azusa present. She had told us what had happened, explained that you were being manipulated, and had appealed to Azusa not to press any charges against you."

"Even our husband could not refuse a plea from Tsunami," Funaho added. "So when Yosho contacted us explaining your situation, it was only a matter of setting up this little… I think the word I'm looking for is… 'sting'."

"But if you already knew what was going on, why did you let as if it were a social call?" Nagi asked.

"Mostly for hearing Yosho again," Funaho answered. "Do you realize how hard it is to get your son to call his mother once in a while?" Nagi almost facefaulted. "Anyway," the first empress of Jurai continued, "at least I know that Washu's lost project is safe and in very secure hands." She glanced at Ken-Ohki, who was snuggled on Misaki's lap.

"Not to mention he's such a cutie," the second queen smiled, snuggling Ken-Ohki in the process.

"Still," Nagi sighed, "I feel bad about this whole thing. I wish that there was something that I can do to make up for all of it."

"There might be one thing," Funaho said. Then she produced yet another data crystal from her robe and placed it in the bounty hunter's hand. "This crystal has an encoded number that will direct any message you might send to me. If you happen to hear anything in your travels that you feel might need my attention, please do so."

Nagi looked at the crystal. "Are you asking me to spy for you?" she inquired.

"Nothing so grandiose," Funaho answered. "All I'm asking is, because of your profession, that if there is something that might be helpful or harmful to Jurai, and you feel that it merits my attention, please do not hesitate to contact me."

"You got a deal," Nagi answered, smiling.

The hoverlimo traveled for a time outside the capitol city, onto a lush, wooded plain. There, the vehicle stopped. The passengers disembarked from the hoverlimo and walked out to a clearing. There, Nagi turned to Ken-Ohki, who was sitting on Misaki's shoulder, and said, "Okay, old friend, time to do your thing."

"Chou-chou!" Ken-Ohki quipped. He jumped off, bounded upward, and with a great yowl, transformed into his spaceship form.

"Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye," Funaho said as Ken-Ohki assumed his ship form.

"Guess so," Nagi said. Turning to the empresses, she then said, "Tenchi said it was alright for me to come back and visit once in a while. Is it alright with you?"

"If Tenchi says you can come back, then you do not need our permission to do so," Funaho answered.

"Where will you be going?" Misaki asked.

Nagi looked up in the sky. "There are still a lot criminals that I got to look for. So I guess I'll be back on the hunt in a few days. But I think for now, me and Ken-Ohki are going to take a few weeks off, find a peaceful planet to rest up. And I might pick a few wildflowers while I'm there."

"Picking wildflowers?" Funaho asked.

"Yes," Nagi answered. "I haven't done that since I was a little girl." And with that, Nagi was transported up to Ken-Ohki, and soon, the cabbit ship was accelerating upwards in the sky until they had disappeared from view.

"Well sister, there they go. Nagi will have a long time healing from her conflict with Ryoko, but at least with this vacation, I believe that she is on the right path," Funaho said, turning towards the hoverlimo.

"Yes." Misaki added, turning as well. "And speaking of vacations, shouldn't we be planning our next visit with Tenchi and the girls?"

"Indeed." Funaho said as she boarded the hoverlimo. "However, we have to plan to in about six months. I believe that is how long it is going to take to browbeat Azusa into going with us."

"Maybe Mom might be a little… helpful at that," Misaki chuckled.