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A New Beginning

Blake looked around his room again; he didn't realize just how much he really did love being here, here in his room, his house, his world, his life. His friends were here. His family. Everyone and everything. He was glad to be back here.


Blake turned his head towards the direction of his Dad's voice; he knew they had to get going, "I'm coming."

Blake picked up his jacket off his desk causing some papers to fall down. He bent down and picked up all the paper. In the midst of the paper was a picture. Instantly he knew that it wasn't his picture even though he was there in it. It was a picture that had not only himself but Hunter and Cam, Shane, Dustin and Tori. The other Blake must have left it here. Blake had put out the friends he had made from the other world out of his mind. This picture brought them all back.

Especially her.


His finger absently moved over her face. She had been such a comfort during that confusing time. She had not given up on him or his brother…or her Blake and Hunter. He wondered if there was a Tori here. After all everything, mostly everything, was the same.

"Blake! We need to get going."



"Alright." Blake took one last look at the picture and then quickly put it into one of his pockets.

The Thunder and Wind Academies were having a competition, which is where Blake and his Dad were heading right then. Hunter, Rachel and their mom were going to meet them there. Rachel and Hunter were now engaged and making plans for the wedding. It was about time too. Blake knew that what helped get Hunter onto his feet was not having Rachel around, well more that Rachel was with someone else, happy. Hunter wanted to be the one to make her happy, Rachel wasn't any happier than Blake had seen her.

Kristy. Kristy had been very good after the break up. The two of them were not back in the way the used to be. They said hi and talked a bit, but not anything big, and they hadn't really been alone since he had talked to her.

Blake had been able to pick up right where he had left off…almost. Things were a bit different, knowledge was a definite factor. Knowing where he had been. What was out there? And now…knowing the possibility of friends and…Tori…

"You okay son?"

Blake turned to his Dad, "I'm fine. Just thinking."

"Alright. Well don't stress about this too much alright?"

"I know."

His Dad smiled at him. Blake knew that he wouldn't trade this world for the other one, it was just…different.

Soon the two found them in the area that had been set aside for the competition. It was in a mountain range that was halfway between the two Academies. He wondered if Shane, Dustin, Cam and Tori were all going to be Ninjas. They could end up at the Wind Academy like the ones from the other world!

The happiness soon left him, they wouldn't know him. They wouldn't know him at all. Hunter hadn't really spent any time with them, well with Tori he had. So he was unsure about the other three but he wished that they could see Tori. Blake half wondered if it was just because of him. Not that Hunter and Tori couldn't have talked, but…he knew his older brother.

"Blake!" Blake turned and saw Hunter come over, the two embraced. "Good luck today bro, not that you need it." He pulled away and grinned.


"Alright Blake, why don't you head over to your group." His Dad said nodded towards the others in Blake's class.

Blake nodded and did so. After he got over there he looked around and saw the wind ninjas, but they were also wearing their masks. He frowned wishing he could know. But there were rules during these kinds of competitions and that involved keeping your face covered.

Blake sat and watched as groups went up against each other and individuals. Four in his group went against four Wind Ninjas, two air, one water and one earth. He wondered briefly as they began to fight if any of them were Shane, Dustin or Tori. His team won that competition.

Soon it was time for their first break. Blake spent some time talking with his other teammates, Hunter and Rachel after their Sensei talked to them.

After a while Blake quietly excused himself, he walked a little ways off into the woods and sat down near a stream. He was happy to be back. He knew that he was, he just felt like he was in stasis. He wanted to go forward, but…until school ended what would he go forward with? He still wanted to continue racing.

He heard a noise and quickly stood up looking towards the noise. To his surprise it was a Wind Ninja. And not just any, it was her.


She knew his name? Then it must have meant that the other Blake sought her out while he was there. That was interesting. "Tori?"

"What—you're…you're a Thunder Ninja?"

If she didn't know that he was a Thunder Ninja, then he didn't know she was a Wind Ninja…although he did and now he was at a crossroads. He could keep up the charade and tell her he didn't know or…or he could tell her the truth and hope she believed him. Taking a deep breath he chose his option, "You're a Wind Ninja. Water."

She looked down at her ninja clothes and then back at him nodding, "Yes." She smiled.

Blake had grown to really like that smile in the short time he had known the other Tori. "Tori, look…the Blake you're thinking about…well…did he ever seem to know things about you? Things that you don't think he should."

Tori looked confused for a minute and then appeared thoughtful. She was most definitely confused with his statement and at the same time she was actually thinking about it. "Are you saying that you're not Blake?"

"No, that's not what I'm saying. My name is Blake. The thing is…" This was proving to be harder than he anticipated. Maybe if he said something that he found out from Tori and that the other Blake wouldn't have said. He then remembered some of his conversation with the other Tori. Stuff about her family and herself. He then repeated the information to her.

Her mouth opened, "I…I never told you that. Did Shane or Dustin?"

"No. Look," The picture. That's what he would get. He quickly pulled the picture out and handed it to her.

"What? When was this? And…I don't even remember. Cam? Sensei Watanabe's son?"

"The same one. But not your Cam and that's not me or you." Taking a deep breathe he said the next sentence knowing that this would either make or break him. Rachel had believed Hunter. Whole heartedly. But would this Tori? He would have to try, "They're from another dimension."



She was silent for a minute as she continued to look at the picture. "It's not me." She finally whispered after a few minutes.

Shaking his head he answered her in return, "No."

"And that's not you."


"And that's not Shane, or Dustin, or Cam, or…or Hunter?"

"No. None of them."

"The Blake I've been talking to…" She pointed at the other Blake in the picture, "that was him?"

Slowly nodding Blake said, "Yes."

"And you? Where were you?"

"I was in their dimension along with Hunter. Something happened and we ended up there." Blake then continued into the whole story, somehow finding it hard to stop telling everything to Tori who just stood and listened to him. After he was done he took a deep breath and looked at Tori. "You think I'm crazy don't you?"

"You know," she shook her head, "one would definitely think whoever told that story or believed it has to be crazy but…"


Tori looked into his eyes a blush on her cheeks, "for some reason I do believe you. The picture helps, but the other Blake…he did seem to know me. Thinking about everything…it all fits together now."

Blake sighed, "Really?"

"Yes. I mean the way he would react to things I said, the way he showed up first thing on that beach, appearing out of nowhere…"

"I got to know the other Tori and…" He took a deep breath, "I'd like to get to know you."

He looked into her eyes and she looked into them. Her blush was even deeper than before and she looked away and down, "Well…I wouldn't mind getting to know you too."

It was barely a whisper, but it was enough. Blake was truly happy to be back here. Not only had he learned that what he was doing with his life was stupid, but he had learned just how important his parents and especially Hunter was. He realized that Kristy wasn't who he should be with and that Tori, this beautiful girl, inside and out from all that he had seen, was and he was going to get to know her. His thoughts flickered briefly to the other Blake and Tori and hoped that they were as happy back together, that was the looks Tori had on her when she would see him. She was in love with Blake, the other Blake. And considering that this Blake had sought out only one woman in this world that was new to him, he must love her too. Hopefully they could be together again. And for Blake…this was his beginning. A new beginning. And he was going to take it without a second glance.