Kyoko took a quick shower in Ren's bathroom and pulled on his shirt which fit more like a dress. And even though it nearly hit her knees, she felt oddly exposed. She blushed as she went to the kitchen to help Ren make breakfast.

She was somewhat surprised to find Ren just sitting on his couch staring at the opening to the hallway that led to his bedroom. 'Was he waiting for me like that the whole time? He looks like a little puppy waiting for his master to come home.' And as soon as she thought that, she pictured Ren with puppy dog ears and a tail and tried to hold back a laugh.

Ren had gotten up and was heading toward her when he heard a snicker. At first, he wasn't really sure what it was, but then she started laughing like crazy. He looked at her strangely as she held her stomach and crumpled to the floor.

"Kyoko?" and the concern in his eyes made her laugh even harder.

'He really does look like puppy!' Now she was having trouble breathing from the laughter, so her face was turning really, really red. She had even starting hitting her fist on the floor.

This strange behavior might be concerning, but it was also kind of funny to watch so Ren couldn't help but start to smile.

She finally started to calm down and gotten her breath back a little, so Ren took his chance and asked, "What's so funny?"

"It's just…*snicker* I thought you… well…*snicker* nevermind…he… hehehehehehe!"

"Come on, tell me!"

"I just thought you looked like… a cute little puppy!" and as soon as she got the last word out, her laughter started up again in full force.

Ren looked at her blankly for a second. 'A puppy…? Did I really look like that?' But he couldn't hold his expression for long, because her smile really was contagious and it had been a very long time since she had laughed like that. He just watched her laugh and was glad he had given her such happiness until it faded away.

"Sorry, senpai. I think I'm okay now." She was still catching her breath and wiping the tears from her eyes.

"It's fine. Do you want to go to the store now?" Ren said as he offered her a hand up.

"The store?"

"There isn't anything to make breakfast with…" Of course, what went unsaid was: 'I used it all in my failures…' but she didn't need to know that.

"But…" She looked down at her clothes and Ren followed her gaze. It wasn't like she could really go to the store in just his shirt.

"Oh…" He hadn't really thought about that.

"Maybe we could just stop by my room and grab some clothes for me? Oh, and I'm sure the owner are worried sick! I didn't tell them that I was going to stay out late! I hope they don't kick me out!"

"They won't kick you out. You're already a grown woman."Ren said it without even thinking, but once the words were out, he stopped to think. 'Kyoko is a grown woman. She isn't a little girl anymore. Maybe, it's okay to… No, she's still a minor! What am I thinking?'

"Senpai? Ren?" He had gone off into his own little world, but she needed him in this one currently, so she was trying to get his attention.


"So… May we stop by the shop and then I'll help you fix breakfast?"

"Okay." Ren was still a little side-tracked, so he didn't really consider what would happen when he brought her home.

When they made it to the car, after being embarrassingly spotted by another tenant in the apartment building, they were completely silent. Awkwardly so.

It was almost a relief when they arrived and Kyoko exited the car. Although the strange looks she got were also considerably awkward. She entered the restaurant quickly and was met by the owner's wife.

"Kyoko! Where were you? I was so worried about you! Oh my goodness! What on earth are you wearing? Come on, let's go to your room." She busied herself into guiding a startled looking Kyoko to Kyoko's room.

"Now, won't you tell me why you arrived this morning without any phone call in a man's shirt?"

"Well, I went to my senpai's house on request of his manager, and since they've both done so much for me, I gladly went over. And then I was fixing food for dinner because that was the whole reason I was sent over there. But then I must have fallen asleep because I woke up the next morning in my senpai's house. He was nice enough to lend me his shirt this morning."

"But what happened to your clothes?"

"I'm not… sure… Well, I just remember waking up without them and I hadn't thought to ask so…" In actuality, Ren had picked them up, and upon seeing that they were kind of sort of ruined, had decided to throw them away and buy some new clothes for her later. He wasn't sure how he would have explained what had happened to them if he tried to return them to her.

The owner's wife just looked at her knowingly and pulled her into a hug. "As long as you're okay, then everything is fine." She pushed them apart again to look into Kyoko's eyes. "If you ever need any help, remember that we're here for you, okay? And don't worry about my husband, he might be angry, but it just shows how much he cares about you. I'll explain everything to him and then we'll all eat lunch together. Sound good?"

"Lunch?" Kyoko turned from her amazement at the kindness she was being shown and focused on that last sentence. "What time is it?"

"Well, it's already past noon, I think."

"But I was supposed to make breakfast for my senpai!" Kyoko bolted to get dressed into her clothes and started downstairs in a rush. As she neared the restaurant portion of the house, she heard shouts.

"Kyoko is a good girl, and it's people like you that corrupt them!" came the owner's voice, loud and clear.

"I'm sorry," was the more subdued reply of Ren, but there was a strength to it that made it carry to Kyoko who was rushing frantically.

"Don't be apologizing to me! Apologize to Kyoko! She's the one that has to live with whatever stupid mistake you made! You better not say it's just a one-night stand or any of that bull-shit!" And as soon as the owner finished his rapid fire at Ren, Kyoko burst in and Ren stated calmly:

"I intend to take responsibility for all of my actions," and looked to Kyoko as he said it.

"Kyoko, is it true?" The owner had turned to her with a stony face.

"Is what true?" She asked in a somewhat stunned voice. She wasn't sure how to process this information.

"That you slept with this man." The stony face and voice were starting to crumble.

There was absolute silence as the two men (and everyone else unfortunate enough to be in the restaurant at that very moment) looked to Kyoko.

Her mind raced back to her dream, and in all honesty, she knew somewhere in the back of her mind that there was no way that it was just a dream. It had been too real, and waking up without her clothes should have given her all the proof she needed. And yet, she had chosen to write it off as a dream because she wasn't sure how to face Ren otherwise.

Now that she was faced with the truth, and there was no way to dismiss her actions, she straitened her posture, turned to the owner, took a deep breath, and said, "Yes," in a clear voice that rang in the silence.

Ren was surprised to hear her answer because he didn't know what she would say. He had thought she had no recollection of the event, so why would she admit to something like that if she didn't even remember doing it? The only conclusion was that she did know what happened last night. She knew, and yet, she had offered to help him make breakfast and had laughed with him (at him is more like it). Maybe there was hope for him.

He crossed the room through the thickening silence and held her close. She was shaking and probably close to tears. He led her outside and opened the car door for her. She got inside and she was already silently crying when he got in. He reached out to her hands in her lap and gently encompassed them in his.

"I will take responsibility. I will take care of you. It'll be okay." He felt the droplets hit his hand as they just sat there in silence until his hand was dry again. He gently pulled away to start the car. "Let's go home." Kyoko silently nodded her head, afraid that she would start crying again if she opened her mouth.