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Summary: Naruto liked lots of people. Redheads, blonds, brunettes, he was attracted to most of his fellow Konoha ninjas. But Sasuke was the only one Naruto wanted to bend over a table. Drabble. NaruSasu.

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Naruto liked redheads. He was strongly attracted to each redhead he had ever made friends with and that was only one. Sabaku no Gaara. Gaara of the Desert. If Naruto was to put words to the emotion, he would say he had the hots for Gaara, because Gaara was smoking hot. He was beyond drop-dead gorgeous. His pale, perfect skin was smooth and a pleasure to touch. His hair was thick and so incredibly beautiful. His fierce eyes strengthened by coal looked beautiful no matter what emotion the showed. Strength, anger, passion, vulnerability, happiness, it all suited him. And his mouth was just made for kissing. Naruto would, if there ever was such a possibility, be able to just lie and stare at Gaara's mouth for hours, briefly letting his fingers touch their soft surface. And his stomach. Naruto liked resting his head on Gaara's stomach; it was more than just comfortable.

But he didn't feel that flitter.

Naruto liked blonds. Ino was the only blond besides himself that he knew (not that he didn't like himself, Naruto loved himself), and he knew Ino was gorgeous. Her hair cascaded down in soft waves. Her cheeks were made to pinch and caress. Her blush on them too just made the smooth cheeks even more beautiful. Her body was in perfect shape, not too thin, not too curvy, just right. her walk made her hips sway just enough to make it enticing and her hair swung just enough to make it catch the sunrays, giving it a certain pleasant glow. Her eyes were intense, teasing, and the faint smirk in the corner of her mouth just made her cute. But most of all, her honesty made her gold worth in the eyes of Naruto. Her ability to tell the truth no matter the situation and consequences, and that is harder than one would expect. The main reason for Naruto's attraction to her was her comfort. She made him feel comfortable.

But he still didn't feel that flutter.

Naruto liked chocolate-heads. Suddenly, there was a wider selection to choose in between. He had Kiba, Tenten, Neji, Kankurou, Shikamaru and the list would go on for miles and miles. These people had many qualities that made Naruto attracted to them. Kiba's animalistic nature and his way to ease tension (that he quite often caused). He liked Tenten for her humour and sharp wit. Neji's looks and voice turned him on, and painfully so. Kankurou's ability to ignore what people said about him behind his back and just shrug it off like it was nothing. Shikamaru had the same ability as Kankurou. But he also had the brains. With IQ like that, games and challenges were bound to be interesting.

Again, none of these people lit the right spark.

Naruto liked the odd ones. Kakashi's silver-hair suited him perfectly. Naruto would never, never, never ever say it out loud, but he thought his mentor was really hot. And his spinny eye that was the Sharingan suited his complex as well. Sakura's oddly mixed features also intrigued him. Her green eyes, mildly tanned skin and pink had hair always been good-looking in his eyes, even since the start of the Academy, that had been his opinion on the matter. Hinata's light looks were gorgeous. Her blue-clack hair that always shone, the pale skin and the special eyes. In his eyes, Hinata's outside was, in a lack of a better word, perfect. And her swift body and timid ways made Naruto interested as well.

Yet, no flitter. None.

Naruto liked ebony-haired people. Again, that was a wide category. Shino had his charms within his straightforward and leading attitude he managed to have without being obnoxious, bossy and know-it-all-y. Lee was just so amazing to be around. He was always cheerful and happy, and he could make his happiness latch onto others, making them feel better. You'd always have him by your side because he was dependable. And Sai. There were no words coherent enough to explain how much Sai meant to him. There existed no words in any language in the world that would give justice to what Naruto would feel if he lost Sai. He wouldn't be able to handle that. Sai was one of his closest friends, and he truly loved Sai for every single quality he possessed, may it be good or bad. His skills with art, his face, his laugh, his voice, his body, his thoughts, his hair, there was nothing about Sai Naruto hated.

Again, the special flitter never came. Maybe Sai made him feel good, but there was only warmth, not butterflies.

And then there was Sasuke. Naruto didn't know what to say about him. Sometimes, when they would touch, there would be butterflies. And there would be boiling explosions with hot lava and fire tingling through his veins. But other times when they would touch, Naruto would feel a deep, deep abyss of hatred in the centre of his stomach. He would see red and become nauseous with rage. No one else could bring forth the butterflies. But only Sasuke could bring forth the rage.

When Sasuke called him names or hit him out of malice instead of the usual teasing, it hurt Naruto more than it should. No one else calling him names would ever hurt as much as it did when it came from Sasuke's mouth. Only Sasuke could make Naruto wish he was dead. But then sometimes, on missions, Sasuke would protect him and fight for him. It made Naruto lightheaded and almost dizzy. It made it easier to move his injured body when they both were side by side. No one else could make Naruto so goddamn happy he was alive.

And it would go on like this.

Every emotion Naruto felt with Sasuke was stronger than any other.

Outgoing, shy, chatty, tongue-tied, quick-witted, dim-witted, transfixed, unfocused, ecstasy, boredom, and just everything. There was not an emotion in Naruto that Sasuke couldn't evoke.

Naruto felt the flitter. He really did.

Uzumaki Naruto really, really, really liked the flitter.

This is why Naruto would shower Sasuke with reasons they should have hot, steamy sex in every room of the Uchiha mansion. Eventually, Sasuke caved and was bent over a kitchen table.

Naruto liked that too.

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