A/N: I came up with this idea in NYC, and was like, what if Luigi had to go back to Brooklyn? Well, this is the teaser for it, so don't expect me to add on to or change this until about summer...

EDIT: I made significant changes to this, so if you're reading this for a second time, then you might notice the plot is different.

Luigi rubbed his eyes as he looked at the scribbled note on the kitchen counter. His brother, Mario, had left in the middle of the night, and whenever he did, and didn't bother to wake Luigi, that usually meant business with Bowser. The note reflected his thoughts. Bowser had kidnapped the princess once again, and Mario wrote that he needed to go alone on this one.

The half-awake plumber sighed, threw his brother's note in the trash and then walked over to the refrigerator for some food.

Notes like this almost never worried Luigi. It was always Bowser, and it was also Mario who went after him and saved the day.

It had been one year since Count Bleck, Dimentio and the Dark Prognotiscus had caused Mario and Co. trouble, but Luigi still couldn't get it off his mind. Blumiere, Count Bleck's real name, and Timpani had disappeared along with the Chaos Heart, and no one had heard from or seen them.

Luigi had occupied himself with his job, going with his brother on calls, and spending time with Daisy, keeping in constant contact with her and often going to Sarasaland to visit.

There was a sudden knocking at the door that caused Luigi to drop his spoon in his cereal. He peered through the window and saw that it was Toad.

"Hold on!" he yelled, and then ran upstairs and quickly changed into his green shirt, cap, and dark denim overalls. He ran back to the door and opened it.

"Hey, Toad," Luigi greeted his friend and showed him inside.

Toad sat down. "Did you hear?" he asked.

"Yeah," Luigi said, setting down two cups of coffee, pushing one over to Toad. "What happened this time?"

"Well, I didn't quite hear the details, but apparently Peach decided to go walking around Toad Town last night-I was asleep when this happened-and Bowser took the opportunity to attack in the middle of the town." Toad sighed. "I just wish that there could be a period of peace, you know?"

Luigi nodded. "Mario will take care of it. He always does. Princess Daisy is coming to visit tomorrow." Luigi couldn't help but smile.

"You need to marry that girl," Toad said. "If I can marry Toadette, you can marry Daisy. And not only that, but you can brag to your brother that you got married before him."

Luigi rolled his eyes. "I can't bring myself to do that. I don't feel like we've reached that point yet."

"Well, you better hurry up, or Waluigi or some other suitor is going to sweep her off her feet."

"I've already done that! Besides, Daisy wouldn't be one to cheat. She's too nice to do that."

"That's what they all say."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Want to catch a movie?"

Toad shook his head. "They closed the movies a few days ago. You didn't hear? Someone trashed the place. Wrote graffiti all over the walls and stuff."

"Yeah? What did it say?"

Toad shrugged. "I don't know. But the movies are going to be open soon, I bet. If they kept them closed any longer people would lose their minds. How about the castle?"

"Ugh," Luigi said, putting his head in his hands. "Every time we go over there we get another lecture from Toadsworth, and to be honest I'd rather microwave myself than listen to him. The princess isn't here, Mario isn't here... how about Wario and Waluigi?"

"What? Those pervs? Are you kidding? No. Only if we play tennis or soccer or something that doesn't involve speaking. Why don't we just go to the castle? Toadsworth could help you plan a nice evening candlelight dinner and proposal for Daisy and..."

"No. I am not doing that." Luigi got up and drained his coffee cup. "Let's go to the castle then. We don't have anything else to do."

"Well, if it isn't my favorite green-capped plumber. And Toad! How delightful for you to both stop by," Toadsworth said, walking as quickly as he could with his cane.

Luigi sighed, and hoped that lightening would strike the old man before he began his ranting. "Yeah, we heard about what happened. Is anyone using the tennis courts today?"

"Daisy is visiting tomorrow!" Toad exclaimed before Toadsworth could answer Luigi's question.

"The princess of Sarasaland! Well, we must welcome her!"

"Oh dear..." Luigi began to complain.

Toadsworth ran off into the castle, his cane flitting about in the air as he called for florists and caterers and such.

"He's going to throw a big shebang, isn't he?" Luigi said. "Why'd you do that, Toad?"

Toad shrugged. "I didn't think he'd actually do anything."

"Of course he would, he's Toadsworth! A penny could fall from the hands of a princess and he'd polish it and shine it until it looked like new! And if he couldn't he'd replace it!"

"Uh... You wanna call Wario and Waluigi for tennis now?"

Wario hiked up his overalls and pulled out his tennis racket, his lankier taller brother standing beside him on the court, throwing evil grins at Toad and Luigi.

"They're going to play dirty, aren't they?" Toad asked, swinging his racket and getting his arm worked up.

"When do they not? Growing up they always stole my things and played tricks. It was more Waluigi than Wario though. Wario and I get along better."


"He rescued me when we were babies, and not only that, we have a lot in common."

Toad wondered what Luigi and Wario could possibly have in common, when Waluigi yelled, "C'mon you fungus! Serve the ball!"

Angered, Toad threw the ball up into the air. "Love serving love!" he yelled and the ball whizzed over the top of the net and into Waluigi's eye.

"What the hell!?" he yelled. Wario ran over, sluggishly and laughing, to help his brother. Waluigi pushed him away to go inside for an icepack. "Get out of the way, you fat-ass."

Luigi's sides were splitting as he fell to the floor laughing. "Good... good one Toad. I didn't know you could do that."

"He called me a fungus! So I had the right." Toad grabbed his racket and sat over on the bench, Luigi eventually joining him. Wario and Waluigi had disappeared inside the castle.

"So what now? We can't just ditch them."

"Yes, we can," Luigi replied. "How about a movie? Oh, right..."

"Well, we could see if they need help cleaning up?"

"Okay. We should tell Wario and Waluigi where we're going." They both got up and walked into the castle kitchen, where Waluigi was putting ice on his eye. "What the hell, Toad?" Waluigi yelled at Toad. "I am never playing tennis with you again."

"You asked for it, okay? We're leaving to go help out at the theater. Sorry."

"What?" Wario asked. "We wanna come! I wanna see what they wrote!"

"You mean, you didn't do it?" Luigi asked.

"No! We should have though. But we're coming with you!"

"Wonderful..." Toad muttered. "Filthy humans..."

Luigi looked inside the windows of the movie theatre to see toads scrubbing the walls and sweeping the floor. He caught one's eye, and it ran towards the front door.

"Hi Luigi!" the toad said. "Sorry, we're closed. Someone put graffiti all over the place."

"Oh, we were wondering if we could help," Luigi said, and then stepped aside to show Toad, Wario and Waluigi.

"Wonderful! Come inside!" The toad opened the doors and the four helpers walked inside, noticing the red spraypaint that marked the walls. The first word Luigi saw made his jaw drop.

Brooklyn. It was painted everywhere in red, blue, yellow and green.

"Who destroys a theatre by painting Brooklyn everywhere?" Wario complained. "I would have done this job much better. Luigi, you okay?"

Luigi shook his head. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's get going."

All four of them grabbed soap and sponges and climbed ladders, going to each and every theatre, cleaning off all the walls. Luigi kept his mouth shut about the whole Brooklyn thing, hoping that if he didn't say anything no one would get worked up about it. But there were several instances when Luigi spotted the name Bleck in a corner in small print, and he took good care to get rid of it before anyone saw.

And it wasn't until the end that Luigi saw his own name spray painted on the wall 'Luigi go to NYC,' it said. The moment Luigi saw it he ran towards it, scrubbing out the name first and then the rest.

"You're really getting into this," a female toad next to him said.

"What? Oh, yeah. To be honest, all day I've been wanting to see a movie. There are so many good ones out right now, like Hunting Days."

"I know what you mean. That movie looks really good. I'm a big drama fan."

They finished the movie theatre cleanup by nine at night, and Luigi found himself out of time to prepare for Daisy's arrival.

"Hey, listen guys," Luigi said. "I gotta head on home. Good job today!" He waved goodbye to Wario, Toad, and Waluigi as he ran out of the movie theatre doors.

"Marry that girl!" Toad yelled after him. But Luigi couldn't hear, as the thought of the graffiti and the mysterious message still hung on his chest.