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Sasuke had started with yoga

Sasuke had started with yoga. And he found, he liked it. It was soothing and just comfortable. His backyard at the Uchiha mansion was just made for yoga. It was a beautiful garden. A path of stone begun at a backdoor of the main household and ended at a small pavilion. Rose bushes in white fitted nicely with a small pond next to the pavilion. Bamboo sticks transferred water between them with a tock-tock noise. The wind blew but made no sound, but Sasuke didn't feel it. He was in a deep state of trance.

He was sitting on the wooden floor, back and neck straight, legs crossed, hands resting in his lap. Every single muscle in his body relaxed. His face smoothed out every frown, and his eyes were peacefully closed. His breathing was slow, he inhaled and exhaled about six or seven times a minute, and he was calm. Sasuke's mind was blank, and he was putting every once of his mind into his body parts, making him more aware and sensitive.

He could feel himself with an outsider's hand. The spiritual Sasuke and the material Sasuke were right now more than one being, he was somehow connected to the soul mate he had on the inside for himself. Right now, he was more than complete. In this complete state, he was cleansed. Invisible water poured down his skin and into his veins, ridding them of all bad.


Sasuke's oversensitive body was tackled to the ground, pinned by a sculpted body. It took Sasuke a lot not to yell out his frustration in a very manly yell. He wasn't calm anymore now, you see. He was mad. Naruto always had to ruin his quiet time. There was always something that couldn't wait till the end of the yoga session. Granted, it took three hours, but Naruto dominated the remaining twenty-one. He would wake up, eat breakfast, train, eat lunch, train, clean his weapons, do yoga, eat dinner, train, shower and sleep. Naruto would always, constantly be there. Naruto would wake him up, try to eat his breakfast, spar with him, try to eat his lunch, mess around with his systematic cleaning, disturb the yoga, try to eat his dinner while complaining about how healthy and therefore disgusting it was, spar with him, get kicked out of the shower and take up a lot of space in his bed. Then the next day, it would be the same. Just a little while, could he have some privacy? Naruto was so clingy. He was ruining Sasuke's usual bufferzone.

This week, he had cleaned the weapons rather sloppily to squeeze some extra yoga in before dinner and left Naruto confused by the training grounds. Sasuke was rather good at running away nowadays. But, oh yes, Naruto had once again managed to disturb Sasuke's alone-time, which did not in any way involve masturbation. People need space and alone-time. Sasuke would like to shove that concept up Naruto's ass.

Sasuke liked yoga.

He did not like Uzumaki Naruto, number one butt-in. He was, without a doubt, annoying.

He really detested him. How could anyone be that annoying all the time?

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked into Sasuke's face, nuzzling with his nose. It tickled a bit, and he squirmed slightly. He was even turning a little red, and was mad he was blushing over such insignificant things.

Sasuke bit back an angry grimace, but his eyes shone. "You know what I'm doing. Kindly get off, and get the fuck away from me."

Naruto pouted and made his eyes unnecessarily large. "Must you always be so pushy for sex?" He made a mock-sniff, as if about to cry. Sasuke shoved his palm into Naruto's face, ignoring the wet tongue licking it. Of course 'get off' would have a different meaning for Naruto, of course.

"Go away."

"Don't you love me anymore?" he said in his best female voice.

"No. Go away."

"But my sugar-plum fairy –"

"Die. I hate you. Go away."

Naruto stopped snickering, as if he had just seen Jesus. "Fine."

In less than a second, he disappeared. Sasuke was once again alone, but now slightly less composed than before. He sat up, and closed his eyes. Breathed slowly, slowly through his nose down to his stomach, then to solar plexus, lungs and out. He cleansed his head of thoughts, emptying his mind. Un-furrowed his brow, unclenched his fists and teeth. Slowly tried to connect to his spiritual part by disconnecting to his body. Which he found he couldn't. He had an itch in his feet, his legs, his hand and his arms. It was as if a toothbrush was whispering up and down beneath his skin. At first, it was annoying, but Sasuke was fairly good at blocking such out. Soon though, it became mighty annoying. That level of annoying made a trance highly unlikely if not surely impossible to achieve at all. Sasuke didn't like this at all, it was all but frustrating. What made him more annoyed was the fact that Naruto knew he couldn't meditate now. Naruto had foreseen it, planned it and executed it. Whenever he dismissed Naruto in this kind of manner, namely cruelly (telling Naruto he hates him and wants him to die is cruel even in Sasuke's head), he felt the need to make up for it with an apology. His head choked all thoughts about such humble acts; it was below him and his pride. The rest of the body would disagree since the lack of connection to the brain, thus the itch. How smashingly annoying. Annoying, annoying, annoying! He disliked it.

He also disliked that he cancelled yoga to go get Naruto whom was a mere seven meter's outside the garden looking smug and acting as if he knew this was going to happen all along.

He also disliked the fact that the smug act was turning him on a little.

He also disliked the fact that this little turn-on was making him horny enough to want to have animal sex in bright daylight, preferably in the garden.

He also disliked the fact Naruto forced him to be cuddly afterwards.

But he didn't really dislike it, and that was what he actually liked.