Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Author's Note: Okay, this is kind of like It's A Wonderful Life, kind of, but not really, I'm sure you'll understand more when you read it. Also this is just listed under Blake because I was unsure about who the second person should be. Both Hunter and Tori have a major part in here, so I decided to leave it under just Blake's and go from there. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this.

All Is Well

Blake and Hunter were standing on a cliff. "Dad would be helping us finish the cake." Hunter said quietly.

Blake nodded as he felt the wind gently sweep by them. "He always made a big deal about all of our birthdays."

"I know. Mom helped us make a big deal with Dad's."

Blake closed his eyes for a minute before opening them again, "Do you think they're here with us?"

Hunter nodded, "You heard what they said in the cave, they'll always be looking out for us."

Blake smiled; they had a conversation like this ever since they were little boys, with Hunter adding on that last part a few months ago. Their parents had died a month before their Mom's birthday. Hunter already had gotten his present while Blake was still trying to work on his. After hearing about their parents they had come out to this cliff which Hunter had found before while he and Blake had been waiting for their parents to be done at the Academy; they came out here on all their parents' birthdays and talked about their parents.

As Hunter started speaking Blake looked at his brother, "I know you're there, and we're now doing the kind of thing that you would want us to do."

Blake looked off into the water and in his mind spoke, 'Mom, Dad. Hunter doesn't want to talk about this, but we have great friends now. Shane, Dustin, Cam, and Tori. I wish you guys could meet Tori, she's perfect. I really care about her.' Blake wanted to tell more to them but felt his older brother's hand on his shoulder; he turned and looked at him.

"Ready?" Hunter asked.

Blake nodded, "Let's go." For a few moments more they stood saying good-bye and then they took off.

They made it to Storm Chargers in no time walking up to the door as Kelly was starting to head out. "Are Tori and the rest of the guys already here?" Blake asked even though he knew he had seen Tori's van.

"Yeah, go on in. Lock the door behind me, Dustin has keys for when you guys leave." The older red head said as she started once more out the door. "See you guys tomorrow."

"Bye Kelly." Hunter said shutting the door and locking it.

The two brothers headed over to the area with the couches where they all normally sat. "Hey." Blake said as he saw all four of their friends sitting there his eyes resting on Tori. Hunter nudged Blake, without the others seeing, to move so he could sit down. "Sorry we're late."

"Dudes that's okay. Now we can begin opening the presents!" Dustin rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Today was Shane's birthday. His parents were going to be late that night so they had celebrated the previous day leaving his birthday open to celebrate with his friends. Shane opened up the first present which had been from Cam; it was an instructional book about something with skateboards, "Thanks Cam."

Shane then picked up an envelope. He saw his name on it and looked up at Tori, obviously having recognized her handwriting, "An envelope Tor, how nice."

Tori rolled her eyes, "Look inside."

Shane smiled and then opened them. "Tori you got me tickets to go to that skateboarding competition?"

"Which one?" Dustin asked trying to look over Shane's shoulder.

Shane shook Dustin off, "It's going to have some of the best professional skaters there, thanks Tori."

"You're welcome."

They shared a smile before he reached down for the next present. He picked up the one that Blake and Hunter had gotten him. It was a new skateboard; one of the best.

Shane's mouth dropped open, "Wow! I can't believe you guys got this for me. It's amazing."

"You're welcome." Blake said with a smile as Hunter nodded and also smiled.

"Dude, now you gotta open mine." Dustin said handing the last present to Shane.

Shane opened it to reveal his favorite movie along with some new pads. "Thanks Dustin." He said as they clasped their hands together. "Wow, you guys are amazing. These gifts are awesome."

"That's not all we have." Tori said as she got up and headed back towards the work area. She came back a couple of minutes later with a cake. "Don't worry; I made sure the area was clean before I put the cake there, since Dustin decided not to."

Tori gently pushed Dustin who playfully glared at her, "I had important things to do."

"Wrap Shane's present?" Cam asked with an eyebrow raised.

"See it's important."

Everyone laughed and shook their heads.

As Shane started cutting the cake, Dustin pointed to a piece in the middle, "That's the one I want."

"Dude, you can't ask for a middle piece." Shane said looking at him.

"Why not?"

"You always ask that same thing every year."

"And my Mom still gives it to me."

"Still?" Laughing, Shane started cutting again.

"Fine. Whatever."

"Come on Dustin, you know what my Dad would say?" Tori said.

"Stop complaining and be grateful?" Cam asked.

She looked at Cam and smiled, "No." She then looked back at Dustin, "He would say 'if you really want the middle piece, wait until it's ready to come out'."

"I think that would take quite a while Dustin." Blake said.

"Yeah, you might want to re think the middle piece."


After they all got their pieces and started eating Shane looked over at Cam, "So what about you? How do you do birthdays?"

"Father and I have a quiet evening with dinner and he gives me something—it's not usually bought in the store anymore."

"Mom said Dad's going to do something really special for my birthday this year."

Blake and Hunter shared a look before Hunter set his empty plate down. Blake continued to pick at the cake. Hunter and he had just been talking about this. Hunter had mentioned how much different, better their lives would be if Lothor had never come. Blake had thought about it. It would be nice to have his parents meet Tori; she had become something really special to him over the time they had gotten to know each other. He knew he really liked her, but love…the only person he had ever loved who hadn't left him was Hunter. But you can't live on that family love forever, Blake had been craving something more, but he couldn't tell Hunter that.

Blake was pulled out of his thoughts from Tori's hand on his for a brief moment, before he heard her speak, "K guys, what about the movie we're going to see? Think it'll be good?"

Very easily the conversation slipped away from parents to movies, something that wasn't real. Blake looked over at Tori who gave him a smile which he returned easily. Slowly everyone got up and started towards the door. Before he got far he felt Tori's hand on his, "Hey." He turned around and saw her picking up something from the other table. "Remember how we had those pictures taken?"

If Blake didn't know any better he'd say Tori was starting to blush, "Yeah."

"Here." She handed him a picture that showed the six of them on the couch. Tori sat right next to him, he remembered because her leg had been partly on his, not that she was on his lap or anything, but the touch was very nice. "I gave one to the others and I knew that you wanted one too."

"Even Hunter?"

"Yeah. Yesterday."

Blake frowned a little about the thought of Tori giving the picture to his brother first but then realized that he was being ridiculous. "Where was I?"

"You were still working, and I caught him and Dustin at the track."

Blake nodded, "That makes sense."


"Hey thanks for earlier, you know with the guys."

Tori shook her head as she looked at the couch, "It was no big deal."

"It was. Thanks."

The blonde looked up and smiled at him. Slowly the two leaned forward and their lips met. It was a soft, gentle kiss. Blake had never felt so happy, Tori was sharing the kiss meaning she felt the same way about him as he did for her. Just as he was about to deepen the kiss he heard laughter. The two pulled away and saw the guys watching them.

"Dude, where's my camera?" Dustin asked while still laughing.

"I don't know. But I'd pay to see—" But Shane was cut short by Tori's glare at him.

Hunter just shook his head as Cam rolled his eyes, "Come on guys, can we get going?"

"Sure, but maybe those two should go first, that way we don't lose them." Dustin said, not having gotten the message from Tori yet.

Just then a familiar beep was heard. Shane answered it and was told by Cyber Cam that there was a problem by the beach. Blake mentally cursed and thanked Lothor for sending a monster down at that moment; cursed because that stopped any more chance of him and Tori kissing or him even starting to tell her what he felt like and thankful because then the guys couldn't keep going on about the two of them.

They all took off towards the beach where they found not one, not two, but three monsters.

"We'll split into teams of two." Shane called out.

Blake and Hunter took one that looked oddly enough like a star while Blake saw Cam and Shane fighting something that somewhat resembled a crab and Tori and Dustin fighting a fish looking creature. Soon enough their fight had led them down a ways away from the others. Blake and Hunter looked at each and morphed. As soon as their powered suits became one with them they started fighting the monster again. Blake ran in and grabbed the monster and started pushing it backwards. The star creature grabbed Blake and pushed him back causing Blake to stumble a bit.

As Blake regained his balance he looked up in time to see the creature firing a beam at him. Before Blake even had time to move Hunter was there with his shield keeping Blake safe as Hunter had always done.

"Thanks." Hunter nodded and the two moved in for another attack, this time finishing off the creature by combining their weapons. The brothers demorphed as the explosion was still going. Unlike the other times the brothers were surrounded by dust. They immediately moved out of the way and brushed the dust off of themselves while they coughed a bit from inhaling some of it.

"That was weird." Hunter said looking at Blake.

"I know. Oh well."

Hunter brought his morpher to his lips, "Shane, Dustin, Tori, Cam, any of you need help?"

"Nah dude, we just blasted ours away." Dustin said proudly.

"Yeah, thanks Hunter." Tori said.

"Alright. Shane, Cam, you guys need any help?"

"We're done as well, thanks though." Shane's voice came through the morpher.

"Alright, see you in a bit."

They all met each other again at the theatre and got inside just in time for the movie to start. Blake sat with Hunter on one side and Tori on the other. At one point Blake put his hand on the arm reset that separated his and Tori's seat and instead of just the bar he found Tori's hand. He looked over at her and she looked at him before returning their attention to the screen. Slowly Blake intertwined his fingers with Tori's and causing their eyes to meet. They shared a smile before they returned to watching the movie.

After the movie was over everyone headed home, Cam took off, Tori brought Shane and Dustin back in her van and Hunter and Blake took off in Hunter's truck.

As they drove back Blake thought about how much he wished his parents could be there. They could give them birthdays, presents, little sayings, they could meet Tori. He looked over at Hunter; he knew that Hunter wished their parents could be around again. It weighed more heavily on them at certain times in the year, but they were still able to handle it.

Back at their apartment the two brothers said good night and headed towards their own rooms. Blake lay on his bed and decided to get ready for bed later. He thought about Tori and what would happen tomorrow with her, and then his mind turned towards his parents. If only he could see them again and talk to them. If only they could meet Tori. If only Hunter and he were able to share their birthdays with their whole family. If only…

Blake slowly opened his eyes as he felt the sun start to reach them. He slowly sat up in his bed realizing that he hadn't changed from his clothes last night. His room looked different—very different. First off his window was on the left side of him, not the right side. He looked at the bed and it definitely wasn't his bed. He closed his eyes trying to remember if he had passed out last night, but he knew that he hadn't. He looked around and saw a picture on a bedside table. He slowly picked it up only to drop it on the floor when he heard a knock at the door. Luckily the glass didn't shatter but he still shook his head for being careless.

"Blake, honey are you alright."

Why did that voice sound familiar? It sure wasn't Hunter, but what female would be in their place, or call him honey?


"Alright, but remember you still have to get to school, so hurry and get dressed, I want you to be able to eat before you head off."

He got out of bed quickly and pulled the picture out of the frame and then placed it in his pocket. It was then that he noticed his morpher was no longer in place; now he was really starting to panic. He opened the door and the first thing he saw was a door across the hallway. He went over there hoping that Hunter was in there. After slowly opening the door he went in quickly and closed it. He looked at the bed and saw that it was empty.

Where was Hunter? Blake started breathing heavily as he started examining the room. It looked empty. The bed was made and there was a desk with some paper and pens on it. He went over to the closet and saw that there were a few clothes that looked like what Hunter would have worn. 'Hunter, come on, where are you?'

As he was looking in the closet he heard someone come in the door, "Blake what are you doing in Hunter's room?"

Blake came out of the closet and his eyes landed on someone he hadn't seen for a while. She had short red curly hair with blue eyes. She was a little bit taller than Blake and she had the most wonderful smile in the world. Blake swallowed hard as he felt his eyes tear up. "Mom?"